DARPA is a driver of Technocracy in the 21st Century. Its creation of computerized microscopic sensors no larger than a spec of dust will surpass the Internet of Things (IoT) by orders of magnitude. Known as “SMART DUST”, an area can be blanketed to achieve 100% real-time monitoring of everything in every nook and cranny. Also, SMART DUST can be incorporated in fabric, building materials, paint or any other substance use in construction, decoration or wearables.  It is injectable, consumable, drinkable and can be inhaled.

Smart Dust: Real-Time Tracking Of Everything, Everywhere

The idea of the Internet of Things is so passé. The general concept of the Internet of Things is that we can put a sensor on anything and have it send data back to a database through the Internet. In this way we can monitor everything, everywhere and build smarter systems that are more interactive than ever before.

Putting sensors on stuff? Boring. What if the sensors were in the air, everywhere? They could monitor everything—temperature, humidity, chemical signatures, movement, brainwaves—everything.

The technology is called SMART DUST and it’s not quite as crazy (or as new) as you might think.  The earliest mentions of “smart dust” come from the RAND CorporationAccording to Wikipedia:

“The concepts for SMART DUST emerged from a workshop at Research And Development Corporation (RAND) in 1992 and a series of United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) ISAT studies in the mid-1990s due to the potential military applications of the technology.  The work was strongly influenced by work at UCLA and the University of Michigan during that period.”

We use the military anecdote above because it was these military research groups that first conceptualized SMART DUST but the practical application of the technology can be applied to almost any industry. Dust in the fields monitoring the crops. Dust in the factories monitoring the output of machines. Dust in your body monitoring your entire state of well being. Dust in the forests tracking animal migration patterns, wind and humidity.

The Rand Corporation has been involved in morally reprehensible warfare, think tank activity and strategy in particular, for several decades. They were involved in nuclear war strategy, disrespecting the lives of everyone on the planet in scenarios where nuclear bombs would be detonated to retaliate against Russia at the expense of all life on Earth.

Such apocalyptic scenarios are explored in many RAND publications, and in 2016, they examined possibilities of war with China. RAND has published several papers about spraying the skies, involuntarily treating whole populations with chemicals to geoengineer the weather. One is titled “Governing Geoengineering Research: A Political and Technical Vulnerability Analysis of Potential Near-Term Options.”

Let’s start off with:

What Is Smart Dust?

SMART DUST is made of “motes” which are tiny sensors that can perform a variety of functions. They are made of “microeletromechanical systems” known as MEMS. Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technology describes the functionality of these motes:

A single smart dust mote typically contains a semiconductor laser diode and MEMS beam-steering mirror for active optical transmission; a MEMS corner cube retro reflector for passive optical transmission; an optical receiver, signal processing and control circuitry; and a power source based on thick-film batteries and solar cells.

Worlds Of Dust

Creating more advanced ways of conducting war has given humanity some of its biggest technological breakthroughs. Nuclear power, jet engines, radar and even the foundation of the Internet have been researched, developed and inspired by militarily focused groups. Dust sprung from this well. But it is by no means limited to military actions.

Researchers Kristofer Pister, Joe Kahn and Bernhard Boser at the University of California at Berkeley elaborate some potential uses in their research paper on the potential of Smart Dust.

The components of a Smart dust sensor or mote. Image credit: CatchUpdates.com

SMART DUST may be deployed over a region to record data for meteorological, geophysical or planetary research. It may be employed to perform measurements in environments where wired sensors are unusable or lead to measurements errors. Examples include instrumentation of semiconductor processing chambers, rotating machinery, wind tunnels and anechoic chambers. In biological research, SMART DUST may be used to monitor the movements and internal processes of insects or other small animals.

With the recent announcement that the US government is looking into geoengineering research, it looks like an overt, involuntary treatment of the American people with geoengineering material is coming soon. Geoengineering researchers suspect that the tiny, metallic looking particles found after chemtrail spraying “may be” a form of SMART DUST.  And they act as if they aren’t already spraying us with this technology.

RAND is likely to be involved with complex science used for control over populations, as implied in a publication of theirs. It reads,

“Beyond the agricultural and industrial revolutions of the past, a global technology revolution is currently changing the world. This book discusses the broad, multidisciplinary, and synergistic trends in this revolution, including genomics, cloning, biomedical engineering, smart materials, agile manufacturing, nanofabricated computation devices, and integrated microsystems.”

The SMART agenda is is basically synonymous with the UN Agenda 21 and UN Agenda 2030, and the SMART GRID is synonymous with IoT (Internet of Things) which is also going to use 5G network to achieve its desired saturation levels.

Advantages of Smart Dust:

Smart Dust technology has many potential and actual benefits that can revolutionize a wide array of industries ranging from ecological research, inventory control within an organization, various functions within an urban area and the military.

  1. It reduces the infrastructure and systems costs.
  2. It helps employees to increase factory productivity.
  3. It improves safety, efficiency and compliance in the workplace.
  4. It gives the farmers a better management of time.
  5. It helps in improving the fertilization management by considering the needs of crop.
  6. It minimizes the amount of defective products that come off of assembly.
  7. Other advantages are Equipment monitoring condition, asset monitoring, machine control and process monitoring and control.

Disadvantages of Smart Dust:

  1. The biggest challenge being faced is of the privacy which needs to be handled properly.
  2. It has caused adverse environmental problems in certain applications.
  3. The sensors in the smart dust design are very costly and hence the cost of the systems goes high.
  4. One potential disadvantage may arise if the companies use smart dust that draws energy from radioactive sources. Though the researchers confirm that it would not have any harmful effects but the employees may refuse to work.

A technology that can be as dangerous as SMART DUST, geoengineering, etc, will certainly be used against public interests by the deep state and military industrial complex.  While this technology can be used for the benefit of mankind, like so many other things, it has been weaponized.  The existence of SMART DUST forms a massive threat to every human being alive.  What we are up against is nothing less than the attempted technological possession of humanity.


Read this article as sampling on more SMART DUST use on Human Interfacing as well.

How Smart Dust Could Spy On Your Brain

Intelligent dust particles embedded in the brain could form an entirely new form of brain-machine interface, say engineers.

The American public is so sedated by the mainstream narratives regarding independent investigations into the workings of the ruling elite that the UN Agenda 21/2030 and New World Order agenda are considered suspect at best and conspiracy theory fantasies at worst.  Once the general public is coaxed into accepting something as “life-saving / life-altering”, from that point forward, people who criticize the science are ostracized. This is not science as in, the scientific method of critically testing the effects of something and searching for evidence, but it’s dogma about technology. 

And there is no way our government would do this to its citizens, RIGHT?

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