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FusionGPS refuses to testify and asks court to stop lawmakers from seeing financial records

Fusion GPS, the intelligence firm behind the controversial Trump dossier, asked a federal court on Friday to stop its bank from turning over financial records subpoenaed by the House intelligence committee.

In its filing, the firm asserted that the subpoena exceeds the committee’s legal authority and said the release of the records would reveal the names of its clients and therefore violate its and their First Amendment rights to free speech and free association. The intelligence committee has subpoenaed the bank information as part of its investigation into Russia’s attempts to influence last year’s election, including allegations in the dossier of collusion by Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

The intelligence panel said in its court filing related to the firm’s request that it sought the banking information as part of its effort “to understand all facets of the ‘dossier’ written by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, including who paid for it, who received it, what steps were taken to corroborate it and whether the FBI relied on it in its investigation of the allegations of collusion.

Susan Schmidt

“The records sought by the subpoena will allow the Committee to fully understand and perhaps conclusively determine who paid for the ‘dossier’ and the amount of funds that Fusion GPS paid to Mr. Steele for the performance of his work, as well as determine whether Fusion GPS engaged in other Russia-related work within the scope of the Committee’s pending investigation,” the committee’s response said. “Such information is crucial for the Committee to fully investigate not only the ‘dossier’ and its relevance to the question of whether there was possible ‘collusion’ between the Russian Government and the Trump campaign but also other aspects of the Committee’s investigation.” CNN

A few days later –

Fusion GPS, House intelligence panel reach agreement on subpoena

Fusion GPS, the research firm behind the dossier containing allegations about President Donald Trump and Russia, its bank and the House intelligence committee have reached an agreement over the panel’s subpoena of Fusion’s financial records.

CIA agent Frank Holder role at FusionGPS? And Venezuela his role was gathering info on a dossier.

The agreement comes amid revelations that Perkins Coie — the law firm representing Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee — and the conservative Washington Free Beacon separately paid the firm to conduct research on Trump.
In a statement Saturday, the House intelligence committee said the agreement “will secure the committee’s access to the records necessary for its investigation,” while a lawyer for Fusion GPS said “it helped the company honor its legal obligations and protect its First Amendment rights.”
Perkins Cole acknowledged its hiring of Fusion GPS in April 2016 in a letter earlier this month. The law firm also asked Fusion GPS to release the names of others who funded the research that resulted in the dossier.
In closed-door meetings with congressional Russia investigators in recent weeks, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz denied knowing who funded Fusion’s opposition research, three sources familiar with the matter told CNN this week.CNN

Could FusionGPS not want their banks and financial information examined because it will trail back to the one source they don’t want => CIA???


More FusionGPS in the News

WHITE HOUSE: Backed by Hillary Cash and Obama DOJ, Fusion GPS Suspected of Paying Russian Lawyer to Set Up Trump Jr.

Embattled research firm Fusion GPS is suspected of paying a Russian lawyer to set up the controversial Donald Trump Jr. meeting at Trump Tower before the 2016 presidential election, according to a high-ranking White House insider.

Fusion GPS is already on the legal hot seat for commissioning the Dodgy Dossier on Trump, hiring former British spy Christopher Steele to compile the bogus manifesto with the financial backing of the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign, as well as the FBI.

But these new revelations — that Fusion GPS played a key role in setting up President Trump’s elder son to make it look like he was colluding with the Russians to beat Hillary — pushes this scandal into a new and more troubling orbit. Truepundit

The eight people who attended the Trump Tower meeting on June 9, 2016:
— Donald Trump Jr.
— Jared Kushner (left early)
— Paul Manafort
— Natalia Veselnitskaya (Fusion GPS)
— Anatoli Samochornov (translator and Fusion GPS)
— Rinat Akhmetshin (lobbyist – Fusion GPS)
— Rob Goldstone
— Rep. of the Agalarov Family


Former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele was hired by Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson in 2015 to compile opposition research on presidential candidate Donald Trump. Three Russian bankers mentioned in the dossier are now suing Mr. Simpson for libel. (Associated Press/File)

DNC, Clinton campaign helped pay for anti-Trump dossier

Fusion GPS paid by Marc Elias, a lawyer representing the former Secretary of State’s campaign

The Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign helped pay for opposition research that resulted in the salacious intelligence dossier that contained allegations about Donald Trump’s connections to Russia, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.

According to the report, the firm paid to conduct the research was retained in April 2016 by Marc Elias, a lawyer representing the Clinton campaign and the DNC. The firm, Fusion GPS, hired a former British spy with ties to the FBI to conduct the research. The spy Christopher Steele, eventually shared some of his findings with the FBI after the bureau began probing possible connections between Trump associates and the Russian government. Washington Times


Obama’s Campaign Paid $972,000 To Law Firm That Secretly Paid Fusion GPS In 2016

Since April of 2016, Obama’s campaign organization has paid nearly a million dollars to the law firm that funneled money to Fusion GPS to compile a dossier of unverified allegations against Donald Trump.
Former president Barack Obama’s official campaign organization has directed nearly a million dollars to the same law firm that funneled money to Fusion GPS, the firm behind the infamous Steele dossier. Since April of 2016, Obama For America (OFA) has paid over $972,000 to Perkins Coie, records filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) show.

The Washington Post reported last week that Perkins Coie, an international law firm, was directed by both the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton’s campaign to retain Fusion GPS in April of 2016 to dig up dirt on then-candidate Donald Trump. Fusion GPS then hired Christopher Steele, a former British spy, to compile a dossier of allegations that Trump and his campaign actively colluded with the Russian government during the 2016 election. Though many of the claims in the dossier have been directly refuted, none of the dossier’s allegations of collusion have been independently verified. Lawyers for Steele admitted in court filings last April that his work was not verified and was never meant to be made public. The Federalist


Under the Obama Administration, the United States hired FUSIONGPS to discredit Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Videos.

CMP Analysis
August 25, 2015
At direction of counsel to Planned Parenthood, Fusion GPS analyzed a series of videos recently released by the Center for Medical Progress
(CMP) purporting t0 represent undercover sting operations against Planned Parenthood. Fusion GPS also commissioned experts to review the videos and conducted preliminary research into the CMP organization and its personnel.

Each release by CMP contained a short edited video, between eight and fifteen minutes in length, that intercuts clips from the undercover recordings with other  content, and a “full footage” video that claims to provide the raw, unedited footage of each interview. A video forensics expert, a television producer, an independent
transcription agency, and Fusion GPS staff reviewed this material. While these analysts found no evidence that CMP inserted dialogue not spoken by Planned Parenthood staff, their review did conclude that CMP edited content out of the alleged “full footage” videos, and heavily edited the short videos so as to misrepresent
statements made by Planned Parenthood representatives. In addition, the CMP transcript for the “full footage” video shot at Planned Parenthood’s Gulf Coast facility in Texas differs substantially from the content of the tape. At this point, it is impossible to characterize the extent to which CMP’s undisclosed edits and
cuts distort the meaning of the encounters the videos purport to document. However, the manipulation of the videos does mean they have no evidentiary value
in a legal context and cannot be relied upon for any official inquiries unless supplemented by CMP’s original material and forensic authentication that this material
is  supplied in unaltered form. The videos also lack credibility as journalistic products.mininewsblast


And did FusionGPS fake the Jessica Lynch story?

And what about the Boston Bombing??

More information as it is uncovered.