My 2 Cents of Sense: THE LEFT’S DIVERSITY

Written by James Hovda  9/28/17  (shared with written permission)

Division… it is the destructor of nations. Any country that splits up into “tribal” pieces because of diversity soon finds their own demise laying just around the corner. Diversity comes from anger from hate, as one group pits themselves against another wanting some form of change to come, either to improve their own group’s standards, or to bring down the standards of their opposition. And generally speaking, when the diversity goes beyond compromise, there is no appeasement… only destruction on both sides.

Have you noticed how divided America has become today? Unless you live in a cave, remain a recluse to the outside surroundings, or just plain un-obvious to the country in almost every category, Americans are choosing sides to fight their injected diversity, whether it is in race, nationality, gender, age, sexual preference, religion, or political ideology. (And we thought it was bad under the Obama era?) We can thank the Left for introducing all this diversity into our culture and within our society, because the ultimate goal in their actions is the final demise of America as a leader, the silencing of their opposition (mainly we conservative, Christian patriots), and the institution of a new, one-global “Utopian” world where everyone gets along, everything is equal, and everyone is happy.

But sensible, rational, and logical people know that their Eutopian “wonderland” doesn’t exist, and can’t exist when there are two or more social-economic divisions of the populous. There has to be leaders, and leaders want more and better than those who serve under them.

Have you noticed how the Left bitches about CEO’s making millions, but have no complaints when actors, sports figures, and politicians also make millions? Have you noticed how the Left complained about Tim Tebow taking a knee to thank God for his ability and opportunity to play in the NFL, yet take on those who complain about players taking a knee when they are supposed to honor the nation in respect to the flag and our national anthem? Where was their “solidarity” for Tebow, or for those coaches who were fired when they prayed at an event?

But you have to understand, to pray is to slap religion and religious beliefs in the face of atheists and non-believers who side within the Left’s ideology and practices. And the Left has no tolerance for those who go against them in the slightest of ways, yet they feel justified to silence those they object with and by any means, whether in unified defiance, or civil unrest.

If you look back at when all this racial diversity began, it was Barack and Michelle Obama who raised the flag of “tyranny and oppression” against those who are different than the majorities… being white, Christian, middle class, patriotic, and straight while being married to someone of the opposite sex… none of which the First Family was. They used the bully-pulpit to bring attention to small problems scattered within our society to blow them out of proportion to bring about bitter resentment, and bring about more hate and division in order to split America into fragments that could be better manipulated and controlled in order to attack the Right to bring us, and the country, down.

What the Obama’s and the Left have been doing is an old, communist trick of illusion… keep the masses focused on the right hand while the left hand is secretly pulling off the trick. Instead of focusing upon the real problems of our nation (the economy, jobs, energy, infrastructure, health care, immigration, terrorism, tyrannical dictators building WMD’s, taxes, crime, and corrupt political cartels and their bureaucratic syndication) America’s attention was diverted to diversity among the people to be called the “root problems” of America, dating all the way back to our Founding. Their means is not to resolve the social problems, but to keep the fires burning in order to reach their ends.

Since the Left has control over the media, universities, and entertainment, it was easy to manipulate their voice to spread their propaganda of diversity. For the ignorant, the indoctrinated, and brainwashed, it was easy to get them sided with their twisted beliefs that America has a truly, deep problem in order for them to proceed undetected with their “coup” of the American Way and American Ideals that have been dominant for over 231 years. To bring about their new-world, collective order, America had to be “fundamentally transformed” from the inside-out.

Still to this day, most Americans and citizens of the world have no clue to what Agenda-21, Agenda-2030, nor Vision-2050 are… many have never even heard of them. They are real, and they do exist in the global structuring of the NWO, and have been constructed in order to seize control of the world’s resources by dividing the masses into controllable groups that the Powers can manipulate and contain to confiscate the resources they seek. When they control the food, the water, the labor, the income, the borders, the speech, the cultures, war, the health and welfare of individuals, they can dictate the what, when, where, why, and how of each life in order to fulfill their final objective… a global society of the “have’s” who give orders, and the “have not’s” who follow those orders.

