P.H. research for the years 2000-2014 reveal that 713 various NFL members were arrested during this period.

202 — DUI’s
88 — Assaults
85 — Domestic Disturbances/Domestic Violences
38 — Gun charges
35 — Assaults
35 — Alcohol related charges
21 — Burglaries/Thefts
7 — Murders

1. Minnesota ………………. 44
2. Cincinnati Bengals ….. 43
3. Denver ………………….. 40
4. Tennessee Titans …… 32
5. Tampa ………………….. 31
6. Kansas City …………… 30
7. Jacksonville …………… 29
8. Miami ……………………. 28
9. Cleveland ……………… 27
10. San Diego …………….. 26
11. Indianapolis …………… 24
12. Baltimore ………………. 22
13. Seattle ………………….. 22
14. New Orleans …………. 19
15. Pittsburgh ……………… 19
16. Washington …………… 19
17. Atlanta ………………….. 18
18. 49’ers …………………… 18
19. Buffalo’s ……………….. 17
20. Detroit ………………….. 17
21. Green Bay ……………. 17
22. New England ………… 15
23. Dallas ………………….. 14
24. New York ……………… 14
25. St. Louis Rams now Los Angeles Rams ….. 11




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As many football fans have been made aware of in the last few months, there is current distress in the NFL. This fact has been pointed out through the recent legal troubles of notable NFL players such as Ray Rice and Greg Hardy. The good thing is that these issues are now getting attention. The bad part is that these issues are JUST NOW being rectified! While some fans may realize there has been a long standing relationship between the NFL and poor personal conduct, others just follow what they see in the news.
















NFL CRIMES AND PUNISHMENT: 61.1% of all violent crimes were domestic. Assault/Battery – 149 occurrences; Domestic violence – 91 occurrences; Gun related – 69 occurrences; Drug related – 105 occurrences (and 94.3% were marijuana related); Murder – 3 occurrences; and DUI – 207 occurrences. NFL Reprimands 2002-2014 (Domestic violence/Assault/Battery) .. 142 total cases; affecting 60 total games; and total fines amounted to $3,547,169.00. ADDITIONAL NOTE: Only 5.7% of all NFL player felon arrests resulted in a player’s release from the NFL League.






THREE MOST ARRESTED NFL PLAYERS … and research resources acknowledged





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THE WRETCHED, NFL = National Felon League

(11:35 VIDEO)

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15 NFL players arrested for violence against women in last two years

Sept 11th, 2014

From Jan. 1, 2012 to Sept. 17, 2014  33 NFL players were arrested on charges involving domestic violence, battery, assault and murder. In the last two calendar years, at least 15 of those players were arrested for violence against women.
USA Today’s NFL player arrests database was used as the starting point for research. FiveThirtyEight (dot) com has done statistical work on the relative rate of domestic violence among NFL players.
The team listed is the franchise the player was with when he was arrested. For all cases where resolutions could be found, those details are included

