July 2, 2017

By James Hovda

Yesterday, my crew and I were installing an irrigation add-on for one of my good customers. No big job, but we had to trench a new line in down the side of the property. The utilities ran underground, while the only one we needed to be concerned with was the gas line, which was clearly located. I even hand-trenched the area that we needed to cross over the gas, just to make sure we wouldn’t hit it. I had a good man on the trencher, so I wasn’t too concerned, and believed the job would be trenched right. So I went about my business doing what needed to be done to hook up the water supply on the other side of the property.

The old saying goes, “If you need something done correctly, then you better do it yourself” couldn’t have been more true, because my guy managed to still hit the home’s gas line in the exact spot it was located and hand trenched.

I couldn’t believe it, but what was done was done. We immediately called the utility company and declared an interruption to the service. They insisted that we leave it alone and vacate the area immediately, keep anyone from entering, and no smoking. Within 10 minutes, there was an army of utility trucks parking on the street with their little yellow lights flashing as if it was a disaster zone. The rupture was quickly repaired. Problem resolved, and we could continue to work on our job. No big deal, right? Wrong!

Everything changed under Obama… and I mean EVERYTHING!

Last year, under the Federal Utilities Commission, new rules were implemented concerning water, natural gas, electricity, and underground cable. The Fourth Branch of Government… and that is the bureaucratic overseers who decree rules and regulations that are now enforced by federal law, were busy under Obama taking over everything from broadcasting to the Internet. The Federal Transportation Commission oversaw how we traveled, the Food and Drug administration oversaw what we put into our mouths, while the Federal Utilities Commission oversaw how we get our electricity and gas… you get the picture.

Along with the utility repair personnel that showed up to our “major utility disruption”, as they put it, a supervisor, a state utility official, and a federal utilities officer (didn’t know they existed) showed up to make sure everything was put back together correctly and without needing to sound a “panic alarm” to evacuate the entire east side of the city. And after the repair personnel had left the scene of the “disruption”, the utility supervisor, the state official, and the federal utilities officer had an inquiry to exactly what happened, who the culprit was, and investigate if proper precautions had been taken prior to the “disruption”.

We sat there for over an hour while they took photographs, took names, drew diagrams, check if it was located prior to digging, re-located for accurate locate, and discussed the event as if a major catastrophe had just occurred causing major damage and loss of life. Then, they sat us down for questioning, and a lengthy lecture.

In the past when you hit a gas line, you bent it over with vice-grips, calling it in, and eventually someone came out to repair the damage. But that was pre-Obama. Today, no matter what you do, you are under the watchful eye of the federal government. You think I’m over stating or over reacting? Think again!

Obama took the Washington bureaucrats and made them his gestapo. For the past eight years, Obama seized control over the people by consolidating departments, and hired thousands to overwatch the nation and what it does, down to the smallest detail. You may not see them, you may not feel their presence, but trust me, they are there… over you, behind you, under you, monitoring your actions while in the public’s view.

Life goes on for most as if nothing has changed in the past 25 years. The people can still go out to eat, go to the movies, go bowling, play softball in a small town league, drive to Florida to vacation on the beach, drink beer, put the kids through school, and watch their favorite sports team on a Sunday afternoon, while they grill steaks and brats on the old barby.

No one notices the cameras going up on every street corner, even with listening posts. No one notices the plain-clothes officers who now mingle among us as if they are part of the crowd. No one noticed how our conversations and Internet connections are now overseen by a massive trillion dollar computer in Utah that stores every word said. No one notices these changes, that is until you step out of line.

My NSA friend has told me numerous times that our freedoms and liberty are now an illusion. We are not communists, per se, but slowly we are becoming them. America may not become Nazi Germany, or Soviet Russia in the near future, but how each generation deals with living will change enough to barely notice how our freedoms and liberty are being removed in order to establish the government’s “perfect order”.

Little by little, it is chipped away. As technology advanced, as terrorism increases, as crime becomes commonplace as brushing our teeth, and as government grows, we lose more of what our Founders gave us. The future is certainly becoming what the sci-fi movies gave us. Americans are enslaving themselves, and few bother to reject it any longer.