Their engineered ‘1984’ order does require one, small problem to overcome in order to create their Brave New “Utopian” World… a reduction of the world’s population from between 50-70%. They think of the world as having creators and consumers. The vast majority of the world’s population are consumers who contribute little back to society. They are the planet’s cockroaches that eat up everything in site, while spreading their disease every place they nest. The Powers That Be (PTB) actually do believe that these people do need to be exterminated, but through natural means so that it won’t appear as deliberate genocide.

Most don’t know that Obama Care was created decades ago, and couldn’t be implemented until Congress and the Presidency were united by the same ideological goals, and a general public ready and eager to have it. Some may remember Hillary Care, as many of the same designs were simply transferred over… the same designs that were rejected by most everyone 26 years ago. Many transformation acts have been created long before their implementation… just waiting for the right moment to be enacted; the NDAA act being one.

Governments depend upon a populous that doesn’t revolve around the political circus. They expect people to remain ignorant to their actions, and a media that no longer reports. Today, they have both. But as a political friend said to me, “All this information is out there. People just need to know where and how to look, have the willingness to dig to find it, and the stomach to accept it.”

Source – CanadaFreePress

There is no shadow of doubt that there has been and still persists a “conspiracy” so deviant that most won’t accept it as factual. Although we have been warned time and time again of its existence with piles of evidence to support the fact, most people believe it to be fictional. Few accept that there exists a group of the world’s richest investors involved in trying to rule the world. People believe that it becomes detrimental towards their “kingdom” if they destroy the avenues of wealth, and derive a means to reduce the population so dramatically. But the ends justifies the means, and there still would exist a global population to labor their resources while providing the necessary means to remain wealthy and still be in control. They will be simply trimming the “dead-ends” off to produce new growth… the global wealth will still survive. It will become much easier to manage it and redistribute accordingly.

As President Dwight Eisenhower once claimed, “There are no coincidences in politics, and there are no accidents in government. Everything is methodically planned out in fine detail. What seems to be a coincidence, or accidental at best, has been calculated into the equation and well planned for. Contingency is what governments do best, while deception is the master-skill of every politician”.

As Bill O’Reilly said in an interview with Sean Hannity, “(T)he wider picture here is, the far Left wants to drive the narrative that the USA is an evil country. Why? It’s because they want to change everything; the Constitution, the economical (free enterprise) system, the leadership, the electoral system… they want an across the board change to everything! They use stuff as this (NFL/Anthem controversy), they use players… the players are being used and they don’t know it.” Bill further went to say, “… and the media and entertainers drive this (racial narrative). There is a reason why this is happening. A year ago, you never heard the words ‘white supremacy’. Didn’t hear it… nobody heard it. It was ‘white privilege’. It’s morphed into ‘white supremacists’ now, and people are buying it now. Why? It’s because the far Left agents, and I think they are evil, want to destroy the Constitution in a sense that they want it all changed. (The Left says) Who forged this? Thomas Jefferson, George Washington… we can’t have a constitution THEY made! We have to have a new one. And that is their end game. They don’t want capitalism, they don’t want the electoral college, they don’t want white people leading, while generally calling the shots. So they have to mobilize minority Americans to become angry. You have to understand history, and history is what they are removing… history is being suppressed… history is what they are purposely changing.”

