By Amanda Shea

Colin Kaepernick left a legacy in the National Football League that the country thought would die with his career. Unfortunately, the start of the new season brought it back and was worse than before, with multiple millionaire players following in his anti-American footsteps.
Marshawn Lynch came out of retirement from the Seattle Seahawks to disrespect the country at his first preseason game with the Raiders. Despite looking like a disrespectful idiot, his former teammate, Michael Bennett, decided to copy him and Kaepernick and sat the bench for the National Anthem as his team stood in front of him.

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Roger Goodell says NFL fans should be more understanding of protests during national anthem

By: Brett Bodner  NEW YORK DAILY NEWS   Tuesday, August 15, 2017, 10:00 AM

“It’s one of those things where we have to understand that there are people who have different viewpoints,” Goodell said via ESPN. “It’s something that I think everybody wants. The national anthem is a special moment for me. It’s a point of pride. That is a really important moment but we also have to understand the other side – that people do have rights, and we want to respect those.”

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NFL Commissioner Calls for Fans to be Understanding of National Anthem Protests

August 15, 2017| by Donn Marten

I have always been a big pro football fan ever since I was a young boy – over four decades ago – and this may the last straw that leads me to pull the plug on it.
You don’t see horseshit like this in either baseball or hockey and I won’t be the only longtime viewer to say to hell with the NFL when something ugly goes down.  I can find other things to do with my valuable time than being force fed anti-Americanism and anti-white bigotry by millionaire jagoffs who get paid to play a freaking game.
They can have it!

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