What Makes ANTIFA – RAM – BAMN – IGD – RedGuardAustin Tick?

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Create appearance and bread crumbs back to ISIS to deflect from the internal ‘home grown’ orgs that are populated, too, by imported foot soldiers. Confuse the masses, especially those myopically focused on foreign terror interventionists. Easier for the masses to wrap their heads around foreign terror or “lone wolf” than our own. But, what isn’t being analyzed?

AntiFa, BLM, BAMN have all gone fairly unchecked by authorities. MS-13, because of typical DS (Deep State) never ending black money desire & greed, has been allowed to mushroom. All these groups have Foreign ties, origins & philosophies & funding by money laundering.  All are, too, assets of DS, are they not? More easily controlled on home turf. True? More history. True? El Salvador, South American Trafficking Cartels, Philippines People Power Revolution, Black disenfranchised anarchists, undocumented immigrants. All historical roots with tent ic (intelligence community) also woven into fabric in US. ISIS? It’s a ruse.

The agenda isn’t to create a false flag that brings us to others turf. The agenda is to wreak a continuum of havoc on our turf between our own people. Wake up. One or a few big terror attacks conducted by ME (Middle East) terrorists we control doesn’t divide.  It creates cohesiveness. Antithesis to the true agenda. An internal revolt resulting in regime rule by Kleptocrats to allow a coverup of a $16 trillion dollar theft through TARP and more kleptocracy.   Someone opened the books and is looking closely. A la DS (Deep State) ramp up. FBI covering up in their wake.

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DO NOT MISS THE ALERT MESSAGE TOWARD THE END OF THIS MEMO TO YOU. This was received a few days ago which had been hinted at for a while.

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A good FB friend has advised that if you see any type of drill, practice, etc., STAY AWAY! One coming up in NOLA, and was one in LV, supposedly, when massacre happened. Also, Sandy Hook


TrutherUFO‏  @TrutherUfo
#NewOrleans October 9, 2017
Active Shooter Full Scale #Exercise #Drill at Audubon Zoo & Park

7:54 AM – 6 Oct 2017

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New Orleans
2017 Active Shooter Full Scale Exercise
at Audubon Zoo & Park


Due to the hurricane watch issued for New Orleans related to Tropical Storm Nate, city officials have decided to postpone the Audubon Zoo Active Shooter Exercise which was originally scheduled for Oct 9th.

A new date will be publicized once it is established.

Please be safe and ensure your preparations for the storm are in order.

Sponsored by the City of New Orleans and the Audubon Zoo & Park

Source – NOLA Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness


IGD: It’s Going Down  — Choosing Sides Getting Organized

Anarchist Movement Deface Columbus Day: A Call to Action

The NYC-based antifa group Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM) made the announcement on Thursday, September 21, calling on antifa groups nationwide to “decorate” their neighborhoods.

Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement
The Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement is a political movement dedicated to freeing people from bondage and building resistance in the United States. We situate our political movement in the context of the abolitionist struggle against slavery and continue in the tradition, from Nat Turner to the Black Liberation Movement. We believe the Civil War was never resolved and the system of slavery transitioned into the prison industrial complex. Our struggle today must begin from this starting point. Lastly, as revolutionary anarchists, the abolitionist struggle must be extended to the state and capitalism, the perpetrators of oppression. The revolutionary movement in the US today is at a cross roads, as fascist movements are expanding, and the state becomes increasingly authoritarian. The Rojava Revolution, in northern Syria, provides us with a model for revolution today with its foundation in communal and council based political organization and militant defense.

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Antifa Group Plans Nationwide ‘Deface Columbus Day’ Actions for Monday

By Debra Heine October 6, 2017

R.A.M. anarchist Against Columbus Day via YouTube

Violent left-wing anarchists have announced a nationwide campaign to deface Christopher Columbus statues this coming Monday.
Five Christopher Columbus statues have already been vandalized in New York City in recent weeks, according to Far Left Watch. In one case last month, vandals defaced a “larger-than-life” statue of Columbus in Central Park, leaving blood-red paint on his hands, and scrawled, “Hate will not be tolerated” and “#SomethingsComing” on its pedestal.
What is coming appears to be a coordinated campaign to destroy monuments all across the country on Columbus Day.

…but RAM called Columbus Day, October 9, “one of the most vile ‘holidays’ of the year.” The group called on supporters “to take action against this day and in support of indigenous people in the US and abroad who have been victims of colonialism and genocide.”

The anarchists encouraged fellow law-breakers to record and broadcast their crimes by using the hashtags #F*ckColumbusDay and #DestroyColonialism.

