BLOG Post written by:  Diane Alden (shared with permission)


Disassembling the Catholic Church, Public Education and the U.S. Navy

Every single institution in the United States, from churches to the
military to public education, has been corrupted by the intellectual
depravity of the new totalitarians, the new barbarians, the
progressives. The new way is not progressive, however; it is merely old
totalitarian statist stuff combined with a barbaric form of
psychological mind control that seethes with the hatred of Western

It isn’t only Islamist militants who hate the West. Over the years our
home-grown mind terrorists have done a better job at destroying this
nation than the terrorists have. The front-line troops for the new
totalitarians call themselves facilitators and agents of change. In
reality they are battery acid, corrupting and corroding everything they
touch. While doing research on the current problems of the Catholic
Church, I discovered that even U.S. military academies are using the
same kinds of psychological techniques to “train” or facilitate change
in the mindset and behavior of future officers of the U.S. Navy.

They call it “ethics” but in reality it is sensitivity training, which
evolved out of a weird brand of psychology. Forget ethics. Ethics have
nothing to do with what is going on in our institutions. What is
happening in every single institution is just the same old secular
utopian cultural Marxism that is rampant in all major universities.

It has also nearly destroyed the Catholic Church in America. The same
kind of attitudes, philosophy and behavior modification techniques that
have been used by psychologists on Catholic seminarians and nuns in the
past are now being used on future military officers and in the public
schools of America. Though used in Catholic organizations and
institutions, these mind-bending techniques did not come out of
Catholic doctrine. Unfortunately, the intellectuals and theologians in
the Catholic Church in the ’60s thought Vatican II gave them permission
to deconstruct the entire body of faith and morals. Worse, they thought
it gave them permission to destroy the authority of the Church, much as
the radical left in America tried to destroy the “establishment” in the

Destruction and dumping everything that came before was the IN thing to
do. But what replaced the old was a vacuous Barbie doll plastic version
of utopian perfection. In the late ’50s and into the ’60s, goofball
European psychological and political ideas became the new gospel
according to Kung, Curran, Maslow, Rogers, and progressives everywhere.
American intellectuals, Catholic and otherwise, were kidnapped by the
Germans and Dutch with ideas right out of the Frankfurt School of

Many of the intellectuals and popularizers of that school of thought
escaped from Hitler’s Germany only to bring another kind of fascism to
America. Throw in Jung, Freud, Maslow, Rogers, Adler and their
psychological theories, and a kind of intellectual and spiritual
fascism was adopted by the elites. What they really adopted, however,
was nothing more than manipulative tools to retrain the individual into
their version of the modern utopian man. The changes resulting from
these psychological and political techniques are neither good nor
productive but rather, in fact, diabolically evil.

The Catholic Church, its universities and intellectuals started
adopting and using the tools of modern psychology and cultural Marxism
back in the ’60s, at the same time secular American universities had
been taken over by these romantic notions of utopia from German schools
of thought. In modern America these ideas are now the new religion of
the left and academe.

Nuns on the Run

One of the horrors committed by the cultural Marxist mind control
brigade happened in the mid-1960s. In the ’60s, the Catholic Immaculate
Heart of Mary order of nuns was destroyed by the same kinds of
sensitivity training seminars and methods that are now being used in
public schools, universities and the U.S. military academies.

The methods of Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow in the mid-1960s were
promoting a humanistic or ‘third force psychology.’ This is the parent
of today’s therapeutic education movement. John Dewey would love it
because in the educational movement and psychological snake pit
developed in Europe and adopted in the U.S., the child was not for
educating but for using as silly putty and social formation into
whatever a utopian society and the State needed.

One tool used in this formation, of course, is something called
sensitivity training. These methods or small-group encounters were
developed by Kurt Lewin in the U.S. and the Tavistock Institute in
Britain. According to Dr. Gerald Atkinson,

In 1965 they drew the attention of the Mother Superior of the
Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) order of nuns in Los Angeles, Calif.
This innovative order conducted a retreat in which ‘all community rules
were suspended.’ Outside psychologists conducted a ‘teach in.’ The
results of this sort of innovation were predictable. After allowing the
psychologists in, the nuns became aware of ‘how dictatorial superiors
were and in turn how dependent, submissive and helpless nuns were when
it came to working with the outside world.