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NFL Arrest Database



2017-09-22 LAR Ethan Westbrooks DE Arrested Gun Pulled over for speeding near Bakersfield, Calif. Police found gun in his car and suspected him of carrying a stolen loaded firearm. Resolution undetermined.
2017-09-01 CLE T.Y. McGill DT Arrested Drugs Accused of misdemeanor marijuana posession at hotel in Charlotte. Resolution undetermined.
2017-08-18 NYG Michael Bowie OT Arrested Domestic violence Accused of domestic assault and battery, grabbing girlfriend by the neck and throwing her to the ground in Tulsa. Resolution undetermined.
2017-08-17 OAK Sean Smith CB Arrested Assault Charged with felony assault for incident in Pasadena, Calif., on July 4. Accused of stomping on head of sister’s boyfriend. Resolution undetermined.
2017-07-18 JAC Dante Fowler DE Arrested Battery Accused of hitting a man who criticized his driving in St. Petersburg. Resolution undetermined.
2017-07-16 HOU D’Onta Foreman RB Arrested Drugs, gun Accused of marijuana possession and unlawfully carrying a gun in Austin, Texas. Resolution undetermined.
2017-07-09 BUF Adolphus Washington DT Arrested Gun Accused of carrying a concealed weapon at water park in Ohio, leading to intense encounter with police. Resolution undetermined
2017-07-04 DAL Damien Wilson LB Arrested Assault, gun Charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in Frisco, Texas after allegedly brandishing rifle at a man. Resolution undetermined.
2017-06-29 PIT Artie Burns CB Arrested Suspended license Pulled over in Miami Beach, accused of driving with a suspended license. Resolution undetermined.
2017-06-21 GB Letroy Guion DT Arrested DUI Pulled over in Hawaii, suspected of drunken driving. Resolution undetermined.
2017-06-21 NYJ Lorenzo Mauldin LB Charged Assault Accused of attacking man at nightclub in Manhattan April 2. Resolution undetermined.
2017-06-11 NO Willie Snead WR Arrested DUI Accused of drunk driving in Kenner, La., where his car had crashed and he registered a blood-alcohol content of .125. Resolution undetermined. Suspended three games.
2017-06-04 NYG Roger Lewis WR Arrested DUI, drugs Pulled over in Ohio, acccued of operating a vehicle while impaired after police smelled marijuana. Resolution undetermined.
2017-05-29 DAL Nolan Carroll CB Arrested DUI Pulled over in Dallas, suspected of driving while intoxicated. Resolution undetermined.
2017-05-07 NYJ Robby Anderson WR Arrested Resisting arrest Accused of fighting police and security at music festival in Miami. Resolution undetermined.
2017-04-07 WAS Junior Galette LB Arrested Disorderly conduct Accused of getting into a fight and running away from police in Biloxi, Miss. Resolution undetermined.
2017-04-06 SF Tramaine Brock CB Arrested Domestic violence Suspected of felony domestic violence in Santa Clara, Calif. Officers said female had visible injuries. Dropped by prosecutors based on insufficient evidence.
2017-04-06 SEA Trevone Boykin QB Arrested Probation violation Suspected of violating probation with March 27 arrest. Probation stemmed from 2015 bar fight while at TCU. Resolution undetermined.
2017-04-01 ARI Marquis Bundy WR Arrested Disorderly Suspected of failing to obey police commands after getting agitated outside club in Scottsdale, Ariz. Resolution undetermined.
2017-03-31 DEN Will Parks S Arrested Domestic violence Accused of harassment and non-physical domestic violence in incident involving his former girlfriend. Resolution undetermined.
2017-03-27 SEA Trevone Boykin QB Arrested Drugs Accused of marijuana possession, public intoxication. He was a passenger in a car involved in accident in Dallas. Resolution undetermined.
2017-03-26 CHI Deiondre Hall CB Arrested Disorderly conduct Accused of disorderly conduct, public intoxication and interference outside bar in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Resolution undetermined.
2017-03-26 GB Makinton Dorleant CB Arrested Police interference Accused of interfence after scuffle outside of bar in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Resolution undetermined.
2017-03-07 KC Demetrius Harris TE Arrested Drugs Suspected of felony marijuana possession as passenger in car pulled over in Missouri. Resolution undetermined.
2017-03-05 LAR Ethan Westbrooks DT Arrested Domestic violence Suspected of domestic violence in Sacramento after police observed injuries to mother of his child. Dropped by prosecutors.
2017-02-25 IND David Parry DT Arrested DUI, resisting arrest Suspected of stealing golf cart, driving drunk, resisting arrest in Scottsdale, Ariz. Pleaded guilty to reduced charges, two years of probation.
2017-02-25 BAL Matt Elam S Arrested Drugs Pulled over in Miami Beach, accused of possessing marijuana, Oxycodone. Resolution undetermined.
2017-02-16 NYJ Darrelle Revis CB Charged Assault Accused of aggravated assault after altercation in Pittsburgh. Video shows two men on the ground unconscious. Charges dismissed.
2017-02-16 LAC King Dunlap OT Arrested Violating court order Suspected of violating protective order in Nashville stemming from domestic incident. Resolution undetermined.
2017-01-12 GB Sam Shields CB Charged Drugs Accused of misdemeanor marijuana possession from Oct. 19, 2016. Pleaded no contest, $500 fine.
2017-01-10 LAR Tre Mason RB Arrested Eluding police Accused of fleeing law enforcement, careless driving on an ATV in July 2016. Resolution undetermined.
2017-01-02 CIN Adam Jones CB Arrested Assault Accused of poking hotel security employee in the eye in Cincinnati, obstructing police. Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charge, sentenced to time served of two days in jail.