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RevAbolitionMov‏  @RevAbolitionist
Call to Action! Deface Columbus Day
Hashtags: #FuckColumbusDay #DestryColonialism
https://www.facebook.com/revolutionaryabolitionistmovement/videos/1432376976831779/ …


7:23 AM – 21 Sep 2017

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Deface Columbus Day: A Call to Action
Posted: 21 Sep 2017
We are calling for groups to “decorate” their neighborhoods as they see fit: put up murals, wheatpaste posters, drop a banner, etc. With these actions multiplied around the country, we will make it unequivocally clear that revolutionaries will always stand with the indigenous!

The battles lines have been drawn and white supremacists are on notice. White nationalist statues are crumbling all over the US as our collective revolutionary power is growing. As the monuments of white supremacist society fall we must continue to make it clear that their reign of terror is coming to an end.
For the occasion of Columbus Day, October 9th, one of the most vile ‘holidays’ of the year, the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement is calling for collectives all over the country to take action against this day and in support of indigenous people in the US and abroad who have been victims of colonialism and genocide.
We are calling for groups to “decorate” their neighborhoods as they see fit: put up murals, wheatpaste posters, drop a banner, etc. On October 9th put a picture of your action on social media and use the hashtags below. With these actions multiplied around the country, we will make it unequivocally clear that revolutionaries will always stand with the indigenous!
Revolutionary greetings to the insurgent Zapatista communities, the Lakota warriors, the Mapuche fighters, and all of our indigenous comrades in the struggle. With these actions, we renew our commitment to building a revolutionary movement strong enough to turn the tide permanently.
Resistance is life!

Source – RAM


As revolutionary dreams evaporated, the century turned, and poverty and despair became etched so deeply into our existence that the lofty political dreams we aspired to in the past became myths. The Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army’s actions have become distant legend, and their political stances tales. Nixon’s counter-revolution transitioned smoothly to Reagan’s and then to Clinton’s, with such sheer barbarism the cities still have yet to clean their bloodstained streets. As family after family was torn apart and poverty took its toll, our revolutionary history wasn’t denied, but simply forgotten. Even as the fighters of the recent past sit behind penitentiary walls and the symbols of revolution were transformed into commodities, their revolutionary intentions were buried, and forgotten by many.
With the rise of 20th Century liberation movements in the United States and abroad—from socialist and national liberation struggles to the Black Panther Party–the US government fought to ensure its hegemonic dominance of the world system. The powerful proclaimed the “End of History,” the black revolution had been overwhelmed, and socialist movements discredited due to the Soviet Union’s centralization and collapse. The US-led capitalist world system finally had complete hegemonic reign over the entire globe. George Bush proclaimed a “New World Order” and Bill Clinton had the liberty to act freely on the world with little impediment to US power. Despite this, unforeseen cracks quickly emerged.
The world of the powerful, which appeared so secure, was rapidly disintegrating into a hellish nightmare of endless war, bloodshed, and permanent strife. Yet the limits of the United States’ power has become clear. In recent years, the US spent massive amounts of money on military to buttress its political ineptness. This strategy was a remarkable failure as its military weakness became apparent with colossal failures in Iraq, Palestine, and the Americas.
The US government continuously played a sordid double game on its population, preaching sermons of peace while delivering war, extolling the virtues of success while providing destitution, singing the songs of freedom while creating the largest prison society on earth. The government has diligently rendered the society so bereft and fatigued that many simply found it easier to ignore the slavery and despotism outside their own door. Our collective imaginations have become so impoverished that many have trouble even dreaming of a better world.
This was not the case everywhere. In Chiapas, Mexico armed rebels emerged from the jungle fighting for dignity, bearing an anti-state egalitarian ideology reminiscent of the Spanish revolution. Masked fighters began besieging summit meetings in capital cities across the globe. Revolutionaries formed an autonomous enclave in Athens, Greece, and armed groups launched a war against their government. Uprisings and social movements continued to arise, with eloquent defiance, trying to chart a new path for revolutionary momentum around the globe; they each outlined new possibilities and pitfalls, but also illuminated the scope of our historic problems. In the United States, new movements arose, but few grounded themselves firmly enough to pass the strategic threshold necessary for revolutionary change. As they ebb and flow, the misery of American society has become increasingly entrenched. The need for organization beyond protest movements is glaringly obvious.
What we find the need to articulate here is that the political situation in the US–while increasingly violent and volatile, and rapidly developing–is a clear continuation of the policies that have been enacted since the Civil War. Essentially, the Civil War never ended. The struggle against chattel slavery, from neighborhoods demolished by the ‘war on drugs’ to the prison-industrial apparatus, and resistance to US expansion across the continent is the same war being waged today in another form. The primary question, then, is how do we organize to abolish slavery, and stop the expansion of the slave-project?
The State, in complicity with white supremacist organizations, has done everything in its capacity to ensure that the relations of slavery were entrenched in US political, social, and economic life. In doing so it ensured that its slave populace, and other targeted populations, would remain in bondage, trapped in its carceral apparatuses. In reaction to the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement and the rise of a black man to the height of its political machine, coupled with the decline of US imperial power in the 21st Century, hegemonic power birthed the only logical solution to preserving its dominant grip: a fascist movement to take control of the State. The ascendance of Donald Trump to power is the natural outcome of the white supremacist state.
It is in this context that a revolutionary political movement must reawaken. We cannot just rely on the movements of the recent past. We must look at the beginning of the struggle against slavery to properly orient our actions, while also adapting models from the successful revolutionary projects of our own time.
History will judge the decisions we make today, and the targets of our ire have never more clear. Will we standby and watch as the State continues to confine millions in its detention camps? Will we allow another Mike Brown or Akai Gurley to be murdered in cold blood? Will we permit the ethnic cleansing of thirteen million people through industrial-scale deportation? As Mumia Abu Jamal exclaimed about Tamir Rice, “When a child dies, adults don’t deserve to breathe their stolen air.” Will we deserve to breathe while knowing that millions of people are still enslaved in our midst? Our historical mission is clear. We must burn down the American plantation once and for all.