But rather than developing a more fully realized person, the Maslow and
Rogers influence at the convent built a disrupted, confused, devastated
order, destroying individuals in the process.

As a result, many nuns got involved in lesbian relationships with other
nuns in the order, some opted out of their vows and joined the ’60s
subculture of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, others got involved in
various New Age movements, the best left the order to get married, and
others fell through the cracks.

Out of 590 nuns, hundreds left the order. In the process of
“facilitating” change and dumping sexual “repression” as defined by
Rogers and his cohort Coulson, the nuns were transformed by a trendy
new destructive psychological tool.

Not only the nuns were destroyed; the psychological “agents of change”
also did collateral damage to 90 schools where those nuns taught. The
schools ended up being closed.

The order was deconstructed and destroyed, and only much later did Carl
Rogers and his assistant William Coulson recant what they had done to
the nuns and to the society at large.

But it was too late for the nuns and for American society. The ideas
and training tools promoted by the modern school of psychology were
adopted by the left and the ignorant and disconnected bunch of
revolutionaries from the ’60s. The intellectual left have learned to
use it to perfection, while the ’60s counterculture merely wanted to
topple the status quo regardless of what replaced it.

For the various religious orders and the Catholic Church, the tried and
true focus on personal sacrifice, self-discipline and ideas of good,
evil and SIN, not to mention vows of poverty, chastity and obedience,
went out the window – replaced by new values of secular humanism and
soul-destroying psychosocialist cultural Marxism, which drowned good
people in the self-absorption and narcissism they call “self-

The resulting creation is more robot than human, more libido than
intellect, more dangerous utopian than striving, seeking, believing and
civilized human being.

Training programs in corporations and everywhere else the fungus of
leftist philosophical and psychological thought control invaded have
been corrupted. They call it political correctness or cultural Marxism,
diversity training or multiculturalism.

For Those in Peril

Now we discover that even the U.S. Navy is not immune. The Naval
Academy and various military training operations opted for the new
“ethics” during Bill Clinton’s reign, ostensibly because of sex
scandals like the famous Navy Tailhook debacle of the early ’90s.

Tailhook, if you remember, was a Navy get-together where some officers,
both men and women, got drunk and did stupid and obscene things. Men
groping non-consenting women is wrong and ungentlemanly, but it turns
out that many of the women also were not guilt-free.

Nonetheless, the powers that be, namely Bill Clinton and his cronies,
found the perfect way to get even with the U.S. military. Their hatred
for the military goes way back, and Tailhook gave the regime just the
right excuse for adopting the idiotic psychological and social agenda
of the radical left, the progressives and utopians.

Dr. Gerald Atkinson is familiar with the situation at the Naval
Academy. He Maintains:

Secular Humanism at the U.S. Naval Academy, the New Age “ethics”
program at the Academy, promotes America’s new state-sponsored religion
– secular humanism. About a year ago, a former chaplain (who resigned
his commission and retired as a result of what he saw being developed
in the “ethics” program) at the Naval Academy told me that the military
chaplains there are expressly forbidden to participate in the Character
Development Seminars, which are touted as the centroid of the new
“ethics” program. Navy O-5s and O-6s are eligible to lead and
“facilitate” Midshipmen, that is, be the New Age “priests” and
“pastors” in the new “ethics” seminars, but ordained military chaplains
are not allowed to participate. So, what is going on here? This means
that chaplains, who traditionally tended to the moral development and
ethical practices of our nation’s military personnel, are now expressly
forbidden from participating in the central activity of their craft in
the new “ethics” program.

Under a program devised by psychological facilitator and agent of
change Dr. Nancy Sherman, the U.S. Naval Academy is getting sensitivity
training sessions very similar to what the Immaculate Heart nuns
experienced. Because they don’t see it or refuse to see it, the
military authorities, whether they understand it or not, will
eventually get the same kind of results that the Catholic Church has

That is, unless the naval cadets and military are made of sterner stuff
than Catholic religious of the ’60s. One can only hope!

