Got a second? Let’s unravel the illusion.

Written by Reid This of ConservativeReiding   Sept 24, 2017  (sharing with written permission)


24% of Americans are liberals(~ 77 million), but only 10% of those 24% are extreme liberals, which comes out to being only about 2.4% of Americans being extreme liberals(~ 7.7 million).
76% of Americans are moderates and conservatives (~ 243 million).
Only 2.4% of Americans are extreme liberals, but if you watch the media’s coverage, you would think extreme liberalism was the norm in America. THAT’S THE ILLUSION.



Obama spent his entire term empowering and funding extreme liberalism.

He stood against the laws.
He stood against the police.
He stood against the military.
He stood against capitalism.
He stood against the US Constitution.
He stood against EVERYTHING that the vast majority of Americans consider the foundation of America.

He stood for globalism.
He stood for open borders.
He stood for mass, uncontrolled immigration.
He stood for the promotion of racism; dividing our country racially more than any other president in recent history.
He stood for socialism.
He stood for suppressing the US economy; apologizing for all the successes of the US; while openly handing our prosperity to other nations.

During his 8 year reign of terror, he stocked the federal government; DOJ, FBI, CIA, and the federal court system with liberals.

He encouraged ALL that was liberal and suppressed ALL that was moderate and conservative. He used the liberal executive branch as a political weapon; just ask the IRS… He created an environment where only the most liberal had a voice and those who were extremely liberal were not held accountable to the laws of our nation.

By the time his term was over, Obama left an illusion that those 7.7 million Extreme Liberals were the norm; the voice of America. And, those 7.7 million truly believe that they are entitled to run roughshod over the rest of America.

Breaking through this illusion will take some time. First, we must recognize that it is in fact an illusion; that 243 MILLION AMERICANS, THE VAST MAJORITY, are NOT extreme liberals and do NOT support the insanity that Obama has spread throughout our nation over the past 8 years.

We, the vast majority, will not accept violence being used to protest and suppress free speech.
We, the vast majority, will not accept disrespect to our country and our flag.
We, the vast majority, will not accept our nation & our children being forced to accept sexual disorders as a norm.
We, the vast majority, will not accept our laws being ignored by the elite or by non-citizens.
We, the vast majority, will not accept the liberal insanity; the illusion; that Obama built for 8 years!

Break through the illusion and realize that 7.7 million people can make a lot of noise, especially when supported by the liberal media, liberal entertainers, and the political party that lost an election they thought would be a slam dunk;


Source – ConservativeReidings