By:  Hannity staff  Sept 21, 2017

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President Trump told reporters at the United Nations that the United States is poised to impose even harsher sanctions against the North Korean regime; raising the stakes in an effort to curtail Kim Jong Un’s rapidly advancing nuclear and missile programs, reports CNBC.

The President was speaking with journalists when he made the impromptu announcement, saying “We will be putting more sanctions on North Korea” following a meeting with the President of Afghanistan.

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Trump announces executive order that targets those financing and trading with North Korea

Sep 21, 2017

President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he signed a new executive order to help the United States target people, companies and banks financing and facilitating trade with North Korea. He made the comments at a working lunch with the Prime Minister of Japan and the President of South Korea. Trump also said that China has ordered all its banks to stop all business with North Korea.

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Trump signs order aiming to cut off funding for North Korean missile program

By:  Jacob Pramuk    Sept 21, 2017

President Donald Trump on Thursday signed an executive order expanding his authority to target people and institutions that do business with North Korea.

Through the measure, the president aims to cut off the communist dictatorship’s funding and deter its nuclear and missile ambitions amid a string of recent tests and provocations.

Source – CNBC