Feature image: Kim Dotcom was illegally spied on by the GCSB – new details show surveillance continued longer than previously admitted. Photo / Greg Bowker
By: David Fisher  Senior writer, NZ Herald    25 Aug, 2017 1:52pm

The GCSB has been found to have acted unlawfully when it spied on foreigners in the FBI-led Megaupload investigation.

In doing so, it has raised the possibility the entire operation was illegal.

The new finding comes out of the High Court damages case taken against the GCSB by the Megaupload-accused and has seen the bureau refuse to put up a defence to claims its surveillance of two foreigners was unlawful.

The finding is significant because it was always assumed Megaupload-accused Finn Batato and Mathias Ortmann were valid surveillance targets because they were not New Zealand citizens or residents.

Source – NZHerald


GCSB ‘had no idea’ spy gear was still targeting Kim Dotcom

By: David Fisher   Senior writer, NZ Herald    2 Aug, 2017 7:24am

THE GCSB lost control of its surveillance technology and wasn’t aware its systems continued spying on Kim Dotcom, according to new documents from the spy bureau.

It claimed that it turned off all surveillance systems targeting Dotcom and others but
found out more than a year later that surveillance continued without its knowledge.

The details in the documents have led Dotcom to state that there is now evidence the United States’ National Security Agency was carrying out surveillance on him.

Dotcom, who should have been protected from GCSB surveillance as a New Zealand resident, said the GCSB did not know because its equipment was being used by the NSA, which was “directly involved”.

Source – NZHerald


Court papers claim Bill English acted ‘unlawfully’ on Dotcom

By: David Fisher Senior writer, NZ Herald   25 Jul, 2017 6:58pm

Bill English’s role in trying to “cover up” spying on Kim Dotcom faces scrutiny after new evidence shows the internet entrepreneur was under illegal surveillance longer than previously admitted.

The Prime Minister has refused to comment citing ongoing legal action – unlike predecessor John Key, who made his initial public apology to Dotcom during a slew of High Court proceedings and went on to answer questions.

Source – NZHerald


Extra spying on Dotcom confirmed – and police have known since 2013

By: David Fisher  Senior writer, NZ Herald     27 Jul, 2017 6:35pm

There is now official confirmation that the unlawful interception of Kim Dotcom’s communications carried on two months longer than anyone previously admitted.

But still no one is talking about it.

The confirmation came from police who investigated the Government Communications Security Bureau over the illegal spying.

The GCSB surveillance operation was carried out in support of the police raid on Dotcom’s mansion on January 20, 2012, to assist the FBI takedown of the internet entrepreneur’s Megaupload business over copyright breaches.

Source – NZHerald