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3 days ago

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[Video] Militant antifa group launches “Deface Columbus Day” campaign

September 22, 2017  Far Left Watch Staff

…“#SomethingsComing”. It now appears that this ominous message was a warning about a coordinated campaign…

As we previously reported, RAM is an extremely militant group that advocates for the violent redistribution of property and they recently hosted an “Our Enemies in Blue” anti-police workshop.

For the occasion of Columbus Day, October 9th, one of the most vile ‘holidays’ of the year, the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement is calling for collectives all over the country to take action against this day

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Armed Antifa group declares “Everywhere a battlefield

August 29, 2017   Far Left Watch Staff

The Austin based Anti-fascists group, Red Guards Austin, has been gaining prominence in the Texas Antifa movement. As we have previously reported, they are a self described autonomous Marxist-Leninist-Maoist collective and their website contains multiple reports on their confrontational and often armed demonstrations.

They also openly advocate for violent revolution against capitalism.

“we must seriously take up the task not only of self-defense on the personal and community level, but we must also struggle to unite all genuine antifascists behind the necessity of revolution.  Revolution means the long fight for communism and nothing less.”

In a recent blog titled “Everywhere a Battlefield“, this trend continues as they claim “The war is not coming—it is here and now” and then discuss the need for weapons training and more “revolutionary violence”.

For months, militant antifa groups have been engaging in targeted political violence. They claim they exist to fight racists, bigots, and white supremacists; and their allies in the media often echo these claims. But if the actions from the Red Guards Austin is any indication, this is nothing more than a public relations campaign to recruit moderates. Their end goal is communism, a political ideology responsible for over 94 million deaths in the 20th century.

Source – FarLeftWatch

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Martial discipline and the cultural sphere

The truth is, a large part of the growth of the fascist movement in the US is due to the fact that they have grasped a truth that very few on the left have: culture is a battlefield.

…youth have always been attracted to real acts of rebellion. While activists wring their hands and say, “You’re going too far!” and “What about our votes?” the youth of our class are burning cop cars and shutting down cities. Without these youth, activism becomes just another sensible business complete with paid staff doing their best to prove to their ruling-class bosses that they can effectively manage the riffraff.

For our collectives this means militarization.
Just as the Bolsheviks before us steeled themselves, becoming professional revolutionaries, we must steel ourselves in military discipline. We must be both politician and soldier. This is the requirement of our time, and we must stop avoiding the matter. We are physically weak against the fascist threat, and revisionism has been the source of this weakness. Although this particular issue has seen improvement in a few cities where Maoists are the best organized among the left, legalism remains one of the main obstacles holding back party-building efforts in the US, leaving the masses few fighting organizations with their interests at heart.

Reclaiming violence
The process of reclaiming violence is essential to undertake, and we must start now.

Martial arts, firearms, and sports must be seen as cultural battlefields as well as invaluable tools in our revolutionary toolkit.

Source – RedGuardAustin


T-Paine‏  @kttk234567
#Antifa Group Plans Nationwide ‘Deface #ColumbusDay’ Actions for Monday https://pjmedia.com/trending/2017/10/06/antifa-group-plans-nationwide-deface-columbus-day-actions-for-monday/ … #tcot #uniteblue #AntifaTerrorists #pjnet

9:22 AM – 7 Oct 2017

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