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Odd. (Paddock’s) GF (girlfriend) said she thought he sent that much money to Philippines for her because that was his way of breaking up with her. Yet, she was very close to her sisters and in their interview they say everything was fine. No issues in the relationship. No clues. Paraphrasing. Now why wouldn’t she tell her family, who say they were so close, there was trouble in the relationship. Noticed that changed a little when the transfers became public.

Does anyone remember this? Recent arrests of MS-13 members for home made grenades?

Federal authorities arrest, charge 6 suspects for possessing hand grenades

MCALLEN, Texas — A total of six individuals remain in custody following their arrest on Tuesday after a criminal complaint was filed alleging the illegal receipt or possession of destructive devices that were not registered in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record.

These arrests were announced by U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson, Southern District of Texas.  This investigation was led by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF); and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).

Those arrested include Celin Javier Montoya, 23, Anthony Ozuna, 20, Alfredo Rivera, 24, and Pedro Vega, 40, all of Edinburg, Texas; Noe Gonzalez, 19, of San Juan, Texas; and Jonathan Sanchez-Torres, 19, an illegal alien from Mexico who was residing in Pharr, Texas.

On Tuesday, Vega appeared before U.S. Magistrate B. Janice Ellington in Corpus Christi, Texas, who charged him with receiving or possessing destructive devices. Judge Ellington remanded him back to custody pending a custody hearing scheduled for Dec. 9, 2016. On Wednesday, Montoya, who was arrested in Ingleside, Texas, will appear before a federal judge in Corpus Christi; the remaining defendants are expected in court Wednesday before U.S. Magistrate Judge Peter E. Ormsby.

The criminal complaint was filed Dec. 5, 2016, and unsealed Tuesday following the arrests. The complaint alleges Ozuna and Rivera were attempting to broker the sale of improvised hand grenades or improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The two men were allegedly acting on behalf of Montoya and Vega. According to the charges, from Nov. 5 to 11, ATF and HSI special agents conducted undercover operations and bought all the hand grenades Montoya and Vega had available.

During the course of this investigation, ATF and HSI special agents discovered Montoya and Vega allegedly obtained the grenades from Gonzalez and Sanchez-Torres. The complaint also alleges that for about six months, Gonzalez purchased from a combination of online merchants and local stores all the components necessary to construct dozens of improvised hand grenades, including grenade hulls, spring kits, fuses and black powder. The assembled “live” hand grenades were then turned over to Sanchez-Torres to be distributed, according to the allegations.

Source – ICE

Or this?

ATF Disclose Details Leading to Homemade Grenade Manufacturer Arrests

MCALLEN – Investigators are breathing a sigh of relief after busting a group making and delivering hand grenades. Those grenades were being manufactured by a teenager.

A tip from an informant sparked the interest of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The grenades had the potential to kill dozens. They were for sale to anyone with the money.

No one would have suspected what was being made in a shed in San Juan, homemade grenades. Law enforcement agents with ATF were immediately concerned.

Special agent Robert Flores explains their concern due to “the danger of not only hurting themselves, but others because of the potential for a large scale destruction.”

The craftsmanship was sophisticated, said Flores, “Well, the person kind of knew what they were doing.”

So question. How many homemade fragmentation grenades did Paddock have in possession in one of his stashes? Was he brokering to another home grown terrorist group? Do we know if he’d had successful transactions? 11/4 And, where else were they logged? How many weapons did have prior to 10/1 that are now unaccounted for? No, he wasn’t some guy that took psychotropic drugs and went off. He got owned in a dangerous game he was playing. How much of his money is unaccounted for? Marilou is lying. Yes he was screaming, but why Marilou? How are your contacts & relatives in Charlottesville, Marilou? He wasn’t planning an escape after a shooting was he, Marilou? He wanted to escape whom? Which? Buyer or seller? Remember, peeps. I hate speculation. Consider that carefully. He wanted to escape after the transaction, didn’t he, Marilou? Who was the woman sitting on his ass? Was it so he wouldn’t panic & back out again, Marilou? How many transactions??????

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MS-13 to Carry Out Antifas Premeditated Violence


How MS-13, One of America’s Most Dangerous Gangs, is Funded

MS-13, a group that was started by Central American immigrants in Los Angeles in the 1980s, is known for its ruthless and violent tactics. Most of the founding members were from El Salvador and fled to the U.S. during the country’s civil war that lasted 12 years, from 1980-92. Since then the gang’s membership has ballooned to at least 10,000 members in the United States and more than 30,000 worldwide, according to the FBI and Treasury Department.