In the case of the military academies, what and who was left out of the
ethics courses were the chaplains and religious teachers. Heaven forbid
a religious should be teaching ethics in this day and age! Secular
ethics involves promoting New Age and pop culture values. In that
ethical stew, it is a bigger sin to be a racist than a murderer, it is
worse to be a homophobe than a child molester, it is worse to cut a
tree than to abort a child.

According to Atkinson, included in the ethics course are the works of
bioethicist Peter Singer of Princeton. Singer is the guy who believes
that sex with children is not necessarily wrong, that bestiality is
okey dokey as long as the sheep consents, and that parents should be
allowed to put a child to death up to a year of age if for some reason
that child is ill, has problems or whatever.

Once upon a time this kind of “ethics” would have been considered the
ethics of a Dr. Mengele or a Goebbels or a Heinrich Himmler. But it is
now presentable at prestigious Princeton, Harvard, Yale and now the
U.S. Naval Academy.

If only the Boston Globe and the rest of the mainstream media were as
Johnny-on-the-spot in ferreting out highly paid spiritually corrupt
professors like Singer as they are about uncovering the latest scandal
in the Catholic Church. If only the authorities in the military and
government were not so tone deaf to the sound of barbarism knocking on
their door.

Sensitivity training and courses in “ethics” became part of the new
training of naval officers and enlisted personnel. In my old school,
ethics involved personal or institutional self-direction based on a set
of principles. Ethical principles used to be based on the Ten
Commandments and Natural and Common Law. But in the new world of the
radical left, ethics relates to changing behavior to fit the doctrines
of secular humanism and cultural Marxism.

Naval authorities don’t get the connection between the deconstruction
of the future military any more than the leaders and officials of the
Catholic Church recognized what was happening to the nuns and priests
and laity using the psychological and political tools of mind
manipulation that would make the KGB proud. As a result, most Catholic
universities are no longer places where Christianity and Western Canon
are taught, let alone promoted.

The training arms of the Catholic Church started using behavior
techniques and leftist philosophy years ago. The result has been their
very own series of Tailhook scandals. That is plural because the recent
round of homosexual pederasty and heterosexual pedophilia in the
priesthood is but the tip of the institutional iceberg.

The cult of self-actualization which is part of the new “ethics,” sets
no boundaries. If it feels good, do it – just don’t get caught. The old
verities and values are demonized and replaced by the new ethics where
sexual expression, the environment, identity politics, celebrating
diversity at the cost of unity, and multiculturalism have replaced the
Bible, the Ten Commandments, the U.S. Constitution and every single
aspect of Western-based civilization. But most of all, what was lost
was common horse sense.

Psychological techniques, moral relativism, modern ethics, small-group
sensitivity, and ethics courses have ruined countless lives. The mind-
bending tools and psychological testing that these courses use
destroyed an entire order of Catholic nuns, ran off countless Catholic
seminarians, closed seminaries, corrupted bishops and cardinals, and
has cost the Catholic Church hundreds of millions of dollars in abuse

It has also been an abject failure. But failure never gets a good
cultural Marxist or moral relativist down. Now the same techniques used
on the Catholic clergy are being used in your public schools and
universities – not to mention the military academies.

Decent, civilized behavior used to be the product of upbringing, the
two-parent family and the traditional church and institutions, all
acting in concert for the good of the individual, his free will and
society, but that is no longer true.

Agents of Change and Sensitivity in the Public Schools

Henry Lamb is an observer and critic of U.N. policies as well as
cultural trends promoted by the U.N. What he has discovered recently is
that some American public schools in the Seattle and Santa Cruz,
Calif., areas have adopted something called Local Agenda 21.

