What Isn’t New This Week – Decisive Liberty

Written by Garrett O’Brien   Sept 29, 2017  (shared with written permission)

We all know WHAT has been happening this week with
> the NFL
> Puerto Rico
> Houston
> Florida
> Dr. Seuss
even the complete interruption and halting of his schedule as President Trump took to the phone and called the hospitalized police officer after having lost control of his motorcycle while motorcading the President, Vice President, Secret Service, and accompanying staff back to the President’s jet…

Which leaves what isn’t new this week as much of this has been chastised by the Left, the MSM, especially by the Regressives — and most of us already know precisely what they are going to say before they even say it as they have become THAT predictable.

Which also means they don’t get the patheticness nor do they care about liberties of others, only their own.
To which I say to those pushing back…


The left and the MSM and the newly born Regressives have been pushing since the days of LBJ — they are not about to give up, even at the expense of looking like ignoramuses to the right, to their friends, even their own family.
In some cases, it is the entire family.

Not Pushing Back?

Some will stand back and say the belligerent will be held accountable on Judgment Day, I don’t really need to do anything – besides there are many who are…
And I say, “Those that stand back and not do anything will be judged as well!” as omission is just as guilty as commission.

Omission means you know what you are seeing is wrong and not doing anything about it.
Omission means you know you can do something about it, even if just vocalizing, and not doing anything about it.
Omission is not do anything about what you know is incorrect.

It is something the GOP has been doing a LOT of lately and the alternative right has been rising because of it all…
It is something the private citizen Donald J. Trump saw and did something about it all, and won more than 3000 counties to Hillary’s just more than 50 counties.

What Are You Waiting For?

Many do not do anything until someone close to them becomes a victim — then they usually end up taking everything personally or they end up releasing all their pent-up aggravation.

To which I can only say two things…
It’s about time!
If the cumulative aggravation had been addressed when your liberties were first being infringed, do you really believe we would be in this mess in the first place?

Not putting blame anywhere, after all I was once a Democrat guilty of what the idiots are doing today.
What I am saying is like Saul of Tarsus who suddenly realizes the error of his ways, change that mind and heart of yours immediately (which is the definition of repenting) and start taking action so to own and be responsible for the liberties which are inherent from God Himself.

Otherwise, join the DNC — I hear their membership numbers are slipping to the lowest they have been for more than a century…

Have at it, don’t just sit there reading this – TAKE ACTION AND DO SOMETHING!
Everything we do affects 3 generations – our own, our children’s and our grandchildren’s – they get the blessings of our efforts as well as the curses of the things we did not correct.

Remember those words next time you look ANY child in the eye…

Then be VERY decisive about the Liberty you want to protect for yourself, your children, and your grandchildren.

Source – ForfeitLibertyForfeitAll