“[MS-13] is one of the most dangerous and rapidly expanding criminal gangs in the world today,” Philip Holloway, a legal analyst and former police officer, told FOX Business. “MS-13’s mottos is ‘Mata, roba, viola, controla’ (Kill, steal, rape, control),” he noted.

The gang has managed to expand its business tentacles into a variety of illegal activities, despite sanctions levied against the group by the U.S Treasury Department under the Obama administration. “They are involved in multiple crimes including murder, racketeering, drug trafficking, sex trafficking and human trafficking including prostitution,” Holloway said.

Source – FoxBusiness



Look, I’m confused as to why those who expend so much effort to find truth & excoriate some factions in government for coverups, and lying, then get upset over certain FACTS being in the the public domain. You can’t have it both ways. Yes, there are fine lines of “need to know.” However, denouncing facts put in the public domain, if that denial is related to retaliatory concerns is just as dangerous as not disseminating factual info. Case in point. Yes, AntiFa material was found. Yes, as a precautionary measure, this FACT was disclosed and Yes, other LE orgs and Agencies were informed. The public was informed in a Pressor by Lombardo. Is this a significant clue of motive? To be determined. But, it is a FACT that such evidence was collected. It is also a FACT that chatter about ramp up of violent. And mass violent tactical methods is being caught coming from various anarchist groups. Time to consider that Foreign terror interventionists on our soil are not our only threat. Wishing It away or trying to prevent retaliatory actions through silence emboldens these groups, just as it does Foreign born terrorists.
The psychology is no different.

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Be watchful and on high alert

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NJ state trooper reporting. This is real, we are getting briefed tomorrow morning and I will update with whatever happens. Expect more police presence end of this month and early November as we are taking this shit seriously for the fourth.

Coincidence that we have so many “natural disasters” and wildfires (arson?) requiring aid from our National Guard?


Additional information and news will be provided as it breaks.


American Digital News Article:

Home of the FREE and Land of the BRAVE.

Much of America has not been subjected to living in a war zone since around the time the Civil War ended and it’s not something anyone wants to believe will be reality.  As more information comes to light in the Las Vegas deadly tragedy, it does not appear Stephen Craig Paddock worked alone, nor does it appear his past was one of innocence.

Paddock staked out the previous rap festival and contacted AirBNB to rent two specific rooms in a hotel overlooking the festival site a few weeks ago – the hotels were booked. The country music festival was just next show.

Was this another push to start a purple revolution; start a civil war BAny Means Necessary (BAMN)??? Paddock didn’t act alone – we’re on the trail of the THUGS involved.



Definition of terrorist

plural terrorists

:an advocate or practitioner of terrorism as a means of coercion

  • Opposition still runs high to the idea of releasing or bringing into U.S. prisons dozens of men widely considered dangerous terroristseven if many are not.  


How Do You Define Terrorism?

America may have declared a new war against “terrorism,” but it turns out that no one is all that sure just what “terrorism” is.

That includes the U.S. government. “No one definition of terrorism has gained universal acceptance,” the State Department said in a report on world terrorism in 2000.

The key elements to terrorism are obvious to many — violence, noncombatant targets, intention of spreading fear, and political aims. But crafting a watertight, commonly accepted definition has proven difficult.

Are attacks on military personnel or political leaders acts of terrorism? What about attacks on property? Must terrorism be physically violent, or is it enough to simply instill fear?

FBI, State Department Look to Different Definitions

Even among U.S. governmental agencies, different definitions of terrorism are used.

The State Department’s definition holds that only sub-national groups, not states themselves, can commit acts of terrorism. It states the violence must be politically motivated, but does not mention instilling or spreading fear.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s definition includes the use of illegal force or violence “for purposes of intimidation, coercion or ransom,” but does not require it to be politically motivated.

The FBI looks to the Code of Federal Regulations definition: “The unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.”

The FBI has labeled as terrorists groups such as the Earth Liberation Front, which has taken responsibility for destroying millions of dollars worth of property, but claims to be nonviolent and avoid hurting people.

Alexander sees international law as the key to separating legitimate use of force from terrorism. If insurgents are fighting a “lawful war” using tactics accepted by international law, they are not terrorists.

“Terrorists are not insurgents, not guerrillas,” he stresses. “Terrorists are beyond all norms. They don’t recognize any laws.”


Source – ABC News


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