Is top Democrat being blackmailed and obstructing justice?
June 29, 2017 by Garth Kant
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This is a really important report on the Pakistani AWAN brothers, by Garth Kant of It’s long, but clearly and well laid out. Please read it to understand the Swamp.
It involves Debbie Wasserman Shultz, the DNC, the US Congress and some foreign Pakistani IT workers given complete and total access to our government.
“Given the Awans’ business dealings, it may be no surprise that their work in the House was not done by the book, to say the least.
These are the key elements of the case that make its so extraordinary and so potentially troubling:
• The Awan group had access to all of their bosses’ emails, documents and confidential files: everything on the lawmakers’ office computers and other electronic devices.
• That gave the technicians illegal access to all secret and privileged congressional information, including any potentially sensitive material that could be compromising and/or politically embarrassing.
• Lawmakers have no way of knowing if anything on their electronic devices was copied.
• The technicians had no oversight, and there was virtually no tracking of what they did.
• That was an extraordinary violation of the House security rules.
The Awans are suspected of setting up a secret server to store information.
• They were paid much more than those in similar positions