Vegas union worker blows whistle on

Mandatory Active Shooter Training

which was due “Sept. 30” at “12 a.m.”

Union paperwork suggests that something’s afoot about the Mandalay Bay Route 91 Harvest Music Festival massacre

According to a report released by Youtuber “DAHBOO77,” a Las Vegas union worker released a photograph of a bulletin for a “mandatory active shooter training” with a “due date” of “Sept. 30, 2017, 12 a.m.,” which nearly coincides with the shooting.

Was such a drill held on the same day to serve as cover encase operatives or the shooter(s) were caught bringing weaponry into the Mandalay Bay?

The bulletin also mentioned “training in casino essentials” and talked about “completion of the course.”

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Was the “Mandatory Active Shooter Training” a cover to allow weapons to be brought into Mandalay Bay?

Or to reconnaissance; a MOCK RUN?

SEIU (Service Employee International Unionmembers support AntiFa. Many global SEIU are members or foreign AntiFa affiliates. MS-13 is working with AntiFa to train in more violent tactics, arm AntiFa and to act as AntiFa militant faction. Not news. FBI is apprised of all of this. AntiFa, SEIU and MS-13 have a common goal. Unfettered open borders. Why? Black market trafficking & cheap labor supplement. Political and DS (Deep State) support of these groups is obviously an agenda to destroy cultural cohesiveness of those they rule. SEIU goal is global equalization of labor compensation, thus devaluing American labor. Paddock was a “means” broker. Vegas location is significant for various reasons.

Ok, lets wander down this path. Union requires mandatory Active Shooter Training & that it be complete by September 30th. You have a supposed security guard, Campos, who’s probably had some training. Whatever qualifies as training for an $11.25/hr employee.

Now, this supposed Sec Guard hears automatic weapons fire. He goes to the 32nd floor, alone, ascertains which room the shooting is coming from,  knocks, then tries to use keycard thereby announcing himself to whomever in the room is using automatic weapons. He has a collapsible nite stick as his only means of self defense. His attempted access was responded to with 200 rounds and he sustains only a superficial wound. His reaction is not to drag himself further out of danger, yell for assistance that other rooms occupants may hear, or immediately call for backup. He is then treated for his wounds, but no MSM frenzy of interviews, no Mandalay PR engine lauding his bravery, no family & friends on the news distraught over his close call. Campos story is BS on a BS sandwich. Do not eat that sandwich! Lets wander ‘downtown’ this BS right to headquarters and ask them why they are feeding this cartoon??



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Campos’s tale is implausible and contradictory.
It’s patent that @LVMPD realizes this, and distances itself from Campos as far as it can.


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Labor giant SEIU pumps resources into anti-Trump effort

New data provided to POLITICO shows the GOP nominee with just 17 percent support among unionized service workers.


Donald Trump’s path to the presidency requires his brand of protectionism to drive union members to abandon Democrats, but new data provided to POLITICO shows that a huge part of organized labor – the service industry – isn’t following suit.
According to a member poll conducted by the nearly 2 million-member Service Employees International Union last month and provided to POLITICO, Trump’s support among the group was 17 percent — 51 points behind Hillary Clinton, far lower than even Jeb Bush’s 24 percent in the spring, and behind both Mitt Romney and John McCain during their presidential bids.

Source – Politico