>> Professor Rick Watson at the University of Georgia now allows students to decide their own grades, cancel homework assignments, and abandon student groups by citing a stress policy.
>> Watson’s courses in Data Management and Energy Informatics include a “Stress Reduction Policy” that students can use whenever they are feeling stressed about inferior grades and inadequate performance.
>> Tests in the courses are “open book and open notes” and “designed to assess low level mastery of the course material,” while during in-class presentations “only positive comments” are allowed to be made.

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Georgia professor allows stressed out students to choose their own grades


A professor at the University of Georgia will allow his fall semester students to pick their own grades in an effort to reduce the stress levels of his students.

UG Terry College of Business Data Management professor Rick Watson detailed his classroom’s “stress reduction policy” on his course syllabus online, explaining that even though students may refer to their notes and books during testing, they can still request — and be granted — a grade change.

Source – Blaze