July 4, 1776… a day America forever changed. Prior to this day, the citizens of the British colony known as America, named after the famous explorer Americus Vespuccius, or better known in history books as Amerigo Vespucci, were very troubled that their “new world” had become a more harsh a cruel place than where they, and their parents, had traveled from to escape tyranny and oppression. Most assumed that America would be the land of freedom… where they could live, worship, and build their lives without the torments placed upon them as were found in their native motherland.
Governments were new to the colonies, and each “state” had set up their own set of rules to be governed over by a British Lord. England had spent a great deal of money colonizing the Americas, as well as other parts of the globe, to become the massive empire of Great Britain. England, and the royal family, were basically broke, and in the need of vast sums of resource for their income. So, King George III decreed heavy taxes and confiscation of property upon the people who lived and worked within his American colonies.
To make the long story short, enough was enough with many of the citizens of America, and with the brilliant and tactful statesmanship from men who placed their lives on the line for liberty, they met secretly across the 13 Colonies for months, and finally ratified a simple one page document that declared their sovereignty from Great Britain. On July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, in which the American colonies set forth a list of grievances against the British Crown, and declared that they were breaking from British rule to form free and independent states from British rule.The document was later signed by 56 delegates on August 2, 1776. Independence was first declared on July 2, and the document first read in Philadelphia’s town square, with a copy to be hand delivered directly to King George on July 8, back in 1776.
Although Thomas Jefferson is often called the “author” of the Declaration of Independence, he wasn’t the only person who contributed important ideas. Jefferson was a member of a five-person committee appointed by the Continental Congress to write the Declaration. The committee included Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Robert Livingston, and Roger Sherman. Both Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died on July 4, 50 years later.
There are plenty of reference sites to learn the history of the Declaration, and how the Framer’s declaration began the American Revolution for Independence. Although today’s students are now taught a different version of our early history and of its Founders, most sites seem to be on target with the facts so that our young can still find the truth of who we are as Americans, why the United States of America was formed, and what our Framers believed when they created the Declaration document and the US Constitution.
But if you go to college and university campus’ today, most students wouldn’t have a clue what this day truly represents, as demonstrated by Jesse Watters and others when they went to these places of “higher education” and asked. To many Americans, it is a day off from work, from school, and from the daily grind. It is a day where we celebrate the country by setting off fireworks (most do not know why: hint ‘Star Spangled Banner’), having barbecue gatherings, enjoy sporting events, and relax doing nothing at all. Yes, it is a day of celebration, but in celebrating, we need to honor the reasons why, and who made it all possible for us to be celebrating. This not only includes our Founders, but the men and women who sacrificed their lives and limbs to keep sovereign independence instated.
I’m not going to harp on Americans who are ignorant, or those who are self absorbed in the anti-American rhetoric fueled by progressives and liberals who’s desire is in America’s fundamental change. This is their right to be ignorant of fact, their right to be foolish of the truth, and their right to be defiant. If it hadn’t been for Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and the others, in being defiant, the United States of America probably wouldn’t have been created, and we’d all be eating eel and mince pie on Thanksgiving.
Let’s get one thing straight, America didn’t declare independence so that we could be stupid, become foolish, to dissolve into ignorance, nor to take care of lazy citizens who are so apathetic that they have become a burden on the rest. America’s liberty gives one the right to do drugs, smoke, drink, and watch porn…but not the right to violate laws that protect those who don’t seek in illicit behavior. Yes, independence means we can violate our own rights so long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others. And those who take a stand for the progressive ideology in violence and vitriol are in deed violating our rights as true Americans of these United States.
President George Washington was probably our best President. He didn’t belong to any political party. He was a president of and for all the people. He stated that politics would become the crutch that many will live with to hold them up in power. And that power means control over the people, and power to take their assets to redistribute, while they skim a percentage off for themselves. Washington understood that politics and parties would bring corruption, and that if you isolate yourself from the others because of ideology, then you remove the fabric of Americanism that binds us all.
America isn’t about individual groups, but as a country united in one belief of freedom in liberty. The true independence of America has dissolved into a collage of has-bin and rag-tag beliefs that everyone has a right to do whatever they desire, regardless of who tells them they can’t. America was founded under guidelines of moral principles, of ethical values, and of spiritual order. But progressives and their ilk believe such ideology suspends their own independence. You do have the right to not believe in a higher power, but the guidelines from this ideology do have have a main say in how we are to conduct ourselves as true Americans.
