They’re Exporting Enriched Uranium, Not Yellowcake!

By α Leonis‏ @Cynecin 11/4/17 (shared with written permission)



The media is reporting that yellowcake (U3O8) uranium ore is being exported however, UraniumOne exported U3O8 to Cameco Blind River BEFORE Europe. Cameco is a conversion facility for Uranium Hexafluoride (UF6). They’re exporting Enriched Uranium, not yellowcake!

The UraniumOne Willow Creek, WY mine is an in-situ leach mine. It performs the same process in the ground to extract uranium that a mill would perform with raw ore. That means it leaves the mine as yellowcake. A conversion facility would be turning it into UF6.

Uranium Ore is concentrated into yellowcake (80% uranium oxide) near the mine to save on shipping costs. It is then shipped to a conversion facility which concentrates it further. Following this process, UF6 or a similar form was then sent to enrichment facilities in Europe.


(See ADN article URANIUM ONE/ROSATOM & EXPORT-ABILITY TO UKRAINE/RUSSIA  dated Oct 31, 2017 referenced below that was recapped previously)

α Leonis‏ @Cynecin debunked the claims in the article published by on Oct 27. Yellowcake is 40-70% uranium by weight, it doesn’t matter if the raw ore is low grade. , if you have a PhD in earth science, you would know better!!!

James Conca Article in Forbes Excerpt:

α Leonis‏ @Cynecin Twitter dated 11/4/17 (shared with written permission)


 *Editors additional research on Forbes “Expert” James Conca.*

A bit of context, for those just joining us. The Vermont Political Observer wrote about a fatally flawed essay by James Conca of Forbes Magazine, which blamed rising energy prices in New England on “Vermont’s choice” to close the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant.

Mr. Conca is either criminally uninformed for an energy columnist at a major publication, or he’s ignoring the facts to suit his argument.” stated the Vermont Political Observer  John S Walters in two Sept 30, 2014 articles titled When a crucial omission becomes a Big Lie and Sometimes, no matter what the cost, you just gotta make a stand.

In another article written on March 26, 2012 by James Conca for RJ Lee Group News about the Fukushima radiation affects that was intensely disputed, the comments led Conca to issuing a revised version:

In Dr. Conca’s initial article, Fukushima’s Refugees Are Victims Of Irrational Fear, Not Radiation;  he argues that the Fukushima radiation is relatively inconsequential, and that Japanese cancer rates are not going to increase due to exposure to the radiation.  Dr. Conca argues against the Linear No-Threshold hypothesis (LNT), pointing out that every day humans are exposed to radiation, but we know that our exposure to radiation is not unsafe.  The Forbes website editorial garnered nearly 6,000 views…

Sample Comment from original article: What your promoting is “radiation hormesis” and it is junk science.   Claiming others are somehow ignorant or stupid for not believing this garbage is rather laughable and you provide no facts to support your position just insults. The true sign of someone peddling garbage for their own means. That means has NOTHING to do with the oil industry. Nuclear apologists try so hard to get people to believe hormesis even though both established science and the medical community have rejected the idea.

α Leonis‏ @Cynecin