Yesterday, a 4chan user figured out that Loretta Lynch was using an alias ‘Elizabeth Carlisle’ on comunications from the DOJ, probably to escape detection via FOIA requests.
Today, they found her grandmother’s death certificate online. Elizabeth Carlisle was the birth name of her grandmother.
(Edit: Just as additional confirmation, I ran the data above into Ancestry, and can confirm this is the correct family. Loretta E Lynch’s parents are Lorine Harris and Lorenzo A Lynch (married 15 Jun 1954, Wake, NC). Lorine Harris’ parents are Loveless Harris and Elizabeth Carlisle ‘Lizzie Harris’ (listed above, and on the marriage cert on Ancestry). Not that /pol/ really needs confirmation, though.)
In less than 12 hours /pol/ on 4chan and The_Donald on Reddit do more investigation than 17 intelligence agencies and more investigative reporting than all media combined.
Lost count of multiple felonies many moons ago.
Meanwhile all these “17 intelligence agencies” found was fake muh Russia stuff.