2016-12-17 SEA Damontre Moore DE Arrested DUI Suspected of driving while intoxicated in King County, Washington. Resolution undetermined.
2016-12-12 ARI Michael Floyd WR Arrested DUI Found unconscious in idle car in Scottsdale, charged with drunken driving. Pleaded guilty to extreme DUI, 24 days in jail, 96 in home detention, 30 hours community service.
2016-11-29 MIA Leon Orr DT Arrested Drugs Pulled over for tinted windows, charged with marijuana possession near Naples, Fla. Deputies also found gun in car. Resolution undetermined. Team released him next day.
2016-11-19 LAR Troy Hill CB Arrested DUI Suspected of drunken driving after crashing into a big rig on the freeway. Pleaded no contest, three years probation, 100 hours community service, NFL suspended two games.
2016-11-01 PHI Josh Huff WR Arrested DUI, drugs, gun Pulled over and accused of drunken driving, marijuana possession and having an unloaded gun without a permit. Resolution undetermined. Team released him later that week.
2016-10-12 MIN Isame Faciane OG Arrested DUI Charged with drunken driving after being pulled over for driving around barricades. Resolution undetermined. Team released him later that week.
2016-10-02 PHI Nigel Bradham LB Arrested Gun Accused of carrying loaded gun through airport security in Miami. Resolution undetermined
2016-09-26 CLE Alvin Bailey OG Arrested DUI Accused of operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and having drug paraphernalia in his car after returning from game in Miami. Pleaded no contest, found guilty, three-day intervention program. NFL suspended him two games.
2016-09-16 TB Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE Arrested DUI Pulled over for speeding and driving erratically, accused of drunken driving in Tampa. Pleaded no contest to reduced charge, one-year probation, 50 hours community service. Team released him same day.
2016-09-05 SF Bruce Miller TE Arrested Assault Accused of assaulting a man and his 70-year-old father at hotel in San Francisco. Resolution undetermined. Team released him same day.
2016-07-25 PHI Nigel Bradham LB Arrested Assault Suspected of punching somebody in the nose at a Miami Beach hotel after verbal altercation. Resolution undetermined.
2016-07-14 BUF Jonathan Williams RB Arrested DUI Accused of driving while intoxicated in Fayetteville, Ark. Resolution undetermined.
2016-07-08 IND Robert Turbin RB Arrested Drugs Police in Utah accused him of marijuana possession after pulling him over for running a stop sign and then smelling it in his car. Charges dropped.
2016-06-19 JAC Dan Skuta LB Arrested Battery Accused of pushing a woman’s face with an open hand after she refused to give him her phone number in Orlando. Dropped by prosecutors.
2016-05-30 DEN Cody Latimer WR Arrested Traffic warrant Latimer called police and alleged his girlfriend hit him. Police found outstanding traffic warrant from 2015 and arrested him for that. Paid $311 to settle ticket.
2016-05-10 LAR T.J. McDonald S Arrested DUI Suspected of hitting a parked car and driving under the influence of a substance other than alcohol. Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor, 200 hours community service, three years probation, alcohol program.
2016-04-24 CAR Cameron Artis-Payne RB Arrested Reckless driving Accused of driving 102 mph in a 65-mph zone in North Carolina. Resolution undetermined.
2016-03-18 NO Damian Swann CB Arrested Reckless driving Pulled over in Athens, Ga., accused of driving 100 mph in 65-mph zone, reckless driving. Resolution undetermined.
2016-03-05 LAR Tre Mason RB Arrested Drugs Pulled over in Hollywood, Fla., accused of reckless driving, marijuana possession and resisting arrest. Pleaded no contest to three charges, $293 fine.
2016-03-04 BAL Terrell Suggs LB Arrested License Accused of leaving the scene of an accident and driving with a suspended license in Scottsdale, Ariz. Charges dropped, driving class for speeding.
2016-02-28 HOU Jaelen Strong WR Arrested Drugs Accused of marijuana possession after traffic stop in Arizona. Diversion program, education and counseling.
2016-02-17 IND Jonathan Newsome LB Arrested Drugs Accused of marijuana possession in Indiana after police responded to a complaint about loud music at his residence. Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor, sentenced to supervised probation. Team released him shortly after the incident.
2016-02-13 DEN Shiloh Keo S Arrested DUI Accused of drunken driving in Ada County, Idaho. Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor, one year probation, community service, fined nearly $1,000.
2016-02-05 NE Montee Ball RB Charged Domestic violence Accused of disorderly conduct and battery after allegedly striking his girlfriend in the face. Pleaded guilty to two charges, 60 days in jail, probation. Team released him the next week.
2016-01-30 CLE Johnny Manziel QB Indicted Domestic violence Former girlfriend accused him of striking her after leaving a bar in Dallas. Grand jury indicted him on misdemeanor charge in April 2016. Diversion program, anger counseling. Team released him in March.
2016-01-23 NE J.J. Worton WR Arrested Assault Accused of assault and battery after fight at a bar in Foxboro, Mass. Pleaded guilty to misdemeanors.


