Fear used as a weapon

Written by Chris Kirckof    Sept 8, 2017

It’s a mind control tactic that goes back to ancient times when rulers would convince their subjects that eclipses were proof of their control over the sun. It’s much better to rule people by having them comply with your obeyance and be obedient to the system rather than fight you all the time or rebel. One thing that’s on ruler’s minds, and it doesn’t matter what kind of ruler you want to believe or rulership you are in, whether it’s democracy or whether it’s fascism, or communism, whatever it happens to be, they all used the same systems and they are all really front systems for the moneyed elite above them in all systems.

  Therefore the same systems that work will always be used, and fear they found is the best way to have people comply. Looking at the studies on behaviorism, and here’s the thing because it’s really interesting, the experts today in behaviorism and neuroscience understand the fear mechanism perfectly well. They’ve also done extensive research into what worked in ancient times and all through history to the present. They found that people can only logically think, even the average individual, if you have no more than two major crises on the go simultaneously at the same time. If you have any more than that you begin to break down and you look for answers from what you think are people who know. So someone who comes along and says, “I’m an expert obey me, don’t worry” and they are very quiet and complacent and so on, you will trust them and you will give all your obedience to that person. That’s the system we are under today. They come at you from all angles to create fear. They throw a multitude of fear at you to bombard and overwhelm you, and it’s always evolving and nonstop. First it was Al-Qaeda, Iraq, Afganistan. Now its ISIS, Syria, Russia, North Korea. They also manufacture weather and other false flag events to create a non stop fear show.

That’s what they have done since 9/11 is just create one thing after another until you are petrified. That’s when they flood you with the experts, with expert opinions from economics to health to foreign relations and it’s all over television. All the so-called experts that come out and all guide you along this path where you will never be your own master of your own thoughts.

  They utilize the same techniques in our daily lives and you don’t even see it. The best place to find the techniques of fear and how they are used today is actually through marketing. Marketers work with governments and the big corporations. They’ve done the most extensive studies on how to use fear to get folk to buy things. They prey on vanity and insecurities and the fear you’ll be the odd ball out. Oh you’ve got the car with the rust spot…better spend 20k on a new one. Oh you’ve got a smaller car than your neighbor…better go get a new bigger one. They target woman over appearance. Go buy the makeup and newest clothes or you won’t be attractive or desired. Men go buy the bigger tv and newest car. They target your health with fear. Measles, flu, ebola, etc….run out and get your shots so these diseases don’t get you. Go get a flu shot, get a shingles shot, get a pneumonia shot. An hour of terrifying you with tv and media lies and here’s the antidote, buy this….and the poor suckers go and buy it all hoping that it’s going to save them. They prey on your parental instincts to protect your children by constantly trying to scare you about these diseases. The system itself forces everyone else to compete with each other even at the bottom. That’s the key to it all. You’d better keep up with the Jones’s, what will your neighbors say? Oh your fence isn’t mended or your grass is too long. I’d better get a new lawnmower and spend money on some fancy lawn service. All these things are external motivational factors that are placed upon you and forced upon you by the commercial system in which you actually live.

So it’s all to do with conform, conform, conform, which really means purchase, purchase, purchase and have all the latest stuff so you don’t look or act different from the herd. If you study people who went through the first Great Depression as they called it, and it wasn’t the first one really at all but we will call it that because it’s in the “history” books as such. Some of their people didn’t have to actually earn physical money in the U.S. because there were no taxes as such as we think of them today. They didn’t have taxes on their property. Many of them simply bartered. If you wanted something from the dentist and you could do odd jobs or you could put in a new cupboard for them or something like that, that’s what they did. The rest of the time they simply sustained themselves. They farmed their own land and sustained themselves. But when FDR and all the rest of them came in and of course the big depression they were forced to start for the first time to get money to pay taxes. So the loophole was closed and now you are all forced to go along into the same corrupt system that we are in today and be a good taxpayer. In fact it’s one of the definitions of being a good citizen is to be a good consumer and producer according to the United Nations and of course a good taxpayer as well. So all this talk about freedom is nonsensical when the various options you had, had been taken away from you by law you know.

So we are living truly today in a kind of magic land. Thousands of think tanks across the world working together to manipulate whole populations along the same path into a common world culture with a dominant minority at the top giving you your thoughts for the day for everyday of your life. We have come to a crossroads. It’s time to declare you don’t want any part of this system and refuse to die being a pawn in their chess game.

(shared with written permission)

Source – Chris Kirckof