A Rare White Moose Has Been Captured On Video In Sweden

August 15, 2017

Video footage of a rare white moose spotted in Varmland, Sweden, has caught fire on the internet this week.

There are only around 100 white moose in the wild. The animals are not albino, but grow white fur due to a generic mutation.
The footage was captured on August 11 by Hans Nilsson who had been searching for the rare animal for three years.

Video Source – Sunny skyz


These Albino Animals Are Extremely Rare And Incredibly Beautiful

Animals that are completely white as a result of albinism or leucism are extremely rare in the wild, since their lack of camouflage colors makes them easy targets for predators. We recently showcased 31 Unusually White Animals, and received an overwhelming response – so here is part 2, with even more colorless animals that prove that you don’t have to have fancy colors to be stunningly beautiful.






These animals are so beautiful, it’s hard to believe they’re real.

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Here Are 31 Unusually White Animals That Are So Rare, You’ll Probably Never See Them In Real Life.

Since ancient times, white animals held a special place in human society and are prominent and even sacred in many cultures’ mythologies.
Rare genetic mutations sometimes cause an animal to be born lacking the regular color of its species. These animals can be true albinos, which lack all pigments and have white fur and reddish-pink eyes, or leucistic, with white or light-colored fur but possessing some other pigments.




Source – BoredomTherapy