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Alex and Jerome: Betrayers of Q-Anon and the Patriots – Links Provided

I’m going to tell you straight, right now, from the top. This article will NOT be kind to EITHER of these players. I write it: not because I have axes to grind or vendettas to indulge: far from it: I write this: because the actions of Jones and Corsi have made it NECESSARY. But I want to reach out: to the STAFF of Infowars, some of whom I have personally interacted with, and whom I have no problem with. I don’t doubt anyone without evidence. To those staff, I say, I am NOT talking to you: and given what we are seeing unfold, I can’t imagine it’s a very pleasant situation to be in right now, to be tied to the fate of Alex Jones. This article is not an attack on the whole of Infowars: in fact, it is not an attack at all: but a required REFUTATION. These words are a precise and directed response, that Jones and Corsi themselves have made unavoidable.


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