ADN Compilation: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and How it Affects America and Her Citizens  Part 2

By Ami Tiel  9/7/17

DACA has become a main talking point around the water coolers and hallways across America.  Whether you are for or against, there are several important things that need to be taken into consideration.  Is the former President Obama’s executive order legal?  Is it moral to remove a “dreamer” that has been in these great states for a decade?  Why is an illegal dreamer more important than the children of citizens of Americans?  Why hasn’t Congress taken a legal stance on this issue for the past decade and why is President Trump left with all the blame for enforcing the legalities of the DACA issues?

These and more are covered below as ADN enters into an ongoing series into this important topic.  Part 2 is below with numerous resources and documents provided.  Part 3 will be released shortly.



DACA Dreamers Have No Respect For America

By:  Mychal Massie 9/7/17

I have a plethora of reasons for opposing DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). Not least of which is not only are they unworthy of being rewarded for the laws broken by their supposed families and the cost to taxpayers, but also because they have no appreciation and/or respect for my country. Their mentality is that they have a right to infest my/our country, our sovereign laws be damned.
They have no love for America or her citizens; they are the worse kind of carpetbagger. The American system of jurisprudence is not supposed to ignore all broken laws and reward the criminals, congressional members notwithstanding.
Specific to my point I offer the following as proof positive. Earlier this week I received the following from a close personal friend who is a federal agent. My friend wrote: “I was driving home in my government-car yesterday earlier than usual (to switch out cars and [pick up] my youngest). Drove past DACA protest right at the main FBI building on 9th Street headed towards Constitution Avenue. FBI security was monitoring protests. I was stopped in traffic flow. I heard the main protester (guy leading in front; younger [man]) shout, “
What do we want?” the reply was “Trump dead.” I wasn’t 100% locked on so this caught me by surprise and I was not 100% certain I heard this (but was about 98% certain).
What do we want?” “Trumps’ head’
What do we want?” “Elect him out.”

..they (are) unworthy of being rewarded for the laws broken by their supposed families.
Mychal Massie

I was stopped by traffic flow and waited to confirm that was what I heard but I did not hear the Trump dead part repeated. I was clearly watching them from a detectable government-car. And this main [man] saw me (eye contact) watching him with all my windows down. I was thinking of demanding FBI security ID him for a Secret Service investigation.
No action by security. I did not hear the Trump dead part repeated so I took no action.
These foreigners, led by leftists, are demanding the death of our duly elected POTUS in our own nation.
The USA we knew is dead.
My friend’s report is not the exception, it is the norm and it proves my point. This infestation of marauders shows their thanks to America where they have resided as squatters since Obama illegally took it upon himself to arbitrarily make a decision that both violated the Constitution and by Congress.
It is a perverse form of justice for a sitting president to blatantly violate the very Constitution he swore to uphold and defend. Coming to America is not a right, it is a privilege; and it is a privilege that must not be abused.
These illegals are protesting against the President of The United States of America, the country they have been and still are violating by their illegal presence and calling for his death. They are demanding our duly elected President be removed from office for the singular purpose of rewarding them for breaking our laws.
Legal American citizenry are arrested and incarcerated for infinitely less. Are we going to start rewarding them as well? Will we release all bank robbers from prison? After all, the same argument made by illegals, i.e., they just want a better life for their family, blah-blah-blah, can be made by bank robbers who are legal citizens of America.
I applaud President Trump for his willingness to uphold the law and his demand that Congress do their job. Obama’s criticism of President Trump for upholding the Constitution is disgraceful and morally opprobrious but obviously not out of character for Obama. After all, sucking off the breast of taxpayers is what the Obamas excel at.
It should also be noted that the lies being spread by the likes of Paul Ryan, Chuck Schumer, Obama, and the mass media President Trump is going to deport babies and children is pernicious and an amoral lie. The great percentage of these so-called children, are between the ages of 22-years-old and 36-years old. In fact the median age is 22-years-old. It should also be understood that the cry for continuation of DACA is about work permits, green cards, and government (read taxpayer funded) subsidies.
I am proud that America has a President who actually cares about Americans more than he does criminals. And every time I hear of or personally witness these ungrateful illegal criminal carpetbaggers protesting and threatening our President, I am reminded just how unworthy they are of being here.
In closing, I suggest that if the children of illegal aliens want to be upset with someone let them look at their families. Someone broke the law for them to come here and they should not be rewarded for the crimes of their family.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think we reward the children of bank robbers and crack cocaine dealers to keep the money and riches amassed by the criminal behavior of their parent(s).

Source – MychalMassie


Obama’s Legacy: Deserting DACA Dreamers, Innocent Syrians, and the Constitution!

By Jonathan E. P. Moore   7 September 2017

“The lies of the left are running deep, and the blame game, when it comes to their stance on President Trump’s cancelation of DACA Dreamer’s future, is coming back to haunt them as we speak, and coming back big time! Progressives keep blaming the lack of action on the peoples mandate to make America great and first again because of Trump’s lack of leadership, but fail to mention anything about the obstruction and resistance from the left, the hiding RINO’s in the ‘swamp,’ or the ‘Paid to Report’ Media!
What Progressives seemed to have forgotten is that the American people, at least most of them, understand how congress actually works, and knows how a bill becomes a law, but still refuse to understand that the American people have the ability to know what’s going on, and be taken into account when coming up with their formula to take back the House in Senate in 2018, just like they didn’t do in the 2016 election! These bipartisan ‘never Trumpers’ still are undermining and taking the American people for granted, still consider American’s stupid, and still believe anybody that is pro constitutional Republic that doesn’t jump on the good ship ‘New World Order’ is still considered a deplorable, just like they thought back in the 2016 election!! Hmmm…?

