Written by James Hovda  8/16/17

Well, to you liberal politicians who want to remove statues and plaques that tell of our national history because you all can link it towards racism… I suggest this to also include all portraits, busts, and other reference to the biggest anti-American traitor in American history who was also a racist against whites, and a bigot towards Christians and Jews. Obama did more to divide America than the Civil War.
Do you agree?


Written by James Hovda  8/13/17


When you think back pre-Obama, I can’t recall the outrage over diversity as there is today. Racism will always exist, regardless of how groups try to snuff it out. There will always be one group or another that feels it is discriminated against. America has become the Land of the Oppressed, and concern over discrimination has risen to a new height.
Somebody is black, somebody is brown, someone is gay, someone is in between. If you are not a white, Christian male in America, then you have a new alliance surrounding you to attack that one group of white, Christian males who have been oppressing you since our founding.
But few are saying that it is the whites, Christians, and mostly males who are truly being discriminated upon today. Those who founded this nation, toiled in struggle to make this country great, fought and died so that everyone could be free, are now the tyrants of injustice to those who have now become “offended” because they are different.
America is the land of opportunity. No one gets a free pass, unless they come from the bloodline of those who place themselves upon this “stuff-shirt” hierarchy, where if your name isn’t Morgan, Kelly, Kennedy, Farnsworth, Stanley, Ford, or Rockefeller, then you are a nobody in finance and in politics, as you need to step aside to let the “masters” handle the situation at hand.
Each of us are born the same way… naked and without a dime in our pocket. Now, where we go from there is up to us, for the most part. Sure, circumstances do arise, and situations do rear themselves to place us at the disadvantage. But, far too many people have come from nothing to become something huge in a particular profession. Look at the life of Herman Cain, or Dr Ben Carson… both came from the ghetto to become top in their field, both are black, and both have run for President.
There are countless cases of those who have come from rags to go on to riches, and that goes for every group that claims to be an “offended minority”. It is about how you see yourself, how you see life in general, and how far you are willing to take yourself down the rough road of prosperity. If you learn from your mistakes, apply them to overcome the obstacles, stay with what you do, and never let anyone stand in your way or take “No” for an answer, then your odds to success have just improved 1000%.
God has given most of us a good brain. Some liberal/progressives today, I’m not too sure of any longer. We each have the ability to think, to reason, to rationalize, and to dream. But how this process is formed depends upon how strong one is towards their own abilities, or how easily one is influenced to have their ability created for them. We must also take into account the external influences that reflect our personification throughout the sections of our life; from parents and childhood, teachers and clergy in adolescence, to professors and managers in adulthood. Our relations with friends and loved ones also inspire us to achieve, or deny us our abilities, destined to fail. If we hear we are worthless, a bad seed, useless to society, and a sore upon the cheek of humanity, then odds are that most won’t achieve great success in life. Our opinion of ourself will be one of worthlessness, as our ability to lead others goes right out the door in order to be lead through life like a puppy on a leash by another. Our role models in life then change, and we are inspired by those who may not be all too inspirational as great citizens of society.
Look at George Soros. The progressive-Left adores him. He is inspirational, and a role model for “change”. And, if you stand on the Left, then your mission is “change”. Soros spends billions to remove the fabrics of Americanism, by telling the minorities that they are truly not free nor in liberty. He is obsessed that minorities are oppressed, chastised, demoralized, and enslaved to the white, Christian males who dominate in the world of success. Just like him, although Jewish by birth, Soros has made being “offended” into a cause, so because he fights for the “little guy”, he gets a free pass from being a white male who is one of the richest men in the world. Through organizations, like Media Matters, George Soros is redefining difference, and justice to overcome it for indifference… in his opinion, everyone needs to be the same, that is unless they are ordained to lead.
America is predominantly white. But why are more blacks and Hispanics in jail than whites? Why are more blacks and Hispanics on entitlements than whites? Why are more whites in higher education than blacks and Hispanics? Why are more blacks and Hispanics below the poverty level than whites?
Did the mean old white man suppress the blacks and Hispanics to be superior? Actually, almost all blacks can get a free college education, where whites cannot. It is easier for blacks and Hispanics to receive entitlements. And, more blacks and Hispanics commit crime than whites. It is not that whites have a “get out of jail free” card, nor do whites have the ability to get better counsel. Whites are more in harmony with their race than other races. Whites are not obsessed with the color of their skin, just as heterosexuals are not obsessed with being “straight”.
Today’s progressive/Liberal are in deed obsessed with difference. Instead of being neutral, part of the status quo, and blending in as if there is no difference, minorities have to make an issue out of it to prove to the world that they are different, and therefore oppressed, as they wave their banner to get recognition.
For the past several decades, whites have bent over backwards to appease the black and Hispanic communities. But instead of accepting what was given to them, they grabbed it, asked for more, then revolted when they didn’t get what they wanted… and what they want, they don’t even know! They revolt and rebel because they can and can get away with it.
Things were cool before Obama, but the first black President couldn’t leave it alone. And as he did all his career, he made an issue out of being oppressed, just as his wife did by stating “For the first time in my life, I’m proud of my country for doing the right thing (electing her hubby as POTUS).” If memory serves me correctly, didn’t both Obama’s have most of what they have by someone else giving it to them? Wasn’t the Obama’s pretty wealthy when they moved into the White House? Now you understand where Barack’s statement that “you didn’t build it” came from!