Look at us now. We are worse off as a united country than prior to the Civil War. We argue at the least little infraction of individual freedom loss, but are willing to take away everyone else’s freedom in order to keep our belief that we have been violated, and vindicated. The mainstream media no longer reports the news, but only gives their opinion of events to forward a political cause. Our elected officials tell us that if you don’t like someone in office, instead of voting them out, impeach them… or if all else fails, shoot them!

Are we really making America a better place for us and our offspring, or are we just giving out a new set of rules and guidelines that we are being forced to live under in order to keep us safe and secure? Are we creating a new genre of “criminals” who don’t really break “the law”, but are subject to fines and imprisonment for violating the new “rules”?

The federal utilities officer who was dispatched to our “catastrophe” was very stern, harsh, and official. He ordered that we no longer can use equipment to finish our digging, but must hand dig the remaining trenches. If we hit another utility line, “someone will go to jail” were his exact words. My company won’t be fined for hitting the gas line because the proper procedures were taken prior to trenching, but it will be reported to the state and federal government. The man who did hit the gas line may have to pay a fine, but he will have to take a course, provided by the government, on proper digging around utilities… a course he will have to pay for, and if he doesn’t complete the course, then “further actions will be levied” against him. I was told that a company can have only a couple of incidents before the state/federal government comes in to take action, which could mean heavy fines, or “the temporary suspension or permanent loss of conducting business”.

Freedom and liberty in America… yep, an illusion! We listened to a lecture about the dangers to us and more importantly, to others, by such “careless mistakes”. He said that “every accident is avoidable”, and told us responsibility will now be taken.

Every homeowner and businessman is now responsible to see that their home/business is protected from a possibility of a reverse flow of contaminated water into the public drinking system. A backflow preventer must now be installed to every water service that has a cross connection to the public waters utility. This is a state law that is becoming federal, and violators will have their water turned off and sealed, face heavy fines, and possibility of court action (meaning jail) if they fail to heed the demands.

I had to take a government provided course to be certified to install and inspect such devices. It cost me a weeks time, and a thousand dollars to obtain this permit, one that has to be renewed ever three years. In their class, I was told that the big dog in this hunt is FEMACORP and the DHS. Their orders are passed down to the state, and then to the local commissions, and then the utility company. The letters they have sent to homeowners this year are almost Nazism… threatening to shut their water off, pay a $75/day fine, and even court action if they do not install one of these devices, or have their annual inspection report submitted… costing the homeowner/business over $500 to have one installed, $100 to have it inspected, and me $15 to submit the information to the federal bureaucracy overseeing it. Granted, we need to have clean drinking water, and “accidents” do happen… but at what cost? And how much money is someone going to rake in from all this? It seems to be another tax and order of compliance.

Rush Limbaugh stated that businesses pass along the fines and cost of regulations back to the consumer. “If a company didn’t have to shell out so much money to the government in federal/state regulation, fines, and the bureaucratic dictatorships, then a business might make a decent profit, and the consumer would save enough money to maintain a reasonable lifestyle.” This is part of the “fundamental transformation” most Americans did not see coming from the Democrats and RINOs. If Americans are going broke, it is because of the “system” taking so much away from us… the hidden costs we do not see, but are placed there from governmental enforcement to comply.

Change is going to come to each of us, whether we like it or not. No magic spell from Trump, Congress, or outraged groups are going to do away with most of it. We may see a reprieve for a period, that is until the tide changes and we have a Democrat-ran process re-installed. But eventually, government will find ways of paying their expenses from your pocketbook. Government will only expand further, and their decree will only enlarge. It’s all for a better way of life for you, the servant, to live under… “It’s for your own good!”

Meanwhile, the rich get richer, politicians secure a nest egg of wealth, and all live under rules that don’t apply to them, yet enforced against us because we can’t afford the legal expenses from being exempt.

What happened yesterday is but one small example of how life under Obama had changed the way we conduct business in America. The Left argues that it is for their protection… their benefit to live without a threat of poisoning, being hurt, killed, or having their property damage. Isn’t that what we all want? But where does one draw the line? When does it become intrusive on the government to be meddling in our affairs? When do we say we already have enough laws and rules on the book? And how far are we willing to let them be enforced? And which ones???

The federal officer said that all accidents are preventable… is that the government’s duty to see that accidents are avoided, that our safety is secured? Do we really need to have cameras everywhere, cops on every street corner, being listened to by Big Brother, metal detectors and bomb-sniffing dogs at every venue, having body searches and our private possessions rifled through, while having millions of federal employees who oversee our daily lives, just to remain safe, sound, and secure?