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Source – Jonathan E. P. Moore


Don’t Fall For The Moral Intimidation: Here’s Why DACA Must Go

To Push DACA Through, Obama Ignored the Mass Victimization of American Children

By:  Ian Smith  9/7/17

After DACA was announced in June of 2012, the Obama DHS made one crucial mistake: they forgot to promise DACA aliens the agency wouldn’t consider their long history of social security fraud. After the open-borders lobby raised the concerns, the White House stated that they were “not interested in using [DACA] as a way to identify one-off cases where some individual may have violated some federal law in an employment relationship.” After official guidance was released from DHS’s Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Soros-funded open-borders law firm, the National Immigration Law Center, stated in a notice to clients:
Are you (or your clients) waiting to apply for DACA because you’ve used a Social Security Number (SSN) that was not yours?… Helpful new guidance from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) may answer your questions!
Since illegal aliens can’t have social security numbers under the law, any number they get a hold of is by definition ‘not theirs.’ Still, the Social Security Administration has estimated that 3 out of 4 illegal aliens possess a SSN that’s been either stolen from an American or simply made up. According to estimates from a few years ago, American victims have to spend $1,400 and 1.5 years on average restoring their identity. What’s worse, sellers of stolen documents actually prefer children’s numbers because children don’t need them for credit or employment applications and the crime can go unnoticed for years. As a result, researchers have found children to be 51 times more likely to be victims of identity fraud.

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Source – DailyCaller


BREAKING: Obama Caught Pushing ‘Fake News’

September 6, 2017

Once a president turns over the Oval Office to his successor, it’s traditional for him to step out of the public eye and return to private life – or at least, to stay on the periphery of the political landscape. Former president George W. Bush retired to his Texas ranch to paint; Bill Clinton occasionally appears in public but generally in support of his wife’s political ambitions; other former presidents have done likewise.
Barack Obama, however, apparently misses the attention too much – and he’s not very concerned about the veracity of his public statements, either. In a Facebook post on Tuesday, the former president not only complained about Trump ending his pet DACA program but made some provably false claims.

False Claims
Obama’s Facebook post was liked by 1.3 million people, many of whom waxed poetic in the comments about what a great leader they think he is. There’s just one problem – he wasn’t being truthful.

The Daily Wire listed the following false claims in Obama’s Facebook post:
The former community organizer refers to DACA beneficiaries as some of America’s “best and brightest,” but a more realistic assessment by a 2014 study from the Migration Policy Institute shows that less than 1-in-10 of the illegals applying for DACA had even a two-year trade degree, with barely over half even graduating from high school.
Obama also claimed that deporting DACA illegals won’t “lighten anyone’s taxes,” which is demonstrably false. In 2013, the Heritage Foundation found that giving amnesty to the 11 million illegals in America would cost taxpayers about $6.3 trillion.

Finally, Obama said that “kicking them out” won’t reduce unemployment, but a study by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s group showed that 700,000 jobs could potentially open up for Americans if DACA was repealed. It’s worth noting that the group is a pro-open borders activist group.

What is DACA?
The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was a policy implemented by then-President Barack Obama through an executive order in 2012. The DACA program, as it’s commonly referred to, allowed for illegal immigrants who came here as minor children to apply for a work permit on a renewable basis.
Obama himself admitted the program was a “temporary” measure, saying, “Let’s be clear: this is not amnesty, this is not immunity, this is not a path to citizenship, this is not a permanent fix.”
Because the program was put in place by executive order, it bypassed Congress – a move that many see as an abuse of Constitutional powers afforded the President.
Obama then attempted to expand the program in 2014, but 26 states moved to block the expansion through a court injunction.  With over half the states against the program, the case moved to the Supreme Court, which split down the middle and left the injunction in place.

President Trump’s ending of the DACA program seeks to end the ongoing saga of “Dreamers,” as Obama called the children of illegal immigrants, and continues with the “America First” agenda that Trump promised during his campaign.
Barack Obama may not care about solving our illegal immigration problems — or the truth — but he’s no longer our President.

Source – Hannelore Morton (ConservativeInstitute)


Obama HUMILIATED in uncovered video

September 6, 2017

After President Donald Trump announced his plan to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, liberals lost it.
He was called everything from racist to inhumane, but critics are forgetting one major thing.
Former President Barack Obama actually intended for the program to be temporary!
When Obama first announced his executive action to put the program in place in 2012, he referred to it as “temporary relief.”
“In the next few months, eligible individuals who do not present a risk to national security or public safety will be able to request temporary relief from deportation proceedings and apply for work authorization. Let’s be clear: This is not amnesty, this is not immunity, this is not a path to citizenship, this is not a permanent fix.”
He continued, “This is a temporary stop-gap measure that lets us focus our resources wisely while giving a degree of relief and hope to talented, driven, and patriotic young people.”
So while he said temporary twice, and clearly stated this was not meant to be permanent, liberals are losing it.
Former Vice President Joe Biden called Trump’s move “cruel and inhumane,” in a Facebook post.
GQ correspondent Keith Olbermann called out all Trump supporters in a tweet, saying, “After DACA not only is Trump a racist, but anyone who supports him and isn’t a racist, is far worse.”
But they obviously forgot Obama’s recognition five years ago that DACA was always intended to be “temporary.”
A clear indication of their inherent hatred for anything Trump, even if it is following a path set up in the Obama era.
See the speech for yourself below.

Video Source – HornNews (Hannelore Morton)