The Great Migration and Heresy in the Vatican

By: Baron Bodissey   September 15, 2017

The following interview from TV Libertés discusses the heresy — without ever using the word — of Pope Francis as expressed in his official writings about the Great Migration into Europe.
Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

00:56  There are three parts in this program: first a conversation with Laurent Dandrieu, a journalist,
01:00  author of ‘The Church and Immigration, Great Malaise’
01:04  about the recent declaration by Pope Francis on the occasion of
01:08  the National Migrant and Refugee Day on August 21st.

04:58  Second, national security is of course… and personal security
05:02  is of course also the security of the populations of the welcoming countries,
05:06  the countries of destination. However, those populations are, yet again,
05:10  the Great Absent from the message, which is dedicated
05:15  strictly to the well-being of the migrants.

07:36  The theme of the following point is “to promote”: promote the dignity
07:40  of the migrant — So the third point! —Voilà, and especially
07:44  on this occasion, the pope reaffirms
07:48  the right of migrants to their religious identity

Video Source – GatesofVienna


COMMENT:  Here is an excellent comment following the article:
“This Pope is either the last Pope that Nostradamus mentioned, or -even worse- an early personification and direct predecessor of the Anti-Christ that he warned us about.
This usurper, while pretending to be representing Christianity, is executing the plan of Satan by pressing us Europeans into make a painful and impossible choice between our historic roots, ethnic identity and civil duties on the one hand, and our Christian beliefs and morality on the other.
It’s important to understand that the essence of Christianity is not to be found anymore in these corrupted big churches, the Roman Catholic one being not the only one, just the worse one due to its shere size and tremendous power. Christianity is only to be found within ourselves and between individual citizens, through gatherings of small groups of truly believing Christians.
It’s important to observe that good and necessary ideals and traditions often get usurped and corrupted by evil forces, because this is the easiest way for them to seize power over our us.
The Jesuits (predecessor to this Pope) corrupted Christianity before, the Jacobins of the French Revolution corrupted the idea of Freedom and Equality, Communism corrupted the idea of Equality and Justice, Nazism corrupted our love for our precious traditions and home countries, Big Money corrupts the ideal of Freedom, and the EU corrupts the ideal of necessary inter-European cooperation through it’s evil bureaucracy in Brussels, which, by the way, is structured in a very similar way to the Catholic Church and the (by then corrupted and decadent) Old Roman Empire in its latest years.”