My case of argument is that they had better start in their own home. If they can have armed guards providing their protection, then why can’t we arm ourselves? If they complain about our misuses, then how come they get by with abusing nature, the environment, and other things? They protect themselves from terrorists, criminals, and the ills of life… yet, they leave us vulnerable to it… where is the justification in that? We get thrown in jail, or pay a heavy fine for our infractions, yet they waltz freely when they misuse their privileges, override the law, or avoid paying their share. They lie to Congress, lie to the courts, lie to the media, and lie to us, yet we keep voting them back… WHY? Look at how many have had clear evidence of criminal misuse exposed, and are still going on CNN, MSNBC, and ABC to lie more about it being someone else’s fault… they’re just innocent “victims”.

Who is best to say what is good for ourselves then us? Are we too stupid now for our own good? Are we so ignorant that we must have warning labels on guns that say to not point it at ourselves when loaded? Are we so violent now that we must walk around on constant defensive mode? Are we so hatefu that we all must shut up from commenting?

Who is better at judging what is in my best interest than myself? I’m educated enough, I’m rational enough, I’m reverent enough, I’m logical enough to see that if I hit myself on the head with a hammer every day that I will have consequences of a severe headache to deal with. But when I see the stupidity of others, the carelessness of others, the lack of remorse from others, the vile and vitriol from others, the lack of responsibility of others, and the purposeful evil that comes from others, then maybe we do need Big Brother to oversee their lives. But I guess we cannot exclude the ignorant from the intelligent, so we all have to pay for their damages.

It starts from setting examples for others. No wonder our children are growing up rebellious… look at their parents. Fat mothers will have fat kids, and parents who won’t discipline will have monsters when they’re grown up. Hollywood and the media is no better, but setting prime examples of how not to be if you desire to be a sound, patriotic Christian. Look at the educators who are now indoctrinating students by brainwashing them. And government, along with their leaders, are telling us to do as they say, not in what they do. They lie, cheat, steal, and kill to get what they desire… so how can we expect the citizenry to not follow their example?

To change America, we must begin by changing ourselves. Not you, personally, unless you feel that change in you is overdue. We, as a nation, must not tolerate bad behavior. We cannot tolerate riots, looting, civil unrest, and disorder because they don’t like the way the ball bounced for them. We can no longer tolerate criminals in government, and must set examples of how justice finds it’s defilers.

But, we make excuses, and we defend their excuses. We remove that which is good, and install evil in its place. We remove the freedom, rights, and liberty of the many to give some to the few. If one suffers, then we all must pay. We sue at a whime, and make the lawyers wealthy to get our small cut. We throw money away to take a chance at something greater, but never learn the odds will forever be greatly against us. We take from others because they have it, and can afford to replace it, but we are not willing to go out by ourselves to earn it. We purposely hurt other for our own satisfaction and retaliation… even if they didn’t do it, we feel justified and vindicated. We pass by a woman being raped or abused, a dying man from an accident, a building on fire not knowing if their are people still inside… we just don’t want to get involved, but we are willing to gaulk. We have more compassion for a lost dog than we do for a homeless woman. We ignore the pain and suffering from our veterans who sacrificed so that we can be this way.

But we can be and do better.

I have studied politics for quite some time, and I’ve noticed that America gets worse when Democrats, and especially liberals, are in charge. Although many Republicans have turncoat from conservatism, they have manage to not go to such extremes as progressives… but they are becoming worse. We are being forced to believe that what was once a better way no longer applies. The children are being taught that our Founders were evil, our Framers were bigots… Conservatives and Christians are racists, and only have their own greed in desire. We are being flipped upside down, and turned inside out. We are fighting a societal war… an agenda of who and what will manage our daily lives. The more they riot, loot, and cause civil unrest, the more the government will remove everyone’s rights. The more we spew hate, the closer we become to being silenced all together. The more we violate other’s rights and liberties, the more we will have ours removed as well!

[email protected] about it all you want… it will have very little impact. Action makes the largest statement… the Left knows this already. We cannot remain silent… we cannot remain in defense… we cannot watch to let others do it for us. The ONLY way things will change is when we go out and change it, together!

Thank you for your support!

Written By: Jim Hovda