Marxist Colin Kaepernick Leads The NFL Into The Gutter

By Kelleigh Nelson    Sep 28, 2017 (shared with written permission)

As a former NFL player, I am one American who will have nothing to do with any NFL Team that cannot find the corporate courage to stand for the millions of courageous past great Americans whose sacrifice gave meaning to our flag and national anthem and to the millions upon millions who still dream to come to its free shores. —Burgess Owens


Burgess Owens was one of the speakers at the 46th Phyllis Schlafly Eagle Forum council meeting in St. Louis, MO.  He is an amazing man, a beautiful Christian and a fine speaker.  His above quote is absolutely how so many of us in America, the greatest country on earth, feel about these ungrateful NFL players.

Colin Kaepernick’s biological mother is white, as were his adopted parents.  His biological mother disagrees with his protest.  His white adopted upper middleclass parents say they stand with him.  Kaepernick couldn’t get more over-the-top in dissing the country that has made him a wealthy and privileged man.  On Independence Day he traveled to Ghana which he claims is his ancestral home.

American soldiers have fought and shed their blood on battlefields for this spoiled American millionaire brat to spew his invective against our country because his leftist Islamist beliefs claim our law enforcement personnel are brutalizing black Americans.  Racial inequality is what Kaepernick and his adopted parents are claiming.
Sorry, but I just don’t buy this drivel.  Every opportunity is given to black Americans through affirmative action and more.  Police are being blamed for protecting themselves from thugs, and everyone knows it, but the black community is using this as a reason to be destructive.

Kaepernik and Castro
  San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who last made headlines by refusing to stand during the playing of the national anthem before an NFL football game, continued to act as a lightning rod for controversy by appearing at an August 2016 press conference wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with photographs of ’60s Nation of Islam leader and black power advocate Malcolm X and Communist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

A slogan on the shirt read, “Like Minds Think Alike.”

The shirt depicted scenes from a 1960 meeting between Castro and Malcolm X. Kaepernick wore it to a news conference after the 49ers’ third preseason game, which was when his refusal to stand during the national anthem became a major national story.

A Miami Herald reporter from a family of Cuban exiles got into a heated argument with Kaepernick over the picture of Castro on his shirt.  The quarterback kept emphasizing the fact that Malcolm X was also on it, saying the slain civil rights activist’s willingness to meet Castro proved he was “open-minded” about aspects of the world.  The reporter again asked him about Castro, and Kaepernick said, I’m not talking about Castro and his oppression.  I’m talking about Malcolm X.

The reporter accused Kaepernick of changing the conversation because Castro was too uncomfortable to talk about, especially when he remains largely reviled by Miami’s sizeable Cuban immigrants.  So, what does Kaepernick do?  He praises the social initiatives of Castro claiming Cuba has the highest literacy rate because they spend more on education!

I guess this millionaire football player hasn’t a clue of how much America spends on education and obviously the propaganda and brainwashing of our government schools worked well on Kaepernick.  Neither does Kaepernick have a clue of what Castro and Malcolm X stood for.

Communist Fidel Castro
Kaepernick praised Castro’s social initiatives!  Obviously, he hasn’t a clue of what the people went through once they helped overthrow the Batista regime and installed the lying Communist as their dictator. 

Castro failed to hold the free elections he had promised the Cuban people. He put to death hundreds of his former political enemies in hasty trials intended more as propaganda than as judicial proceedings. Then he proceeded to fill Cuba’s jails once more with political critics, including many of Castro’s former comrades, anti-communist labor leaders, and other veteran opponents of the Batista regime. The press was placed under strict censorship. Foreign-owned property was expropriated arbitrarily without fair compensation, and in many cases without any compensation at all. Only the communists emerged unscathed from Castro’s repressive and vindictive actions.

Source – NewswithViews