Keeping an Eye on Zion…

Written by John White   Sept 21, 2017

A personal view of the Zionist question…

This article is a little different from usual for me. I’m not writing this to highlight a particular event, but to give a general statement of position.

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I don’t tend to focus explicitly on Zionism in my writing very often, and in part, this article seeks to explain why, but I’m also going to give an overview of the issue of Zionism, and how it impacts on Israel, Palestine, the Middle East, and the Global Corporates that dominate democracies worldwide…

“Zionism”, as a word, is very highly charged. Many people know the word as in some way Jewish, and interchange Zionism with Judaism as if they are the same: this is not true.

Zionism is not a religious term: it’s a political one. Zionism has been a movement that campaigned for , and achieved, a Jewish Homeland in the middle East, with the foundation of Israel in 1948.
Not all Jews believe this to have been a good idea, indeed, there is a scriptural interpretation that directly objects to this.

Although brewing for the few decades previously, Zionism as a political force truly arrived in 1897 with the formation of the Zionist Movement at its first meeting in Basel, Switzerland. Twenty years later, the support of the British Empire was obtained with the Balfour Declaration. But from the Russian Revolution in 1917, and the Jews role administering the Weimar Republic in post WWI Germany, rising and later rampant Anti-Semitism created great persecution of the Jews, leading to the WWII Holocaust.

BTW: the Holocaust DID happen!

In the immediate aftermath of the War, Zionism, which had successfully promoted Jews returning to live in Palestine in the 5 decades previous with the support of the British state, was in an ascendant position with its arguments.
At the start of WWII the British Government had backed away from support for Balfour, saying that Jewish emigration to Palestine had given the Jews a homeland and the contract was settled. Furthermore the British proposed a period of settlement, after which further decisions on Jewish emigration would have to be agreed with the Palestinians. This stood in a very poor light in the post WWII aftermath, and worldwide Jewish demands that a true homeland be established. And with the end of the war, Zionist terrorism targeted British troops trying to enforce the

“Palestinian Mandate”, especially the Hotel David bombing.
Therefore in 1947 the UN stepped in and partitioned Palestine into Jewish and Arab sections, a plan the Jews accepted, and the Arabs did not, leading immediately to violence and tensions. From 1945-47 the British had tried to prevent Jewish immigration, and deport Jews who had emigrated back to their country of origin, neither of which actions went down well with the International community, and built more sympathy for the Jews position.

When Israel was formerly founded in 1948, the Zionist Movement that had provided administration for the Jewish population in the area and fostered emigration, largely transformed into the Jewish state, and Zionism became the heart of Israeli policy. Israel established itself and wobbled along trying to manage relations with largely antagonistic neighbors.

Then in 1967, Egypt attacked Israel after years of border conflict and tensions over trade, looking to recapture territory lost in earlier tit-for-tat exchange, but the Israeli response was so effective militarily, with excellent command of their own tanks outclassing the unskilled Egyptian Armour, that Egypt immediately took serious losses. Nasser of Egypt called in Syrian and Jorden, and Israel proceeded to kick their arse too. In only 6 days Israel had taken the territory that defines modern Israel today, taking Gaza from Egypt, East Jerusalem and the West Bank from Jorden, and the Golan Heights from Syria.

These events, 50 years ago, have absolutely shaped the whole geo-politics of the Middle East and the inability to resolve the conflict ever since.

Two things I would now like to state: firstly, that to secure this peace, the USA brought Israel under its protection and that ever since, the US and its two allies Israel and Saudi Arabia, and the further alliances formed to protect those allies interests, has defined the Middle East of today.

Secondly, that the six day war also represents Zionism’s greatest mistake in the aim of a SECURE homeland. Israel has been bedeviled over the last 50 years by the Zionists going so far, but then failing to complete the job, and not expelling the remaining Arab’s within its territory. I am not saying I approve of that: but I am saying, if it had happened, the issue would be in the past, instead of constantly reinforced every single day. It is arguable if the sins Israel has accrued on its fingers keeping the Palestinians under control are less than the sins it would have earned throwing them out in the 1960’s

This has led to the Palestinian people becoming human footballs, having their interests kicked again and again both by Israel’s inability to trust them, and the Arab world’s unwillingness to help (and thus not allow Israel to complete its ethnic cleansing and “win” the war).