The Left has the right to call out names against those they sternly disagree with, but it becomes a violation of the “victim’s” rights who is shouted at when it changes his/her life to an extent that they must now focus on the assault to be forced to live on defense. The Left has the right to assemble in protest, protected by the Constitution, but they do not have the right to launch eggs and poop at those they disagree with, not do they have the right to block the flow of traffic, interfere with what someone within the law is doing, where they go, or what they say. They don’t have the right to set fires to destroy another’s property, nor to riot and loot to steal or destroy someones property for a cause. The Left has no right to prevent their opposition from expressing their views and ideology in a civil manner by becoming uncivilized by obstructing another’s right.
We are now the United States of the Offended!
Here is the problem we have today in America. Americans, who are true Americans, have never learned to say “NO… STOP!” They let the progressive Left get away with whatever they want. They let them say whatever they want. They let them act out in any way they desire… and then true Americans crawl into a shell to protect themselves, hide from the outrage, remain silent and wait for someone else to say/do something about it.
There can be no dialogue when one side is making all the noise! Having independence doesn’t mean you surrender. When someone takes your microphone, you take it back. You can give them equal time to say their piece, but you never let them keep it from you having your time to say your piece. Our Founders say to it that we have the necessary equal opportunity. But the Left thinks that to have “equal opportunity” means to not let the other side have their “opportunity”… certainly with the Left, there is no equality if you are in opposition. You are to sit down, shut up, and let them have their way, regardless on how it may infringe upon your rights.
The roll of government is to protect the people, and to serve those who serve the nation. It is the progressive, European culture that is changing our American way of life. It is not the duty of government to provide for everyone who won’t provide for themselves. Where in the Constitution is this stated? The government is to provide peace and order among the citizenry, and elected officials to be the voice for the people’s concerns. Laws are provide to keep peace, and to see that individual rights are not violated. It is not a “right” to be an American, nor to come here to live or work in this country. It is a privilege, and if one cannot heed by the laws and common practices set in this nation, then you can appeal them through the legal process, or you can get the heck out!
Compassion is the heart of a progressive, but the word “compassion” is not mentioned in any of our Founding documents. America was created as a sovereign, independent nation of states so that we can live where it best suits us as an individual. If you don’t like the state’s speed limit, as example, that doesn’t give you the right to drive as fast as you desire. But you can go to a state that does have higher speed limits. If there is no jobs in your community, then you have the legal and independent right to either create one, or go someplace else that has jobs.
One thing that most do not recognize that is killing independence is the war on poverty. Yes, there are people who are truly disabled and cannot ‘fend for themselves… they do need assistance in some way. But for those who find disability as a crutch, those who make excuses that they can’t, those who milk the system because they can get away with it, and those plain lazy to do whatever it takes to make ends meet, do not realize they are robbing us blind. Americans, collectively, cannot profit soundly when more than 50% of their net worth must provide to those who hold out their hand. Each dollar the government gives out comes from someone else. Redistribution has become one of the government’s tools for pocketing some from the transaction for themselves. No, America won’t let people starve and go homeless, so then why are so many children going hungry, and so many veterans living under bridges?
Those who truly need are being removed from the equation by those who are quite capable in providing for themselves for the reasons previously mentioned. We all need a handout from time to time, and the government should assist when it is truly in desperation. But it has become a way of life for many, a means to be stupid, fat, and lazy because they see America as a provider just because they simply exist. And this becomes the focal to the point I have so often made: WE ARE NOW A NATION AT WAR BETWEEN THE HAVE’S AND THE HAVE NOT’S!
Much of what we have witnessed for several generations is because of this war. The 1930’s was very real for my grand-parents. It was created by the wealthy to remove the wealth of those under them, but also put many into poverty in doing so… a slight casualty of their war. The Great Depression was to consolidate wealth, and if it hadn’t been for Germany, Italy, and Japan, we would have imploded into massive internal chaos among the general population, and the NWO would have come to us after the smoke had cleared. In a strange way, by them funding Hitler, the uber-wealthy financed America’s future, and turned this nation into the most productive and profitable nation in world history. I’m sure that this was not their long-term plan.