2015-12-25 CLE Armonty Bryant LB Arrested Drugs Accused of illegally possessing Adderrall after failing to produce a prescription for it in traffic stop with teammate De’Ante Saunders. Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor drug charge, 68-day probation, $1,000 fine.
2015-12-25 CLE De’Ante Saunders S Arrested DUI Pulled over for speeding, cited for driving drunk. Gun found in car without permit. Resolution undetermined. Team released him three days after arrest.
2015-12-19 JAC Justin Blackmon LB Arrested DUI Accused of drunken driving in Carter County, Okla. Blackmon already was serving an indefinite NFL suspension at the time of his arrest. Resolution undetermined.
2015-10-15 SEA Derrick Coleman FB Arrested Hit-and-run Accused of leaving the scene of an accident after his vehicle struck the back of a Honda Civic, causing the driver to suffer serious injuries. Resolution undetermined. Team suspended him.
2015-09-30 TEN Dorian Green-Beckham WR Arrested Outstanding warrant Pulled over for speeding in Missouri, where officer found an outstanding warrant for previous unpaid speeding ticket. Paid $92 and received warning.
2015-08-26 SF Ahmad Brooks LB Indicted Sexual battery Accused of misdemeanor sexual battery stemming from a December 2014 incident at the home of teammate Ray McDonald. Resolution undetermined.
2015-08-06 SF Aldon Smith LB Arrested DUI Accused of hitting a parked vehicle with his vehicle, being under the influence of alcohol and vandalism in Santa Clara, Calif. Resolution undetermined. Released by team the next day.
2015-07-28 CAR Stephen Hill WR Cited Drugs Pulled over for seatbelt violation, cited for possession of drug paraphernalia after officer smelled marijuana. Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor, 48 hours community service, one year of probation.
2015-07-20 KC Justin Cox DB Arrested Domestic violence Accused of domestic violence, trespassing and burglary in Mississippi. Resolution undetermined. Released by team the next day.
2015-07-20 TEN Justin Hunter WR Surrendered Assault Charged with felonious assault stemming from an incident at a Virginia Beach bar July 4. Acquitted by judge.
2015-07-14 NYJ Sheldon Richardson DE Arrested Resisting arrest Accused of resisting arrest after street racing, speeding and running through a traffic signal in Missouri. Gun found under seat. Pleaded guilty to reduced charges. Two years of probation, 100 hours community service, $1,050 in fines.
2015-07-13 NYG Josh Brown K Arrested Violating court order Accused of violating protective order obtained by wife after his previous arrest. The order prevented him from being within 500 feet of her. Charge dropped.
2015-07-04 GB Andrew Quarless TE Arrested Gun Accused of firing a gun in public in Miami Beach, a misdemeanor offense. Pleaded no contest, $1,000 fine, one year probation, gun safety and anger management classes.
2015-07-01 HOU Brandon Ivory DT Arrested Burglary Accused of first-degree burglary in Alabama after victims said two armed men kicked in their door and stole cash and iPads. Resolution undetermined.
2015-06-07 NE Brandon Spikes LB Charged Hit-and-run Accused of leaving the scene of a crash in which a woman and boy in another car suffered minor injuries. Cut by team the next day. Pleaded guilty to multiple charges, one year of probation.
2015-05-29 ATL Prince Shembo LB Arrested Animal cruelty Accused of killing ex-girlfriend’s Yorkie dog, which showed extensive injuries. Charged with felony aggravated animal cruelty. Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor cruelty charge, $1,000 fine, community service. Released by team same day.
2015-05-25 CHI Ray McDonald DT Arrested Domestic violence Accused of assaulting a woman while she was holding a baby in Santa Clara, Calif. Resolution undetermined. Released by team the same day.
2015-05-22 NYG Josh Brown K Arrested Domestic violence Accused of fourth-degree domestic violence by wife, who later obtained a protective order against him. Charge dropped. NFL suspended him one game.
2015-04-17 DET Rodney Austin OG Arrested Domestic violence Accused of pushing mother of his child and damaging her phone in North Carolina on April 5. Police say they observed no signs of injury. Found guilty on four charges, one-year probation, intervention program. Team released him the week after arrest.