The result has been a mess, a high stress society due to constant low level terrorism, 2nd class citizen laws reminiscent of South African Apartheid, security, barbed wire, concrete walls, tanks, machine guns and the Israeli Defence Force. While this has been done in the name of keeping people safe, it has brutalized generation after generation of both Palestinians and Israeli’s and created a cycle of violence and misery, as social repression of Palestinians has created resentment, leading to a constant trickle of extremism using terror tactics, which has led to the general population being repressed even more, with no way out, and a toxic stalemate continuing year after year.

Just as Zionism is a political movement, so it is not a religious one. There have always been Jews who have disagreed with its aims. Before Israel was formed, there were those who believed that the ambitions for a literal Jewish Nation went against the spiritual aspirations of the Jewish Kingdom: IE that a homeland for Jews was a spiritual concept, not a nationalist one.

Early Zionist propaganda promoted Israel as planned to be a land of the highest morality and humanity, who would share Palestine peaceably, but this is hardly how it has worked out!

Since Israel’s formation, many Jews (although not the majority) have spoken out against the “Fortress Israel” policies of the Zionists in Government, and many have voted with their feet and either left Israel or chosen not to make it their home.

These Jews are especially conscious of the suffering of the Palestinians, tapped in a geo-political stalemate for 50 years.

While equally, not all Zionists are Jews. There are strong ties to Christian Fundamentalist groups, who believe the re-establishment of the Jewish state is a key stage in the increasing unfolding of prophecy, leading to the second coming of Christ, and these groups have been staunch Zionists and have many ties with Zionist Israel.

But in a wider sense, now in 2017, many people worldwide have become Zionists, in that the common view is that the State of Israel exists, it should continue to do so, and the Government of Israel is legitimate. I certainly couldn’t disagree with any of that: I believe that the long term stability of the Human Race depends on resolving hotspots like the Middle East, containing the risk the world could be dragged into War, and Israel’s continued existence has to be part of that solution: on that basis, am I a Zionist?

But in practice, wider public discussion separating Zionism from Judaism and understanding the contrasting perspectives has been very difficult, because Zionism and Judaism have been so conflated in the global public’s mind…

There have always been negative conspiracy stories against Jews, and there can be no dispute, such anti-Jewish beliefs have brought suffering and repression against diaspora Jews time and time again throughout history.
As a stateless people, Jews took what opportunities they could find, and became the money lenders of Europe through the Dark and Middle Ages. Pre-enlightenment, the practice of usury was forbidden in Roman Catholic Europe, so by doing so, the Jews gained wealth, but also gained censure, and more than a few Kings and Crown Princes reneged on their debts and persecuted the money lenders when they borrowed beyond their ability to repay.
Nevertheless, this led to Jews pioneering modern banking as society developed, and once the Vatican lifted the taboo against usury to fund the conquest of the New World, Jewish banking structures became more legitimate and harder for Kings to abuse.

By the time we reach the start of the 20th Century, Jewish Banking families had acquired a great deal of power, the infamous House of Rothschild became the paymasters at the heart of Zionism, and more modern organizations like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, are at the heart of the global banking system today.
And this has projected Zionist power into commerce and politics as well, Military Industrial Complex companies, the media, both Hollywood and News broadcasters, plus Israeli lobbying of politicians, especially in the US, UK and Europe, has allowed Zionist Jews to be painted as the “secret force” controlling the world. It cannot be denied, Zionist Jews have a lot of power, and that buys a lot of influence.

These anti-Jewish theories were also crucial aspects of demonization of Jews in early 20th century history. The alleged conspiracy of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, that describes a plan to subversively grab power and steer society, were a key part of both Soviet and Nazi ideology, presented as a leak or a confession, but most likely an Agit-Prop fake, as much as the principles it describes are real techniques of seditious destabilization: whomever practices them!

