Written by James Hovda   July 22, 2017

If you have been following this whole mess with President Trump and Russia, you have seen the progressive Left, RINO Republicans, Global Corporatists/Elites, and everyone else in between, constantly bombard the White House walls with anything they believe will stick long enough to file impeachment proceedings against the President, while also, hopefully, being able to remove anyone within his administration as a consolation prize.
They first rejected Trump as the “official” victor in the 2016 general election, claiming that Hillary had more votes, and that there was “voter fraud” across the states that normally would have voted Democrat, namely Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Although there wasn’t a shred of evidence, and Democrats were found to be the ones with voter fraud, their rejection of Trump would seek an array of different avenues to which they could find their “gotcha” moment to get “The Donald” removed from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Despite the violent protests from Soros (paid) organizations, the vagina hats of the Hollywood elite, the cat-callings of Senators Schumer and Waters (among others) for Trump’s immediate removal, and an assortment of activists from America and across the globe trying to tell we voters that the election was unfair, unsound, unjust, and a downright betrayal of the system of un-interfered election process, President Trump continues to dismantle the progressive agenda, the global order, and the Democrat monopoly that has place the United States into a stranglehold for the past decade. Their world, as they were once building under Obama and presumably continued with Clinton, has been overshadowed by the Trump Tower, and cited for demolition by the Trump wrecking ball. And that is not sitting well with those who have spent decades and billions towards America’s demise and the global collective order.
Word from the Left is that they are now quite desperate in finding something, anything that will stick to get this menace of manic-depressants removed so that they can re-assemble their “team” back into a salvaging format for their transformational coup against individual freedom and liberty for their collective statist order.
The terms of “impeachment”, “Russian conspiracy/collusion”, and “assassination” are being used very loosely these days with those who are anti-Trump. Even members from Trump’s own Party seem to distance themselves from his efforts to make America great again, and tend to lean more on the progressive side than on the side of truth, conservatism, and Americanism. Unfortunately, President Trump cannot be a dictator, although many on the Left already believe he is one, to rope and tie those who are his enemy, and those against the doctrines that once made America the pride of the planet for freedom, liberty, individual rights, and the pursuit of one’s happiness.
The Deep State has already declared their war on Donald Trump & Company. They consist of many Obama & Clinton holdovers who are very politically motivated, although they were hired not to be, yet still silently working for the Lordship O from his private and secure bunker just down the street from the true House of the elected President.
There is little anyone can do against the multi-media complex of Leftist-loons who attack conservative ideology and Trumpism with deep hatred and vitriol that would make Redd Foxx roll over in his grave. They are mostly own by global corporatists who treat Bilderberg and CFR meetings as a summer social event. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, NY Times and WaPo reload their guns every week to fire vollies at Trump and his relatives with hopes that one of them may hit something, eventually, to start the bleeding that will become fatal.
Talk about collusion, it’s the media, the Deep State, Hollywood, Liberal bleeding-heart universities, Democrats and elected Trump-haters who are working in conjunction with each other to find a means of getting Trump removed.
My NSA friend says that if his office, and others within the Intel community, would devote half as much time in investigating Islamics as they do Trump, then maybe we wouldn’t have to worry about another 9-11 event. The Russian connection is all they have to go with, and my friend stated if they can’t find anything, then they will create it, and that’s the part that really has him fearfully spooked.
Right now, they are ripping apart all of Trump’s past financial statements in regards to his construction development. He said that at one time, long before he planned on running for office, Trump wanted to build a Tower in Moscow, and that is where they might just get him. Although everything was on the up & up, and the deal never went through, there are links and ties that can and will be used against him. His fear is that there are so many on their “payroll” that they may bribe or blackmail some of them to lie in a story created in thin air to discredit Trump and make it appear that he is in bed deeply with the Russians.
Although no one has come forward with a shred of evidence that there was any collusion with Russia and the election process, Trump will eventually be found in collusion with the Russian government in getting the proper documents, permits, and acquisitions in order to construct his massive Tower just down from Red Square. And that will be enough for Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, and John McCain to start legal proceedings against Donald Trump for a “conspiracy” charge to either force his resignation or his impeachment. With over 50% on the fence today with Trump, it won’t be difficult to sway them to jump to the Left with the rest of the Trump haters who have perched themselves like vultures just waiting for “dead meat” to lay before them.
If you put together a list of triumphs that Trump has accomplished since winning the general election, it would be more great things done for America in 8 months than any other past President has ever done. But the average citizen of America, nor in the world, know this. They see his failures, his ineptness, his aggression, his denial of Leftist-progressive and global ideology. Even with today’s commissioning of the USS Gerald R Ford, the media portrays Trump as a warmonger who will “Kick everyone’s ass with his wonderful and big war-ship.” North Korea, China, and Russia saw his speech today as a threat, and vowed to defend their allies should Trump take out aggression on the North Koreans, Iran, or Syria. Senators Waters and Schumer have already stated that Trump wants to start a nuclear war, as he is a “manic with an itchy trigger finger right over the red-button to launch our missiles”.
Believe it or not, the Democrats are assembling a panel of psychologists to force Trump to be “examined” for his competency. Their “kangaroo” panel already states Trump is delusional and a manic-depressive who needs to be declared “unfit by mental means” to hold the office of President. If this were the case, shouldn’t have Bush, Clinton, and Obama also been removed for the same diagnosis?
It will be a long four years, but I do think Donald Trump is smart enough to see the sword before it strikes. If he can get tax reform, Obama Care replaced, and his border wall over 50% constructed, then I think we will be seeing Trump for another four years, and we will be also seeing Democrats, RINO’s and the media melt away as the people of America will see the USA’s revival enough to finally shut the crying snowflakes and cupcakes down enough to become only a whimper in the public’s eye. We already see the ratings of CNN and MSNBC tank, while subscriptions to the NY Times and WaPo have fallen to dangerous levels. So long as Trump continues to move forward in his agenda, regardless of how hard his foes make it upon him to get things accomplished, his legacy will continue to be constructed just as his Towers were… under budget and under deadline.
Our job is to continue to pressure the media to tell the truth, and for Congress to support the people and POTUS. Soros and Obama (and these AstroTurf political movement groups) must be removed from the equation, and hopefully the next time those ‘Traitors To the Republic’ are up for re-election, they are tossed out in the Primaries for new blood who also wants to see America great again. We must help Trump to spray the White House walls with Teflon so that nothing does stick, for if it should, trust me… it will be a very troubling time for all of us for quite some time.
Thank you for your support!
Written By: Jim Hovda