Posted on August 4, 2017 by True Pundit Staff

The U.S. Secret Service will be testing a small drone during President Donald Trump’s visit to his golf club in New Jersey in order to examine new ways to provide protection.
In a document the Department of Homeland Security released Wednesday, the agency said it plans to use a small tethered unmanned aircraft system vehicle during Trump’s 17 day visit to the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., while the White House undergoes a renovation.




The Daily Caller News Foundation received a statement from the U.S. Secret Service about the new drone protection system:
The United States Secret Service is responsible for creating secure environments for statutorily protected people, places and events.  This is a no fail mission that requires the Secret Service to constantly assess how we can effectively evaluate threats and mitigate vulnerabilities.


ANON Comment:

“Interesting day my nephew had yesterday.
The FBI visited the hobby store he works at as an asst manager in the Tampa area to talk to employees about what to do, look for and contact if someone comes in looking to buy large amounts of drones and wants to pay cash for them.
I understand they visited other hobby stores as well but what concerns me is that if the FBI is giving out profiling info on people that want to purchase quantities of drones using cash, then there must be a viable reason and a clear and possibly present danger. He said it freaked him out a little as the Feds were very matter-of-fact and not humorous at all.
Just thought I’d put this out there as apparently ( for the Feds to be involved and concerned ) I’m thinking there must be a viable threat concerning the weaponization of drones to be used in terrorist style attacks.
1-1/4 lb block of C-4 used in a pipe or IED style bomb has a great explosive capacity.
Anyone hear of anything similar ? This was in the Tampa -Brandon area of Florida.”
I remember seeing it, but took a while to remember where. Thought about it when I saw the post about trying out a drone to follow POTUS.