However, as the second part of the 20th century unfolded, the horror of the holocaust being so prevalent in people’s minds, ANY criticism of Jewish power or Zionist policies has been characterized as Anti-Semitism and equated with support for Genocide.

And riddled through all of this are Secret Societies, either Zionist or sympathetic to Zionism, whose networks have formed the basis for covert influence on society, as such societies ALWAYS have, and this has fed the belief in a Zionist Conspiracy to rule the world when fragments of the picture have been discovered and written about.

In general, I agree it is true that the world is being manipulated towards World Government outside of democratic oversight, and covert forces move in the direction of this aim, but this is not truly a unified conspiracy, but a union of selfish interests between competing covert groups, who will compete against each other brutally at times, and join together to defend shared interests at others:

And now we get to why I personally rarely choose to use the word “Zionist” in my own writings….

When people seeking the truth come across the history of Zionism and the secret power of capital, they learn about methods of social control that have, in fact, been evident throughout the whole of human history, but which shake their social assumptions to the core: when people challenge history and society, and find both the history and relationship of power doesn’t always match the narrative they have been taught, its quite a stretch for people’s minds.
Jews did not invent usury (although they have been at the heart of developing money and the global financial system we have today): the Babylonians did! Jews took up the practice to survive, but it has soured their relationships with other cultures throughout the history of Europe from the dark ages.

Trying to understand the invisible power of money does lead the imagination into dark shoals, and the problem then becomes one of projection… “I’ve found this part of the picture that seems to be the responsibility of Jews… therefore Jews are responsible for the WHOLE picture”. And then, if identifying the Zionist part of social manipulation is as far as people get, the danger then is falsely blaming Zionism for the state of the whole world.

The truth is, even with secret manipulations and covert conspiracies, which certainly have and do exist, no ONE group controls the world.

At the high politics level, each group, Zionists, British, French, German, Russian, Chinese, American and so on, plays to its own advantage and makes alliances where it is in that advantage: and not where it is not! Despite Nations public narratives, their real foreign policy positions are often very different, and this applies just as much to competing transnational groups and corporations. But Jewish influence within western nations is a long way from the absolute control of those nations inferred by Anti-Zionist conspiracism: they follow their own best interests, same as everyone else. Sometimes alliances in common goals can be made: sometimes they can not: and the balance of power between factions can shift dramatically over time.

And what about all the other groups identified as “controlling the world”? The Rosicrucians? The Jesuits? The Vatican? The Freemasons? The Military Industrial Complex? The Media? The Technocrats? The Deep State?
True, Zionists may have a lot of influence in those groups but that hardly equals absolute control. Finding one group in charge of anything is a reductionist fantasy compared to how power really works.

None of this means that covert power should not be exposed and opposed: free democratic society deserves better, even as that aspiration has rarely truly been realized.

But doing so by only blaming Jews, or Zionists, is indeed anti-semitic and very unfair to the majority of Jews, both those who never have any role in these organizations, who just like all human beings, just want to get along, and to Jews who have actively opposed Zionism and been against the policies that have so polarized opinion around Israel.
Not only that, but it also allows opinion that was nuanced in the intention of the author to be used by others to build the arguments of those who DO hate Jews on a racial basis and fantasize of extermination.

Which is also why using the word “Zionist” can lead to social media bans: the word is associated with hate and hate speech. That’s simply a sociological fact, that cannot be ignored.

Therefore some time ago, I decided not to use it. There are other words I can use instead: like “globalist”, to represent the corporate world control agenda. Especially because “globalist” is an accurate word to describe the aspiration for a World Government without any of the negative connotations.

Rant about Zionists? Don’t be surprised to get a ban.

