Posted by Admin / News 4 Everyday   Date 8/4/17

If we are a country of laws, the laws should apply to all of the citizens regardless of who they are. President Obama once made history being the first black president and chances are he is going to be the first black president to be hit with a felony indictment.
And if it can be proven that Obama’s wiretapping was illegal, the end result would be the unprecedented indictment of the former president on FELONY CHARGES.
In a recent interview with Trending Today the USA, Lt. Col Tony Shaffer called ‘Obamagate’ an “order of magnitude” even bigger than the Watergate scandal because the incident included “using nation-state resources for purposes of political gain.”
When asked if Obama could be arrested for violating the law, he said that it would be the “first time a former president could be indicted for a felony.”

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