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(1) Somebody directed me to this.
It’s clear that the Arabs have found a better solution.
2:18 PM – 2 Sep 2017
(2) We were told that Hezbollah controls the the Lebanese government.

Hezbollah’s Latest Conquest: Lebanon’s Cabinet
(3) If so, why his THIS happened under the Trump administration?

US Delivers Bradley Fighting Vehicles to the Lebanese Army

(4) Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri recently visited the front lines, where the Lebanese army was fighting the Islamic State.
(5) TheLebaneseArmy  Published on Aug 23, 2017

YouTube Video
(6) Hezbollah murdered al-Hariri’s father. The front lines of a battlefield would’ve been incredibly dangerous…if Hezbollah were a threat.
(7) The key to peace is ACTUALLY the Arab “hollowing out” strategy.
It’s history’s greatest innovation in the art of war.
(8) Imagine if Adolf Hitler’s armed forces were defeated, and he were left in his bunker with a small staff.
(9) What could he do except rave?
Click “CC” for subtitles.

Hitler’s Rant – Original Video with English Subtitles
(10) Do you know what the Iraqis said when asked if they had killed Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?
(11) “Who cares? He’s just another member of the Islamic State.”
(12) In 2015, I began to see video of extremely advanced weapons used in Syria. I can no longer SHOW the videos because of censorship.
13/14 missing
(15) But I can show you screen shots.
(16) This is the BGM-71 TOW antitank guided missile. Syrian rebels are allegedly using them.

(17) The TOW has horizontal control surfaces that pop into place as soon as it leaves the launcher.
It has wings.

(18) This is supposed to be a TOW.
It has NO WINGS.

(19) The red arrow shows a radio antenna. This thing is guided by radio signals.
(20) To prevent jamming, they use “frequency hopping spread spectrum.”
The radio frequency is changed millions of times per second.
(21) Since the missile has no wings, it means that it uses thrust vectoring to control it.

(22) Finally, the warhead is a combination of fuel-air explosive and fragmentation.

(23) A completely unknown munition, not discussed in ANY literature.
About as deadly as you can get.
(24) No way would rebels have been given this weapon.
You’d need years of training to use it.
(25) Again, I can’t show you the videos because YouTube has terminated nearly all of the accounts that were in my blog posts.
(26) But screen shots show that soldiers used incredible skill in taking out terrorists.
(27) A truck tried to flee, and the missile gunner fired at it. The read arrow shows the missile.

(28) The gunner then made the missile veer away from the target and come back to hit at a 90-degree angle.

(29) The maneuver viewed from above looks like this.
I’ve never seen anything like that. The skill is almost superhuman.

(30) So what happened to virtually every terrorist and oppressive group in the Middle East is that they were “hollowed out.”
(31) In January of 2016, about 150,000 commandos from 34 Muslim nations took part in Exercise Northern Thunder in Saudi Arabia.
(32) Those 150,000 men then disappeared.
That’s FAR MORE THAN ENOUGH to replace all the terrorists.
(33) I’m positive that Assad’s armed forces were hollowed out too.
Here’s the brilliance of this strategy:
(34) What can the enemy say?
“We’re not the ones achieving these victories!”
(35) The forces doing the hollowing out are impossible to stop. They’re too lethal.
And they’re not talking.
(36) Assad, Nasrallah, and the mullahs can only watch helplessly as their forces are replaced.
(37) It’s totally clear that Trump is supporting the hollowing out strategy.
(38) Americans are attached to units that are officially anti-American.
Because those units were hollowed out. Peacefully.
(39) All across the Middle East, forces exist in name only.
When the fighting stops, all sides will have “street cred.”
(40) Angry terrorist leaders can sit in their bunkers and make threats.
But if they have no means to CARRY OUT the threats, does it matter?
(41) We in the west want a definition resolution. That’s our culture.
Middle Easterners do things differently.
(42) I’m positive I’m right.
Imagine the genius and skill it took to come up with and implement this strategy.
(43) Remember: Would Trump have done this if Hezbollah ACTUALLY were controlling the Lebanese government?

(44) The Lebanese government put up an American flag at a conference of Iraqi and Lebanese political and religious leaders.

(45) By hollowing out, you save lives, you save face, and you render the enemy impotent.
Stunning brilliance. Thank this man.

(46) Mohammed bin Salman, one of humankind’s pivotal figures.
The Saudis are saving the world.
That’s not an exaggeration.

Source – Twitter (Thomas Wictor)