Talk about Globalists? For now at least, carry on! However, in the eyes of international groups that seek to supress criticism of Zionism, the word “Globalist” is equally being classified as a “cover for racism”, and there is evidence of a push back against that term: for good reason, millions of people are learning what the Globalists would rather they did not about the shape of the world Bilderberg, Davos, the UN and the Silicon Valley Corporations are working so hard to establish: there are difficulties there, when Globalists have been so openly describing themselves as holding a global vision for decades…

Equally, criticizing the policies of the State of Israel is entirely reasonable: no state actor is above criticism: the State of Israel and its policies may be under the control of Zionists: but to criticize Israel’s policies is far more legitimate than wild accusations of “Zionist Conspiracy”, especially when done so referencing Israel’s own press. If Jews can say it about their own society, I can link and support that point of view.

However, especially for the political left, emotional sympathy for the plight of Palestinians have led to polarized views about Israel and Zionism, and Anti-Semitism as an attitude has troubled the UK Green and Labour parties as a result. “Zionist bastards!” people cry over the next picture of a dead or suffering Palestinian child. And this has then spilled over into hostility to Jews in wider society, or those sympathetic to them, as the hatred in the letters sent to allegedly “Zionist” MP’s or journalists has shown. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn ordered an inquiry headed by Shami Chakrabarti (formerly of Liberty). Immediately after failing to find any evidence of the same, Chakrabarti was selected for the House Of Lords by Corbyn and now sits in ermine on the Red Benches, something that has been roundly condemned as a White Wash, most especially by the Chief Rabbi of the UK. Another public outcry arose when former Labour Mayor, Ken Livingstone, made reference to an accommodation offered, but not fulfilled as more than tokenism, between Hitler and the German Zionists back in the early 30’s. History, especially in times of desperation, can result in reaching for desperate solutions. But while Ken Livingstone spoke factually, these facts are so obscure and poorly known, the country understandably wondered exactly what his motivations were. As a result of all of this, Jewish support for the Labour party has largely collapsed. The New Labour Blair administration of 1997 had strong support from British Jews, and in part, its disgust with Blairism (red Tories!) that has also created a rejection of Jewish influence inside the UK left.

As I want to make this crystal clear: When I say “Globalist”, it is NOT code to blame Zionists without appearing racist: I mean the philosophy and agenda of Globalism, World Government, that is supported by some Zionists but only as a faction within a much larger Cabal: a significant faction to be sure, but not an irreplaceable one…

If everyone who identified as Zionist disappeared from the planet overnight, nothing fundamentally would change. The world would not become “free” from oppression, the practice of usury would not end, and powerful groups who are players on the same Grand Chessboard would carry on regardless.

There is a lot to be learned from studying Zionism, much political manipulation in the Zionist cause has gone on, and there are lessons for what power is and how power really works in all this, but in terms of liability for the world as it is today, Zionism is merely a SYMPTOM: not the cause.

We must dig a lot deeper into our own inner nature to find answers for how the world is today, inner work that solely blaming one exterior group for the whole mess is little more than an excuse to avoid…

Whatever accusations can be made against Zionism, its place on the Grand Chessboard of International Affairs, and individual Zionists, the vast majority of Jews are COMPLETELY innocent of them.

In every society, including Democracies, governments and organizations do things that don’t represent the common people. 1.5 million marched in London against the Invasion of Iraq: the British State took part in the invasion of Iraq anyway… people in every country struggle to bring the State to account, and even in democracies that is hardly easy.
We must not see Jews as a whole through the sins of their government. Instead we must recognize them, listen to them, and see that Zionism is not the same as Judaism, especially for those Jews who have never accepted that a Jewish Homeland in Palestine was the solution to the problems of world Jewry.

The strongest criticism of Zionism is found in the Israeli Press, who will print stories that other western press simply would not, for fear of fuelling anti-Semitism.

At the same time, the power of Jewish finance and its influence has ensured powerful allies for Israel, especially the United States, and “fortress Israel” has been built at vast expense. Israel maintains a world class modern technological army and also has acquired nuclear weapons, although this is not admitted openly on the world stage.
For the last 5 decades, since the end of the Six Day War, Israel has been socially paralyzed in a siege mindset. The Jordian knot that has been made of Isreali/Palestinian relations, the constant trickle of violence from Palestinian resistance, the counterpart constant repression of the Palestinians by Israel, have created a dread symbiosis where both people’s face a daily life of fear and misery. And there have been no answers except more barbed wire and bigger walls.

