Written by James Hovda BLOG POST Aug 23, 2017

I watched President Trump from Phoenix, AZ last night. He talked of a divided America that has to unite in peace, love, hope, and prosperity. For those within attendance, he received a standing ovation. The audience cheered with support of Trump’s efforts to calm the rough waters of discontent… something he has been doing ever since his nomination. But outside, a storm was brewing. A very bad storm.
When Trump arrived, there were about a few hundred protesters gathered to show their frustration from all the brainwashing and indoctrination that they have had put into their worthless gray matter by watching the news, listening to liberal teachers, reading progressive books, watching progressive movies, listening to progressive music, and mostly watching the propaganda placed on social media to stir the kettle in order to bring the pot to a full, rolling boil.
During the course of his speech, social media was on fire trying to recruit protesters to come to the arena to protest Trump and his supporters. By the time the President finished, several thousand protesters had gathered in their hoodies and black mask attire, and carrying ANTIFA flags. Some were even carrying bats, bricks, pepper spray, and wearing helmets in anticipation of a clash between support groups and/or the police.
Comments on social media expressed violence to those in attendance of Trump’s speech. One comment said “Let’s bloody them up when they come out the door!” When the doors opened and the first wave of Trump supporters went outside, they were met with pepper spray, rocks, eggs, and even human excrement, as police were unable to stop their violent outrage. The President then asked all of his audience to remain inside until the police got control of the protest. It took over a half hour to even make it safe for the President to make his exit.
Meanwhile out in the streets, police clashed with protesters for a few hours until they gained the control. The protest turned more violent as the police closed in, reminding me of G-20 summits in Europe, as demonstrators always clash with police to show their aggressive defiance to authority. Have those protesters in America learned from Europe’s protests, or are the two actually in collusion with each other, sponsored by outside sources like Geoge Soros, or the Communist Party, or both?
There is no doubt that all this violent outlash by the ignorance that perpetuates our youth is not of their own creation. They most definitely have help, but from whom? Today’s youth are too inept to organize as they do without someone pulling the levers for them.
The Left’s agenda has been ongoing for decades, through several POTUS, and through several wars. Organized protests may have formed earlier in American history, but certainly came of age back in the 60’s, as students and anti-war demonstrators clashed with police at Berkley, Chicago, and Kent State, where 4 students were shot and killed by National Guard troops sent in to quell the campus disruption.
But what we are witnessing today reaches to new heights. Protesting may be a civil right of the demonstrators under the Constitution, but once harm comes to those on one side or another, the line must be drawn, and the demonstration is ended. That is not we are seeing today, as police now stand and watch more than confront the disruptive and abusive crowds.
Under Obama and his puppet administration, they sent out the word that protesters will be allowed to demonstrate without recourse from authorities, as governors and mayors were specifically told to leave the groups alone. Even when things got totally out of hand, and rioting occurred, with stores being looted, burned, and damaged beyond repair, the police were held back. Even many of the protests today are going past the boundary, as mayors, police chiefs, and local representatives are letting the demonstrations turn violent, instead of keeping a line and forcing the demonstrators to stay contained within. Charlottesville, VA would never have occurred had the mayor, governor, and police done their job in the beginning to keep the two opposing groups separated.
I will hand it to some on the police forces for eating the crap that is tossed their way without putting a slug through some rock throwing ANTIFA’s face mask. I know that they are under orders, but somewhere, someone on the front line has to make a decision when enough becomes enough. Maybe authorities don’t want to see things get too ugly, while letting the protesters vent their frustration, grow tired, and then head home. But at some point, there has to be a strong statement made that the police, the mayors, and anyone else in control, are not going to accept violent disruption and behavior of any kind. When protesters get the message that if they throw a rock at a cop or window, if they rough up a Trump supporter, or cause any harm or damage to life and/or property, that they will get pepper sprayed, beat on the head, and tossed into jail to be charged with more than a walk-away misdemeanor, then maybe the confrontations will cease.
But that isn’t the communist way, is it?
We must realize that in America today, the Right is no longer in control. Ideology and principles of the past have now been removed and replaced. Communism is alive and well within the Leftist agenda, and what they are doing today in the media, on the floors of Congress, and on the streets within our cities, have all been done before with great success, just before the revolution goes full scale.
There is a method to all this madness, and all anyone has to do is to look at history.
Review the revolution of France in 1775, of Italy in 1931, of Germany in 1935, or Russia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba, and China… they all began the same way, and with the same process of order. Create resentment against the authority in power; control the message; recruit activists by any and all means; demonstrate and demonstrate, to where it gets national attention on a constant basis; defy all authority; disrupt the existing systems; spread fear with action; cause panic and chaos so much that a platform is created for your grievances; make no concessions, only demands; if demands are not met, then take greater action until they are met; demonstrate what will happen if the opposition won’t surrender, and do not take “No” for an answer.
Because of Hillary’s loss, and the reversal of Obama’s fundamental transformation of America, the Left is now moving farther Left and digging in. As stated, the Right no longer has control of anything, per say. Basically everything is now controlled by the Left, or by Leftist sympathizers. And, they are seeing it all uprooted under their feet by Trump and the conservative Right that elected him. On the scale, the Left and Right are now going in total opposite directions, and that wide divide will eventually result in major conflict, and a real possibility of a 2nd revolution or a civil war.
There are already people in Congress, in Hollywood, in the media, on university campus’, and on social media calling for a major revolt of violence to make their message very clear. They want Trump out, and America to resume the Left’s fundamental transformation. Most of the 12 Planks of Communism have already been made. The next step is major discourse to get the populous on their side to bring disruption to an end… in other words, a surrender. Appeasement has always been the white flag of surrender, but I don’t think President Trump and his staff have any plans for surrendering without a long battle. Trump has never appeased anyone, and I don’t think he plans to start with BLM, ANTIFA, the CPUSA, or MoveOn.org.
As Newt Gingrich said, “The Left only digs in deeper… they don’t plan on going away any time soon. They will only get more hateful, more violent, and more revolutionary as President Trump continues to whittle away at their way of life. Their goal is in winning, not giving up. And in this battle, only one side will eventually win, and I’m not planning on placing any bets on them doing that any time soon.”
In any war, there are the generals, the upper brass, the lieutenants, and the soldiers. This war is no different. If we go after those on the top, the generals and top brass of this Leftist movement, then the rest will close up camp and head home. Those rioters in the street are only the soldiers. The generals are Soros and the Powers That Be who sit in their war rooms plotting their next move. They are the ones whom we need to take out. We can start with George Soros, the financier of all this Leftist display. Trump and Sessions MUST arrest him, and put him in deep isolation. Maybe we can make him squeal to give up enough information to go after Rothchild and the rest.
If candidate Trump was serious that he plans to go after the global elites, then he needs to start before they get to him first.
Through the rest of this summer, and into the next, will be the test for us all to see if we can withstand what they plan to dish out at us, or if we crawl into our homes to hide. Our resistance to theirs must also be made, as doing nothing will only intensify their faith, and bring on deeper actions. We cannot listen to the fake news media, nor wait for the do nothing, anti-Trump Congress… either only takes us down a dark road of uncertain fate. We certainly cannot tolerate what you are about to see in this video, as we must reach out to every representative to demand for them to quell this violence and disruption. If they don’t, then toss their ass out the next election. Local and state politicians want to remain in office just as bad as national politicians.
The bad thing is that it may come with a heavy cost. If politicians don’t soon do something, then the people who want America returned will. And that is where the 2nd revolution may just turn into the 2nd civil war… just as they have planned from a long time ago.
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Written By; Jim Hovda

Source – James Hovda Blog