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Doug Lewis #MAGA


US Navy 22 Years/ Served1970-1972 SS 1972-1975 US Consulate/ Calgary Canada Vet Vet

Doug also shared that Paul Singer also funded Marc Rubio and “No damn wonder this congress gets nothing done. Ryan & McCain were trying to set themselves up as they thought Hillary was going to win.” He also shared “Rod Rosenstein threatened the FBI informant. Told his lawyer not to speak to congress about Uraniun deal or Rosenstein will ruin him. >WTF”



50’s And 60’s


Historian & Freelance History Writer featured in Fox Sports, Buzzfeed, Yahoo & more.

AMAZING work on the JFK files! The most important is first identifying TWO shooters and Hoover worried public wouldn’t believe Oswald was the true assassin.


Soviets felt a coup was planned and a British reporter had knowledge of the assassination 25 minutes before it occurred.


CIA exerting influence in media and more.


Was their follow-up on the son of Admiral George King? And CIA as the assassin.


Was officer Tippit one of the shooters? And CIA conspiring to kill Castro.                  

And more than one document points to Texas politicians and LBJ.



Investigative Reporter

And we have the Uranium1-Clinton-Manafort scandal with Mueller “leak” of first indictment


And the Uranium1 PLAYERS are under the microscope


Oh, let’s connect a few more dots….


And you brought tears to eyes with this one 0hour…

And as an added bonus, information Hitler was alive and US Intelligence was AWARE.