At the same time, radical “settlers”, often Christians, have illegally settled occupied land and the intolerant mindset of these settlers, with their aggressive faith taking the land is their God given right, have sought to solidify Israel’s claim to the territory through possession of it, and kept racist attitudes to Arabs percolating in Israeli society.

Israel, with the backing of the US security council Veto, has ignored the UN time and time again to pursue its interests, but the one thing this approach has blocked, has been actual progress towards peace.

A one state solution and the expulsion of the Palestinians is unconscionable in the modern world. While a two state solution and the return to the pre 1967 boundaries seems impracticable. There are no easy ways forwards, and as much as there are those who legitimately seek peace on both the Israeli and Palestinian sides, there are also those on both sides who actively undermine it.

While the actions of MOSSAD and Israel’s alliance with the US, and by extension, Saudi Arabia, have seen constant interruption in wider middle east politics, in part, from Israel’s POV, to prevent Arab states unifying against it.

In recent years, Israeli hands have also been tied to the support of “moderate rebels”, especially in Syria, who have turned out to actually be ISIS, and this covert use of jihadists as state actors has stained the US and the UK too.

So, the situation as it is today, is a right old mess. It is hard to see what might break the deadlock and the suspicion and fear that has made Israel the fortress state it is today, and allow it to live peacefully with its neighbors, who, to be clear, have significant factions within them who would gleefully see Israel wiped off the map: and not just within the middle East, as Kim Jongun makes his fanatic threats to nuke Israel, along with a whole lot of other countries he doesn’t like!


Somehow we have to try to navigate all this, to talk about the issues, without become intolerant unjustly, to listen to both sides, and try to find a way to satisfy both their views.

I believe a solution will not to be found until there is a shift in the wider geo-politics of the middle east. If Sunni/Shiite conflict was stopped, and America and Russia used their respective interests to force the regional players to the table, then Israel’s position would be harder to maintain against a backdrop of successfully achieving wider Middle East peace, and then perhaps diplomatic progress on the plight of the Palestinians can be found. It’s a stretch, I have to admit, but that seems the best-case scenario to me.

I also believe its important to learn the lessons from Israel’s mistakes now that the whole of Europe faces a terrorist risk from the radicalized minority within European Islamic communities. If Europe takes the same approach as Israel, and responds with ever more “security”, troops on the street, it soon becomes fences, then walls, and Paris, Berlin, London in the not too distant future could fall into the trap of becoming “security fortresses” too. That is a fate I sincerely wish for Europe to avoid.

If the issues are best confronted by directly talking about Zionism, I will do so. And public record of statements made directly by Zionists within the Israeli state, about what Zionism is and what its aims are, are legitimate to discuss in society. This applies even if those statements don’t cover the image of Israel in glory, such as the quite racist ideas behind the idea of a “Greater Israel”, a fantasy of further Israeli conquest until it controls up to the line of the Tigris in Iraq, that really don’t deserve dignifying as anything other than a crazed notion. Which doesn’t mean some aren’t trying to carry it out…

But by and large, I find the emotional charge and conflation of ideas associated with the word “Zionism” to be more trouble than they are worth and a barrier to rational communication, and that’s why I personally don’t use that term unless thoroughly qualified and justified.

I hope this article has given interest. This is a topic where there is always more to say and there is a limit to how much nuance any one article can have. Given the controversial nature of discussing “Zionism” I have taken a robust approach to the language so apologies if you have found the text repetitive at times: I have erred on the side of caution to be as clear as possible.

Some, especially in conspiracy circles, may object to my approach, and that’s fair enough:

None the less, this is my position, and I can assure, that in the big picture, there is always a place for Keeping an Eye on Zion

Love to all
John White

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