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Cashless will mean that transactions, deposits, billing, EMR/EHR (HEALTH Records) will be available instantly and electronically. In the past, there was one problem with these chips regarding Transponders powerful enough to communicate cellular towers, but using localized repeaters may have resolved this issue.

Cashless/Wireless are really synonymous…


HUGE U.S. Biz Just Became First To Require Microchip Implants In EVERY Employee – Do You Support It?

If you’re someone who is concerned with your safety, privacy or even just generally believe the bible, you’re going to want to pay attention to this. The much-anticipated chipping of Americans has begun, and it’s as bad as you thought it’d be. It’s being offered (or rather pushed) by one company who thinks that they’re ushering in the future. We’re not sure what kind of future they’re hoping to usher in, but they’re taking leaps and bounds.



A US company plans to start microchipping its own employees so they can purchase items in the canteen and open office doors.


Congressman McHenry: The President has yet to nominate a number of positions that are vital for regulatory financial products, so we’ll wait and see. The changes of the last election have made more folks willing to participate in this discussion about financial innovation. A number of my Democratic colleagues are much more interested now, because they see the opportunity to get it across the finish line and a more favorable atmosphere for changes to financial services law. That’s good. But it’s also important to get regulators with the right mindset—with a tech-forward mindset. It’s important that we convey that to those making decisions in the Trump administration our concerns and the opportunity as well.


Obama WH support of FinTech

At the White House FinTech Summit in June 2016, Cabinet Secretaries and senior officials from across the Administration engaged with stakeholders about the potential for fintech to further myriad policy goals, including small business access to capital, financial inclusion and health, domestic growth, and international development.  At the same event, industry and other stakeholders conveyed the need for a framework that articulates the U.S. government’s perspective on fintech.  Today, after sustained stakeholder engagement, we are proud to publish a whitepaper, A Framework for FinTech, that takes our work one step further to provide that perspective.  This whitepaper expresses the forward-leaning posture of this Administration to innovation and entrepreneurship, generally, and fintech in particular.


Trump WH take on Financial Legislation

…Trump has put a moratorium on new legislation until it can be reviewed thoroughly. He has also indicated he wants to scale back the Dodd-Frank Act and intends to remove burdens on businesses. These are all welcome signs to people in the financial industry.

More particularly, Trump’s son-in-law and Senior Advisor, Jared Kushner, has invested in numerous fintech companies like Cadre, an online real estate investment manager. These facts indicate that Trump will propose legislation and initiatives that benefit fintech as a whole…


Financing Sustainable Development – UN pdf.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement represent the most ambitious multilateral goals ever set.These goals require an unprecedented mobilization of both public and private finance – some US$90 trillion
over the next 15 years. Public finance is scarce and must serve competing priorities. Progress has been made to mobilize private finance by shaping the right enabling investment conditions and crowding-in private capital with public funds.


Green Finance And How Fintech Can Enable Sustainable Development

In 2015, the United Nations’ 195 member countries adopted their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and committed to the global transition from the fossil-fueled industrial era to low-carbon, knowledge-richer, green economies.

But this change depends in part on a reset of the global financial system to ensure that private capital is redeployed to finance the transition to an inclusive, green economy. It requires reforming incumbent finance and democratizing such services to drive this global transition toward accessible green technologies, jobs and infrastructure.


Former ‘Plunge Protection Team’ Member Warns “Blockchain Is Freaking Governments Out”

Dr. Pippa Malmgren, a US policy analyst and former member of the Working Group on Financial Markets, a government entity better known by its nickname, the “Plunge Protection Team,” appeared on Erik Townsend’s MacroVoices podcast to discuss bitcoin and the European refugee crisis, while also offering some clues about how the PPT, famous for its secrecy, operates.


Blockchain – A Financial Technology for Future Sustainable Development


After the global financial crisis 2008, the world has been putting more effort in tightening banking and financial activities with stricter regulations. However, the effectiveness of this policy has remained controversial as many people believe that policy makers should promote freedom and transparency by empowering the public to directly interfere and change the system for public interest. This article attempts to synthesize and analyze available information with a focus on the role of blockchain, a financial tool that can potentially play an important role in the sustainable development of the global economy. The new technology is expected to bring massive benefits to consumers, to current banking system and to the whole society in general.

Digital finance catalyst for greener global economy

Digital finance has the potential to also cost-effectively finance the greening of millions of small businesses. It could be used to accelerate the evolution of green capital markets in developing countries. And there is no reason why a new generation of crypto currencies, underpinned by blockchain, should not be based on green criteria.

Blockchain and RFID chips could eliminate organized crime

Blockchain is outgrowing its adolescent cryptocurrency identity, with distributed consensus ledgers becoming smart contracts facilitators. Beyond creating efficiencies by removing the legal and financial intermediary in a contractual agreement, blockchain is assuming the role of trusted gatekeeper and purveyor of transparency. In the emerging “trust economy” in which a company’s assets or an individual’s online identity and reputation are becoming both increasingly valuable and vulnerable, this latest use case may be blockchain’s most potentially valuable to date.

Singapore Startup Launches Cryptocurrency Debit Card

A Singapore startup called TenX has designed a Visa card capable of debiting users’ cryptocurrency wallets, allowing them to pay for goods at brick-and-motor merchants with bitcoin, Ethereum and a handful of other digital currencies, according to Bloomberg.

The question now is: Will anybody use it?

TenX’s business model is straightforward: It allows its users to pay for goods in a given fiat currency, then “instantly converts” cryptocurrency from their wallet into the amount needed to cover the transaction.


Ten Fintech Startups to enter the FinTech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific

HONG KONG; July 25, 2017 – Ten leading financial technology (fintech) companies have been selected for Accenture’s (NYSE: ACN) 12-week mentorship program in the fourth annual FinTech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific. The startups participating in this year’s Lab have developed a range of innovations leveraging blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence to help financial institutions improve efficiencies, increase cyber-security, and provide more user-friendly customer services.


Comments by Michael Nunnally:

This paragraph is the article in it’s context places Biological ID chips in the class of Implanted Medical Devices as mentioned in the ORIGINAL and FINAL ObamaCare Bill:

“‘On the other hand, I mean, people have been implanting things into their body, like pacemakers and stuff to control your heart,’ he said. ‘That’s a way, way more serious thing than having a small chip that can actually communicate with devices.’”


For those who LOVE sports and particularly football, there may be only one team who will ultimately be victor – ‘The Team of JESUS’. No rewards, no mention but the rewards there will be can not be measured in this world…


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