Hollywood is known for thecasting couch”. And the dirty secret is that almost all these young ingenues, men and women, have had their butts hiked up on said couch more than once. Most won’t admit it, because they deem the lust for fame and fortune worth having some dirty old man violate them. — Kevin Jackson


Dr. Marty Fox‏ @DrMartyFox

The #Democrat Party Is One Big Shakedown Operation

If You Defend Their #America Hating Policies & Pay Them Off

You Get A Pass #Weinstein

6:10 AM – 8 Oct 2017

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Lisa Bloom Resigns as Harvey Weinstein Adviser as Sexual Harassment Scandal Intensifies

by Ben Kew   7 Oct 2017

Lisa Bloom, the high-profile lawyer known for defending women in sexual misconduct cases, has resigned as an adviser to Hollywood movie executive and Democratic Party mega-donor Harvey Weinstein amid an intensifying scandal over claims of sexual harassment.

I have resigned as an advisor to Harvey Weinstein,” Bloom tweeted. “My understanding is that Mr. Weinstein and his board are moving toward an agreement”:


Source – Breitbart


David Knight‏  @libertytarian

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Harvey’s Hurricane Exposes Sexually Transmitted Disease Known As Hollywood
Video – WATCH:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmEeaghseCs 

3:50 PM – 6 Oct 2017

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Kevin W.‏ @kwilli1046

Michelle #Obama in 2013: Harvey #Weinstein, accused of sexual harassment, Is ‘A Wonderful Human Being’

Michelle Obama In 2013: Harvey Weinstein Is ‘A Wonderful Human Being’

At a film workshop for students from across the country in 2013, then-first lady Michelle Obama praised Harvey Weinstein as a “wonderful human being.”

The film mogul has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democrats for years. CNN reports that Weinstein has made more than 185 donations to Democratic candidates and liberal organizations totaling more than $350,000.

Source – Federalist

12:46 PM – 6 Oct 2017

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ReflectionsofJM @ReflectionsofJM

Silence, SILENCE, silence…
And all of this indefensible silence reportedly
allowed #Weinstein to USE and ABUSE

Nolte: Silence is Complicity – The Powerful Said Nothing as Harvey Weinstein’s Alleged Victims Piled Up

Thursday’s New York Times bombshell, which has effectively ended Oscar-winning producer and Democrat super-donor Harvey Weinstein’s career, contains two equally disturbing pieces of news, only one of which the national media will report and explore.

The first, of course, involves three decades of sexual misconduct allegations against Weinstein, who has released a broad statement accepting “responsibility” for his behavior coupled with the claim that the Times got some things wrong

The second bombshell, the one our national media is already sweeping under the rug,  is that for twenty-plus years, many in Hollywood believed Weinstein was abusing his power to procure, harass, and manipulate young women, and no one said anything — not even the powerful

Source – Breitbart

11:21 AM – 6 Oct 2017

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Kevin Jackson‏ @KevinJacksonTBS

So #Weinstein promises to go after #NRA. Because THEY abused hundreds of women on casting couch?! https://theblacksphere.net/2017/10/feminists-knew-hollywood-titan-sexual-predator/ … #TeamKJ

Feminists Knew Hollywood Titan Democrat Mega-Donor is Sexual Predator

Take Bill Clinton and Cosby rapes, add Tiger Wood affairs, and you won’t come close to the number of women this man abused. You can bet there are likely hundreds of others too embarrassed to admit what they did in order to acquire or further their careers.   Source – Blacksphere

6:49 AM – 6 Oct 2017

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TexasMarine  @Tejas_Marine

Leave it to Obama’s Admin to help get a pervert out of hot water… #Weinstein

On Thursday, the New York Times published a major investigation about the Hollywood mogul, who had assembled a team of top legal and PR professionals

Anita Dunn, a top Obama campaign staffer and former White House communications director, helped offer damage control advice for the Hollywood mogul.  Sources said that Lanny Davis, former special counsel to Bill Clinton, has been central to the PR effort for Weinstein, who is a major Democratic donor. Davis is engaged as an attorney providing legal advice to Weinstein, according to a spokesperson for his law firm.
Dunn, for her part, is the managing director of SKDKnickerbocker, a Washington public affairs firm with deep ties to Democratic politics. She was communications director for Obama’s 2008 campaign and served briefly in his administration.

Source – Buzzfeed

3:23 AM – 6 Oct 2017

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God For Short‏  @godforshort

Obama gets US$679,275 from sexual predator Harvey Weinstein then sends his daughter to work for him. #weinstein

3:54 PM – 5 Oct 2017

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Harvey Weinstein Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accusers for Decades

By Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey  OCT. 5, 2017

Two decades ago, the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein invited Ashley Judd to the Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel for what the young actress expected to be a business breakfast meeting. Instead, he had her sent up to his room, where he appeared in a bathrobe and asked if he could give her a massage or she could watch him shower, she recalled in an interview.

“How do I get out of the room as fast as possible without alienating Harvey Weinstein?” Ms. Judd said she remembers thinking.

In 2014, Mr. Weinstein invited Emily Nestor, who had worked just one day as a temporary employee, to the same hotel and made another offer: If she accepted his sexual advances, he would boost her career,…

a female assistant said Mr. Weinstein badgered her into giving him a massage while he was naked, leaving her “crying and very distraught,”

A longtime Democratic donor, he hosted a fund-raiser for Hillary Clinton in his Manhattan home last year. He employed Malia Obama, the oldest daughter of former President Barack Obama, as an intern this year, and recently helped endow a faculty chair at Rutgers University in Gloria Steinem’s name.

Source – NYTimes


Pascale Müller‏  @PascaleMller

“From the outside, it seemed golden, but behind the scenes, it was the biggest mess of all” #Weinstein

Decades of sexual harassment accusations against Harvey Weinstein.  An investigation by the New York Times found allegations stretching back to 1990 about Mr. Weinstein’s treatment of women in Hollywood.  Source – NYTimes

12:31 PM – 5 Oct 2017

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Opus Bank‏  @OpusBank

Media & Ent division from @OpusBank provides $13.6M in #ProductionFinancing to #Weinstein Co for Waco TV miniseries https://www.opusbank.com/featured-transactions/the-weinstein-company-waco …

10:24 AM – 26 Sep 2017

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Tumult After Supports Production.

Harvey Weinstein at a gala for the AIDS charity amfAR in 2014.

Tumult After AIDS Fund-Raiser Supports Harvey Weinstein Production

A charity’s corporate governance is in question after it allowed proceeds from an auctionto be used for staging of “Finding Neverland”


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