Later in the interview, Bill remarked, “Not only does the media want to destroy Trump, they want to destroy anyone who voted for him, or tries to give him a fair shot… it goes across the board. We are living in a time where there are no more journalistic rules. So your major and urban newspapers are no longer newspapers. They are Left-wing journals. They coordinate together. And your cable news shows on all the other channels are all Left-wing, top to bottom. If you wear a ‘Make America Great’ hat into one of those places, you won’t have a job much longer. It’s very, very intense. But what has happened is that huge sums of money have poured in from places like Media Matters, so these networks threaten all of us… they even threatened us tonight not to air this show. These totalitarians want to wipe out any free speech in which they disagree. And I’ll agree, they are liberal fascists. There has never been a Right-wing cabal that trys to silence the Left, or makes up things as they do. There is not an organization (on the Right) that conspires to boycott sponsors and goes out to threaten people, but are they more than ever on the Left! But here is the insidious point, and that is bad enough. There are billions of dollars behind that! And those people who are doing all that are being paid to do it… big time! Big, big money! This is so dangerous to the country. People don’t know how dangerous these people are. Most people are disengaged, they don’t pay attention. They just hear things. And these propaganda people just throw this stuff out as fact, where they are just lies across the board.”

O’Reilly later told us, “Senator (Chuck) Shumer won’t let them (vote for anything Trump wants). Shumer, from New York, has told all his Democrat senators two things; unless you vote straight Party line with me, we will run someone else in the primary to be a replacement against you who we will make sure wins, and we will cut off all your money so that you won’t have any money from the DNC to campaign. Every senator has gotten that message, alright? I guarantee Susan Collins from Maine will vote Democrat, as will a few other Republicans, every time, so long as Trump remains in office. Democrats serve themselves (not the public), but that’s nothing new.”

Bill O’Reilly stated that most people fear the Left. “It’s no wonder most conservatives remain silent. They (the Left) attack viciously. They are relentless, and they never give up their attack until you are toast. Their hate and vitriol are deeply seeded in their vicarious strive for permanent transformation. There has to be an expedition by people like you and me about what is really happening in this country… because it is dangerous. They want to take freedom of speech away from their opponents, to be only (the voice) of the far Left. The future of this country is at stake by ways we don’t know. And if they are successful at taking out this president, and they are already at work… this (FOX NEWS) is the only network that is left. If FOX goes, so will Trump… and so will this country.”

Bill looked into the camera to say that we all need to arm ourselves with the truth, and references to give in order to back that truth. “Every time they come out with their lies, we have to cross examine them with fact to expose their lies. People will begin to see who these people really are, and will turn from them. This is how we win!”

America is not racist. America is not evil. America is not hateful against the “little guy”. America is not greedy, nor disrespectful against other countries. When a soldier dies overseas to protect the freedom and liberties of other nations, the flag upon the coffin doesn’t tell of race, gender, age, nor sexual preference. As President Trump said in his Presidential speech, “We all bleed the same color of red.”

America spends billions in aid to foreign nations. America is compassionate when tragedy has struck, and calmed the lands where calamity of tyranny and oppression have set in. We send our citizens as peacemakers into harms way, and we help nations in hunger and thirst to fill their stomachs and to quench their dry mouth. We rebuild bridges, roads, and buildings that were demolished by war, even when it wasn’t from our own guns. We send doctors, nurses, and hospital ships to aid in human suffering. Many white men died trying to free the black slaves, stop Islamic aggression, and African genocide… and, many whites stood with those like Dr Martin Luther King to fight segregation at home. What discrimination being made today is from a slight few incidents that have been blown into “white supremacy” by politicians, media, and entertainers. Cops do not target only blacks, as more whites are shot by police than whites, annually. More blacks and Hispanics commit crime, so it is no wonder there are more of them in prison than whites. If blacks and Hispanics would act more civil in society, then maybe they will get more respect?

Never has Trump, nor any Republican in Congress today, ever stated anything racial against minorities. Throughout history, Republicans have saved minorities from Democrat law that would keep minorities in social bondage. Justice has never come from a Democrat… only tyranny and oppression has stemmed from the Democrat pen. America was never like we are today until Obama made us this way with his hate of whites, disrespect of Americanism, and love of Islamic domination. America’s diversity has always been created from the Left, as it is a tool to use against America, and a knife to be used to divide us, the people. Just ask Hitler, Stalin, Marx, Alinsky, and Mao… for diversity worked pretty good for them to get what they wanted, and millions of innocents exterminated.

Thank you for your support!

Written By: Jim Hovda