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Much of America has not been subjected to living in a war zone since around the time the Civil War ended and it’s not something anyone wants to believe will be reality.  As more information comes to light in the Las Vegas deadly tragedy, it does not appear Stephen Craig Paddock worked alone, nor does it appear his past was one of innocence.

Paddock staked out the previous rap festival and contacted AirBNB to rent two specific rooms in a hotel overlooking the festival site a few weeks ago – the hotels were booked. The country music festival was just next show.

Was this another push to start a purple revolution; start a civil war By Any Means Necessary (BAMN)??? Paddock didn’t act alone – we’re on the trail of the THUGS involved.



Definition of terrorist

plural terrorists

:an advocate or practitioner of terrorism as a means of coercion

  • Opposition still runs high to the idea of releasing or bringing into U.S. prisons dozens of men widely considered dangerous terrorists even if many are not.  


How Do You Define Terrorism?

America may have declared a new war against “terrorism,” but it turns out that no one is all that sure just what “terrorism” is.

That includes the U.S. government. “No one definition of terrorism has gained universal acceptance,” the State Department said in a report on world terrorism in 2000.

The key elements to terrorism are obvious to many — violence, noncombatant targets, intention of spreading fear, and political aims. But crafting a watertight, commonly accepted definition has proven difficult.

Are attacks on military personnel or political leaders acts of terrorism? What about attacks on property? Must terrorism be physically violent, or is it enough to simply instill fear?

FBI, State Department Look to Different Definitions

Even among U.S. governmental agencies, different definitions of terrorism are used.

The State Department’s definition holds that only sub-national groups, not states themselves, can commit acts of terrorism. It states the violence must be politically motivated, but does not mention instilling or spreading fear.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s definition includes the use of illegal force or violence “for purposes of intimidation, coercion or ransom,” but does not require it to be politically motivated.

The FBI looks to the Code of Federal Regulations definition: “The unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.”

The FBI has labeled as terrorists groups such as the Earth Liberation Front, which has taken responsibility for destroying millions of dollars worth of property, but claims to be nonviolent and avoid hurting people.

Alexander sees international law as the key to separating legitimate use of force from terrorism. If insurgents are fighting a “lawful war” using tactics accepted by international law, they are not terrorists.

“Terrorists are not insurgents, not guerrillas,” he stresses. “Terrorists are beyond all norms. They don’t recognize any laws.”

Source – ABC News



Research on Domestic Radicalization and Terrorism

Countering and preventing terrorism is a primary concern for state and local law enforcement agencies as well as the federal government. Terrorists are those who support or commit ideologically motivated violence to further political, social or religious goals. The goal of NIJ’s work on terrorism is to provide community leaders with evidence-based practices for bolstering resilience and developing communitywide responses that can prevent and mitigate threats posed by terrorists.

Important questions remain about the nature of terrorism, but few are as vexing as why and how individuals become terrorists. This process, often referred to as “radicalization to terrorism,”

Source – Natl. Institute of Justice



They’ve been ramping up training and recruiting M13. Vegas is an M13 territory. Other connections,  they found ANTIFA material. Not discounting this yet. ANTIFA has been promoting more violent attacks. The more extreme factions have been pushing mass gun violence.

This is going to be a far more complex investigation, IF it’s done thoroughly. What can be confirmed? Suite w/multiple weapons & munition, broken windows & dead guy. Videos with audio of automatic weapon gunfire. Victims. An outdoor concert perimeter where on may hear gun fire from other type of weaponry & where it took a few minutes to differentiate what was heard were automatic weapons & not fireworks. Mele of victims non down where they were initially shot. 72 minutes from first call to breach of room. NOT critiquing police safety. So it’s a heck of crime scene. Motive would be nice, but even that shouldn’t be quickly accepted. Time & patience. Time & patience. There was shooting at an outdoor concert in the 80s. Direct target, think if I recall drunken tiff. No one I repeat one one heard it. Found two dead guys with several bullet holes being porta potty. So, all that be analyzed is what was heard and videotaped. Victims not where they were hit, makes it more difficult…IF 2 or or more actors, one using automatic one maybe closer or on ground with other weapons. Who the heck knows!