Every case of black vs white, they got involved in, where they actually had no business expressing “their opinion”. Their “opinion” divided America. From Ferguson, to Boston, to Chicago, to Florida, and all the rest… they were quick to accuse, as their accusations ended up false in the end every time. But the crayons had already been melted, and the colors didn’t bleed together in the mix. Obama tried to separate them in order to make a profound claim: that racism is very alive in America, as hatred and violence are white man’s way to show their bigotry; “America is a nation born from bigotry. This bigotry continues even to this day.” At the time, it was a false claim, yet reverberated with a profound rejoycement because America finally had a black leader who would do something about racism by “fundamentally transforming America” from its white superiority. And he did, by creating a division unlike we hadn’t seen since the 60’s. A MLK, Obama was not! A Louis Farrakhan would be more appropriate.
We cannot change the past, only learn from it. But the Left seems that if they remove the past, it makes everything fine for tomorrow. When the past and its lessons are removed, then the same mistakes are destined to be made. The Civil War had to do with slavery, but that was the side issue. The Civil War had to do with state rights and sovereignty versus federalism and the North overpowering the South over property, taxes, and commerce. But progressive historians won’t tell us that. The Civil War was ONLY because we needed to free the blacks from slavery. It, therefore, needs to be removed and erased.
It was a different era back then. People saw things different than they do today. Owning a slave back in 1860 was thought of the same as owning a car today. But the mistake was made long before by the federal government, who at the time consisted mostly of slave owners, by not enforcing their own words in the Declaration (“all men are created equal, etc”) and the Constitution that they wrote and ratified giving everyone equal rights.
It has been the Democrats who have entrapped and enslaved minorities. Used as pawns for their pwn gain, Democrats made blacks into what they are today by starving them of their freedoms, rights, and liberty. Ghettos were created after the Civil War to place them into. Since blacks couldn’t own a business until 1870, whites were reluctant to employ blacks, as America was undergoing a great recession with very few jobs available. As time marched on, more blacks did move up in the world, but ran into strong resistance from lawmakers who sought to keep the blacks down, by force if necessary. Study Woodrow Wilson and his “affirmative action” programs.
From Wilson to FDR, LBJ, and Jimmy Carter, our lawmakers sought to keep blacks from thriving as a race. Oh, they let them go to school, but made damn sure the schools had little funding. They let them have jobs, but never allowed equal pay. The Democrat south made damn sure that whites remained on top and in control, thus the growth in the KKK movement, which saw many within local, state, and federal representation through the 60’s into the 70’s. Many black men had to enlist into the military in order to receive some income, medical, and educational benefits. Many still do today.
Today, it is a different story. For over the past decade, whites have become sick and tired of this racism BS, and this appeasement of blacks over whites. Unqualified blacks got managerial jobs over whites who actually could not do the work without problems, but given advancements only because they were black. Good universities denied whites who had higher qualifications to bring diversity into order. College sports gave blacks scholarships, purposely, so that they had a better chance in life. Professional sports were told to draft more blacks in order to replace the aging and disabled whites, and to gain more blacks in audience. But as you see today, ticket prices are so high that professional sports still attracts 80% whites in attendance.
Film and television companies were told to have more blacks in leading roles, not as tokens. And as cable TV grew, BET and other networks were introduced to attract the black audience. Today, there is even a gay and transsexual channel, as well as several all Spanish channels for our Hispanic citizens who won’t learn English. The music industry saw the same moves, as rap and RB went from the ghetto to becoming the new wave in music listening, since Motown and disco seemed to die in the 70’s and 80’s.
Today’s violence in Virginia was totally uncalled for. Acts of hate through terrorism is unjust in any action. The White Nationalists were protecting history and their heritage. But they did come to fight. For too long, whites have sat upon the sidelines watching as BLM destroys cities, kills cops, and everybody defends their violent behavior. This Alt-Right group had had enough and just took it to extremes, and now their cause will be tainted, scared, and chastised for a very long time. And now, those on the Alt-Left will become the victims once again, as whites will be the oppressor. The Obama racism movement marches on!
Obama and the Democrats learned a long time ago how racism can be used as a productive weapon in their forced accomplishments. The minorities are now a solid voting block that has to be noticed and understood, who have to be picked up, as elections are now about suppression of everyone who is a normal white American. Whites have become the largest group of Americans who don’t vote any longer, as most whites are tired of all this racism garbage that has split our country in half, and moving us closer to a civil war, making whites as targets for the Left’s vitriol.
Today’s actions only fuels that fire even further. But we have mostly Barack and Michelle Obama to thank for all of it. The words of hate and bigotry that left in the 60’s have now returned with their vengeance, as those two helped in making blacks unemployed, moved onto welfare, less educated, with more divorce, in cities where daily violent crime has become as common as the drug abuse and diseases that are spread within their communities.
Pandora’s Box has been opened, and it is now too late to close it. So long as the government uses it, the media plays it, society coddles it, and institutions protect it, racism, discrimination, bigotry, and social unrest will only get much worse. The next wave of anti-Trump rhetoric will now claim he is a racist, a bigot, and cares less what happens to minorities, much worse than it was before. They may even try to tie Trump in with white supremacy groups, since Russia has now seemed to have failed them. They will blame Trump for what happened in Virginia, rest assure.
Oh well… welcome to the 21st Century, and join in on the “I’m offended” bandwagon with the rest of the bleeding heart liberals. I’m going to have a drink, then go back to bed!
Thanks for your support!
Written By: Jim Hovda