2015-03-29 NO Brian Dixon CB Arrested Resisting officer Pulled over in Miami, accused of resisting officer who ticketed him for driving in the middle of the road on his scooter. Resolution undetermined.
2015-03-18 BAL Bernard Pierce RB Arrested DUI Failed sobriety tests after his 2014 Ford Mustang was pulled over for speeding in Baltimore County. Resolution undetermined. Team released him same day.
2015-03-15 PIT Antwon Blake CB Arrested Public intoxication Accused of being drunk in public in Oceanside, Calif. Resolution undetermined.
2015-03-09 ARI Alex Okafor LB Arrested Evading arrest Accused of running from the scene after police received a report of a disturbance and then tried to detain him in Austin, Texas. Resolution undetermined.
2015-03-05 SF Bruce Miller FB Arrested Domestic violence Suspected of misdemeanor battery in domestic incident in Santa Clara, Calif. Pleaded no contest to misdemeanor domestic violence charge, 16 weeks of counseling.
2015-03-01 GB Jarrett Bush CB Arrested Public intoxication Accused of disorderly conduct while under the influence after police received a report of a fight in Vacaville, Calif. Case dropped.
2015-03-01 BAL Victor Hampton CB Arrested DUI Pulled over in Charlotte, accused of driving while impaired and driving 100 mph in a 55-mph zone. Resolution undetermined. Team cut him the next day.
2015-02-16 PHI Nate Allen S Arrested Indecent exposure Pulled over in Fort Myers, Fla., after a girl said she saw a man exposing himself. He later was exonerated after “false arrest.” Case dropped. Allen cleared of all wrongdoing.
2015-02-05 IND Ahmad Bradshaw RB Cited Drugs Pulled over in Preble County, Ohio, for traffic violation, accused of marijuana possession. Pleaded no contest to marijuana charge, $351 fine, six-month driving suspension. NFL one-game suspension.
2015-02-04 DAL Joseph Randle RB Arrested Drugs Accused of marijuana possession in Wichita, Kan., after report of domestic disturbance at hotel. No signs of injury, police said. Dropped by police. NFL suspended four games.
2015-02-03 IND D’Qwell Jackson LB Arrested Assault Accused of hitting a pizza delivery driver in the head in a dispute over a parking space in Washington, D.C. Convicted of misdemeanor assault, $1,000 fine.
2015-02-03 GB Letroy Guion DT Arrested Drugs, gun Pulled over in Florida, accused of felony drug possession with 357 grams of marijuana. He also had a gun and $190,000 in cash. Deferred prosecution, probation.
2015-02-02 BAL Terrence Cody DT Indicted Animal cruelty, drugs Charged with two felony counts of aggravated animal cruelty after one of his dogs died, illegal possession of alligator and marijuana. Convicted of misdemeanor neglect, acquitted by judge of felony charges. Released by team the same day.
2015-01-31 ARI Bobby Massie OT Arrested DUI Suspected of drunken driving in Arizona, he flunked two sobriety tests and had a blood-alcohol content of 0.14 percent. Resolution undetermined. NFL suspended three games.
2015-01-23 IND Andrew Jackson LB Arrested DUI Pulled over in Bowling Green, Ky., accused of drunk driving, blood-alcohol content of .088. Pleaded guilty, 14 days of home confinement, fines and $1,000 in court costs, alcohol treatment program.
2015-01-19 GB Datone Jones DE Cited Drugs Accused of marijuana possession in Green Bay after police were called to check vehicle playing loud music in parking lot. Convicted, $880 fine, one-game suspension.
2015-01-14 IND Josh McNary LB Arrested Domestic violence, rape Accused of rape, battery and criminal confinement of woman who said he attacked her Dec. 1 after night of drinking. Acquitted by jury and rejoined the team.
2015-01-10 NYJ Oday Aboushi OG Arrested Drugs Pulled over in New Jersey, accused of possessing marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Diversion program, probation. NFL suspended one game.
2015-01-09 NYJ Chris Johnson RB Arrested Gun Pulled over in Orlando, accused of misdemeanor gun offense after two guns were found in his vehicle. Case dropped by prosecutors.
2015-01-07 CHI Tim Jennings CB Arrested DUI Pulled over for allegedly driving 99 mph in 65-mph zone in Georgia. Accused of drunken and reckless driving. Pleaded guilty to reckless driving, one year of probation, 40 hours community service, $1,050 in fines.
2015-01-05 NO Junior Galette LB Arrested Domestic violence Accused of simple battery against woman in Galette’s home. Police noted bleeding from her ear and also arrested Galette’s cousin. Case dropped by prosecutors.