Source – Twitter – @awebber


Antifa IS a Domestic Terror Group, But What About BAMN?

There is a group in the US that would fit that definition to a tee. They are known as Antifa or the Anti-fascist.

I have been following them in the US and their rise across western Europe since 2005. One thing is for sure; They believe in using any means necessary to achieve their goal of an anarcho-communist state even if that means direct violent confrontation.

Recently there has been a push to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization.

So the question is why does the government not declare Antifa a terrorist organization?

I think it all boils down to Money. BAMN, which is the de facto parent group of Antifa, gets most of their money from the United for Equality and Affirmative Action Legal Defense Fund (UEAALDF), a 501(c)(3). The UEAALDF is the fundraising arm of BAMN which controls Antifa.


The UEAALDF has a lot of powerful supporters. Not surprisingly you will find unions like SEIU, UEW, and the ALFCIO. On the list, you will also find the usual suspects like George Soros, and the SPLC. Other groups that give money to the UEAALDF includes The Kellogg Foundation and The Ford Foundation.

Source – Ammoland


                                                                BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY….

                                                                                                          Yvonne/Yvette Felarca – BAMN / ANTIFA Organizer


LEAKED TAX RETURNS: George Soros Sent More Than $1.7M to Antifa

Donor’s to the anti-Trump “resistance” movement have been previously shrouded in secrecy. New unredacted tax forms obtained by the Washington Free Beacon show that George Soros sent more than $1.7M to an antifa-linked foundation known as The Center for Community Change Action, a Washington DC based non-profit.

For the first time, the sources of money for Antifa have been revealed to the public. Previous claims of Soros funding to Antifa were dismissed as conjecture.


So far, these are the major “resistance” funders that have been revealed:

  1. George Soros (The Open Society Foundation): $1,750,000
  2. W.K. Kellogg Foundation: $3,000,000
  3. California Endowment: $524,000
  4. Ford Foundation: $2,350,000
  5. Hillary Clinton (Onward Together): $800,000

Source –Offended America



Did Mandalay Bay Attack Itself?

Wayne Allyn Root, August 29, 2017, Townhall.com

How many times have we said it? Repeat after me: Follow The Money! While the Sheeple and the MSM are “mystified” by the apparent lack of motive of Las Vegas Shooting patsy Stephen Paddock, neither the enlightened readers of Rogue Money nor anybody else who can do 15 minutes’ worth of internet research, need feel so handicapped.

Casinos Are a Perfect Source of Terror Financing

Let’s start with the parent company of Mandalay Bay. This is a casino property that sits within the portfolio of MGM Resorts International. The current CEO of the parent company is Jim Murren. He is a deflated Hillary Clinton supporter. Less than two months ago, with an announcement apparently fueled by the the post-Charlottesville racist hysteria, Murren sent a letter to his employees and announced a company donation-match program to funnel money to so-called “anti-hate” groups. By “anti-hate” groups, we of course mean Soros-backed groups, various terror-related groups, and miscellaneous non-profits.

Source – SgtReport



Las Vegas Gangs Documentary 2017: Sin Citys’ Most Vicious Gangs!

Las Vegas, Nevada – the “sin city” known for the beautiful resorts and casinos, is also home to a few of the most vicious gangs in the world. Viewers discretion is advised !

VIDEO Source – DocoZoneYoutube


Have MS-13 and other thugs been “hired” as foot soldiers?

 The MS-13 gang, known for cutting off victims’ limbs, murder and drug trafficking, has about 100 members in Southern Nevada, but they’re not as active as other gangs, authorities said Tuesday.Questions about the gang, which has ties to Central America, have arisen after 24-year-old Jose Martinez, a Salvadoran, was kidnapped and found shot to death on Sunday. Martinez’ family suspects he was killed by a MS-13 gang member. Martinez had the letters “MS” tattooed on his chest, relatives said.

“We have not seen them (MS-13 members) in large numbers here locally,” said Las Vegas police Capt. Al Salinas, head of the department’s gang unit.

MS-13, or Mara Salvatrucha, members make up a small percentage of the 8,000 known gang members in Southern Nevada, Salinas said.

Source – Review Journal