Written by Duncan Smith 8/17/17

The biggest issue we have in the US, that needs to be addressed if we are to avoid another civil war – is the major problem of mob mentality morality that is easily manipulated by the media. There is a weekly, sometimes daily process, of useful idiots jumping behind causes wholeheartedly that they wouldn’t have any opinion on the week before, and won’t have any interest in discussing a week after. Guarantee you that if you asked a month ago how people felt about Confederate statues, they’d be like “What..? Who cares, it’s just a statue. I don’t think many people pay attention to those things”. But now, it’s a societal imperative that we remove as many as we can from public spaces, to release the poor down-trodden black folks from the air of oppression that they cast over them (as if all black people are homogeneous in thought, and unanimously agree that they should be removed. Which that itself is a bit racist of a viewpoint). That this is the next step we need to take as a culture to ‘work towards curing racism’, when there is no valid argument that removing all of the statues from public would make inter-racial relations the least bit more harmonious, or that it’s axiomatic that Confederate statues are pro-racism. To me, there is nothing sincere or progressive about this, it feels much more insidious.
Here’s my theory: what we’re actually dealing with is class warfare. People who want to be left alone vs people who won’t leave them the fuck alone. Liberal-educated city folk vs Middle America. And the former are going to make life hell for Middle America, as they see them as responsible for Trump getting elected (not that they didn’t have disdain for them beforehand, but it’s much worse now). The city elite now consider themselves the arbiter of morality for Middle America, and will use every iota of their power to 1) Deem what they hold dear as unquestionably racist or hateful 2) Use force & violence to suppress and remove it. All dissenters are Nazi’s/White Nationalists/etc. Doesn’t matter if you ‘disavow’ – Trump explicitly condemned both Neo-Nazi’s/WN, but the media willfully ignores it, and the useful idiots gleefully climb on board with that narrative, as it serves to further their own malevolent motives.
Not to mention the disgusting treatment that women and minority dissenters receive. If you’re a woman & you disagree, you’re no longer a ‘real woman’ and will be treated in a second-class and derogatory manner. If you’re a minority, you’re a ‘race-traitor’ and will be called all the racist names in the book. As I said earlier, this expectation of homogeneous thought among the ‘oppressed’ is where you’ll find true bigotry. And it comes from people who will leave no opportunity un-turned to virtue-signal how feminist and racially progressive they are.
To close, I don’t think Middle America really gives a shit about identity politics. Not that it’s completely infallible, or that you couldn’t search out & find small minorities of people with irreconcilably bigoted thoughts. But in general, I think a common theme among most all the people is to judge others by their individual merit. But another common theme is that they don’t like being told what they’re allowed to think. So f*ck off and leave them alone.