2014 to 2000 can be found at Source link below

These are arrests, charges and citations of NFL players for crimes more serious than common traffic violations. Almost all of the players belonged to an NFL roster at the time of the incident. In rare cases, a free agent is included only if that player later signs with an NFL team. The data comes from media reports and public records. It cannot be considered fully complete because records of some player arrests might not have been found for various reasons, including lack of media coverage or accessible public records. Many resolutions to these cases also are pending or could not be immediately found. The database was conceived and created by sports writer Brent Schrotenboer, who can be reached at [email protected] Please contact him with any updates or inquiries.

Source – USAToday


ALERT: NFL’s Criminal Secret Surfaces, It’s Horrifying

SEPT 26, 2017

“Although the original intention of the National Anthem protest was in objection to alleged police brutality against blacks, new data suggests that professional football players may have reason to hold a personal grudge against law enforcement. According to the Daily Wire, NFL players are arrested every seven days on average.
The figures are compiled by NFLArrest (dot) com, which “provides an interactive visualized database of National Football League player Arrests & Charges.” The website’s findings of the extent of NFL arrests is surprising.
The average length of time between every NFL arrest is a mere seven days. The longest the NFL has ever gone without having one of its players arrested is 65 days. It’s interesting that such a minute portion of the population–comprised of millionaires–should see such a high number of frequent arrests.
According to the data, 2006 was one of the worst years for professional football players–71 arrests were made. Meanwhile, 2013 saw 62 arrests. And this year, the year of NFL protests, we’re at 32 arrests already.
The crimes for which the athletes are apprehended vary wildly. Many of them are violent. The top crimes perpetrated by members of the NFL are, in descending order, DUI, drugs, domestic violence, assault, and disorderly conduct.”

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If only Roger Goodell cared as much about domestic abuse and traumatic brain injury as he does about disrespecting America. 

Source – Twitter