Antifa joining the political Resistance, Internet access denial at the gateway level, and Social Justice restrictions on Free Speech

Posted by William A. Jacobson    Friday, August 18, 2017 at 7:40pm

We’re living in a very dangerous time.
Several things are coming together that pose a serious threat to the liberty of anyone who is right-of-center.
While there are many factors at work, I’ve been focused in recent days on three: (1) Antifa becoming a part of the anti-Trump Resistance; (2) politically-motivated denial of access to the internet at the gatekeeper level; and (3) attempts to weaken free speech protections in the name of social justice.

1. Antifa and The Resistance are getting ready to fight fight.
The neo-Nazi / White Supremacist march in Charlottesville and the killing of Heather Heyer have provided the excuse to expand a violent movement that existed long prior to Trump’s election victory.
Recall that anti-Trump riots erupted during the campaign, with Chicago being the most notorious. There have been many other physical attacks by “Black Bloc” anarchists and Marxists. Those Black Bloc street thugs have rebranded as Antifa, and they are moving from the extreme fringe to the street muscle for the anti-Trump Resistance.

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Source – LegalInsurrection