These plans focus on the usual utopian wet dreams like land-use
planning and restrictions, heritage sties, population control, etc.
However, Agenda 21 does not end with the usual environmentalist or
collectivist stuff. The children, having been indoctrinated in the
green culture, are now in for a dose of sensitivity training as well.
That amounts to nothing more than pressuring them to accept secular
cultural norms as their own.

For instance, in Arcata, Calif., Planned Parenthood had a small group
session with high school kids. They were asked, “Does your church
consider homosexual behavior to be a sin?”

Meanwhile, in Seattle, the same kinds of “agents of change” call it
“Challenge Day.” That is where a for-profit outfit called “Resource
Realizations” coerces kids into confessing their wrongdoings. When I
was a Kid, they used to call it Saturday confessions – and they didn’t
charge $285 for a three-day course.

All these ethics and sensitivity courses are deeply invasive and
personal. The message they give to the child and his family is
destructive of both family and religious values. Rather than teaching
children that it is not good to be cruel to people who believe other
than you do, the new way is to condemn the traditional believer and the
family and the religion they might hold dear.

The diabolical technique is to create or elicit guilt feelings in the
child or parent for simply believing, thinking or saying some act or
lifestyle is sinful or wrong, even though believing that may be part of
one’s religious viewpoint.

Talk about repressive. Talk about manipulative. It is an insidious
pressure to accept values and “ethics” that may go against profoundly
personal or religious beliefs, and to do it on the taxpayer’s education
dollar is totally obscene.

Laura Adelman is with the Minnesota Family Council
( In a recent article she relates what is happening
in one Minnesota school, which is representative of the rest of the
country as well. In Big Lake, Minn., a kind of questionable mind
manipulation and leftist agenda inculcation is going on. What is sad,
very sad, is that the dimwitted school authorities don’t understand it
or see it, but the parents do.

After parents of Big Lake School District students began protesting the
high school’s diversity lessons, District officials proposed a policy
to control parental access to the schools. Parents in the District have
spoken out against the Diversity Perspectives class textbook that
promotes what one parent described as “an extremely liberal agenda. ”
And, parents state, the text includes concepts promoting socialism,
homosexuality and the creation of a new Bill of Rights that includes
the “right” to an abortion.

Furthermore, The textbook used for that diversity course is called
“Oppression and Social Justice. Within the first chapter of the book,
parents say anti-military, anti-gun and anti-big business themes are
promoted. Additionally, an entire chapter, say parents, is devoted to
anti-capitalism. And, the parents note, the book endorses United
Nations policies, gay and bisexual agendas, group rights and

End Game

The fascists and Nazis and communists rose to power in Europe and
Russia because the powers that be did not think it possible that
civilization could slip away so quickly. Once ennui and laziness
blinded them to what was going on right under their noses, it was too

In our own era, the infrastructure of totalitarianism is being set in
place. It is happening in public schools and the military and certainly
has already happened in the churches and government. Sadly, one entire
political party has succumbed to it, while the other political party
plays the game thinking nothing has changed. They should understand if
they don’t act with courage and vigor, very soon, nothing will ever be
the same again.

If the leadership in all the institutions don’t get a grip, speak up
and out, defend Western civilization and traditional beliefs, the
scandals of the Catholic Church will pale in comparison to the horrors
inflicted by the “facilitators” and “change agents” of the despotic

Our war on terrorism should include a war on the ideas and the people
who promote moral relativism and the use of trends like diversity and
sensitivity training to produce the new statist man.

But that would mean cutting off funding to universities, ending
foundations’ tax-free status, creating more conservative media,
demanding accountability from the schools or ending public education
altogether, and mostly praying to the good God on high that the
politicians and leaders care more about the future of our institutions
and our people than they do about their careers.

Let us hope that moral relativism under the guise of “ethics” has not
replaced duty, honor and country for the military the same way that
poverty, chastity and obedience were replaced by Maslow, Rogers and
Jung for the Catholic clergy.

It would seem that Western civilization is being deconstructed and
disassembled one individual and institution at a time, and there is no
will to stop it. The mind benders and manipulators and “ethicists” have
obviously done their work very well indeed.


Written by Diane Alden (shared with permission)