By: PolitiStick Team   August 11, 2017

(ARIZONA REPUBLIC) — A Las Vegas courtroom erupted in drama Thursday when a federal judge ordered a defendant in the Bundy Ranch standoff trial to get off the stand, struck his testimony, dismissed jurors and abruptly left the bench.
Jurors looked stunned as Eric Parker returned to the defense table with his head hung and then buried his face in his hands, according to lawyers in the case.

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Drama erupts at Bundy retrial as judge scolds defendant, orders him off stand

Robert Anglen, The Republic | Published 7:25 p.m. MT Aug. 10, 2017

Bundy Ranch trial: Carol Bundy speaks | 2:29
Carol Bundy, in an interview with The Republic, said her husband, sons and others are really being tried for making federal authorities look bad and forcing them to back down in the face of a citizen uprising.

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