We have found the Charlottesville terrorist who split a man’s skull while he was laying on the ground defenseless. We demand his IMMEDIATE arrest for felony attempted murder. Let’s make him famous boys.

Source – PoliticallyIncorrect


PolReport: #Charlottesville #Antifa Terrorist who split mans skill is found! We DEMAND arrest: Felony attmptd Murder

We are tracking down #Antifa terrorists who have been caught on camera in violent altercations and forwarding to our FED/ICE contacts

This criminal knows what its like to do time, which is good because he will be doing more of it soon

Guy is guilty of Attempted Murder, but even WORSE for him, we will be mailing Aryan gangs in Prison deets of his ‘Anti-White’ sentiments

We found a flag in the middle of nowhere by analyzing flight patterns and wind direction, we WILL find you

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Source – Twitter PoliticallyIncorrect