Many laws, many regulations, and many taxes have been created to deal with “minorities”. The noisiest squeaky wheel get the oil first, as the saying goes. Every nation has a probelm with poverty… a problem that must be dealt with one way or another. Compassion for minorities and those impoverished has become the mainsail in our ship, now. But we do little to disolve this dilema, but further oil it to keep it from squeaking too loudly to disrupt the machinery of taking from those who have to give to those who have not. And poor people and minorities vote 99% Democratic. Enlarge them, and it secures the Democrats stay in office, and they will keep skimming their cut to make everyone happy. But, there is now a wrench in their gears, and his name is Doanld J Trump.
Trump’s philosophy goes back to our Founding Father’s ideology of independence and liberty. He understands that the machinery being used was built in Europe and communist countries. And, he wants to rebuild it with American made parts and labor. Great for America, bad on globalists. Great for the average citizen, bad on the uber-wealthy. Great for those struggling, bad on politicians who are milking the systems. So now you understand who, what, and why there is a War on Trump.
Independence mean accountability. We must be justified in what we do, or face justice if we fall. Independence doesn’t mean we make excuses, and pass those on through who can’t or won’t make the grade. Right at this moment, all across America, there are “help wanted” signs hanging on many doors. Yet, we import workers who won’t Americanize, and who sends their money to other nations while Americans stand on street corners looking for handouts. Progressives (including RINOs) have expanded government so greatly that it is a behemoth that cannot be controlled nor contained. The US federal government is the largest employer in the world. The trillions of dollars it rakes in cannot be accounted for, nor is being distributed properly. It is a train headed on a collision course with itself. Donald Trump may be able to repair parts of the track, but he will have a difficult time steering its direction if he can’t get the needed help. Every American must now become accountable in helping President Trump engineer our destiny away from that collision.
We don’t live in a country where we are told what to eat, what we can read, where we can go, and what we can do, so long as we remain in the law. But the laws of tyranny and oppression seem to be closing in. They tag the excuse “For You Benefit and Safety” on their decree, and we are supposed to adapt. This is not the America I grew up in, nor the one I was educated in when I went to school. We have created a society of entitlements, of those seeking someone else to do the work for them, a disposable nation that wastes and not replenishes, yet we don’t see nor understand the consequences from our actions, or lack thereof. We have become a nation of fat, lazy, and ignorant people. We have been beefed up for our slaughter, so to say.
As our government buys up land, removes our guns, indoctrinates our children, makes our soldiers fight in needless designed wars and doesn’t bother to patch their wounds; as government expands, while our pocket books contracts; while laws on the books are discarded to make way for laws to provide help for the lawbreakers, politicians sit behind closed doors to figure out ways of taking more for themselves and their services, as more laws are created in order to enslave you, yet protects them from prosecution. We listen to state run propaganda telling us that the good guys are bad, and the bad guys are good. We are ordered to purchase failing insurance so that a few will benefit while the masses go broke. We can’t build a campfire because smoke is harmful for the atmosphere, nor find a campground on this holiday because the government can’t pay for our safety and cleanup expenses. We now have machinery, tools, and equipment that falls apart because Chinese prisoners built it instead of Americans. We import doctors, engineers, scientists, and corporate managers because our schools produce ideological robots instead of intelligent free-thinkers, and we import workers because we are too fat and lazy to do a hard days labor for less than a six-figure salary. We accept paying 50% (or more) of our wages to the government, and are forced to sell the farm to corporate giants when our parents die. We can’t display the American flag on our property, and watch as unpatriotic people of disrespect sit at the National Anthem, turn their backs at the Pledge of Allegiance, and mock the Constitution, Declaration, and our Founding Fathers.
But we can go down to the river front, stadium, or local park to watch them shoot off a million dollars in tax payer funded fireworks to celebrate our Independence! Give me a Roman Candle!
I’m not against celebrating the 4th of July… in fact, I think to be a part of the spectacle, you must know why we are celebrating it, who were the men who made it all possible, and what true independence means. Then maybe we can put some facts and truth back into the minds of millions of Americans, restore patriotism, and show that the progressives maybe are not as smart nor sound as they may think. We only have to become smarter.
On this day in 1776, our statesmen declared independence from Great Britain. I’m just wonder on which day we declare our independence from Uncle Sam?
Thank you for your support!
Written By: Jim Hovda