Days of Decision: Defeating the Demon: Seeking the Way….

By John White  March 6, 2017 (shared with written permission)

Greetings All:
In my daily awareness, I am open to my intuition, and in recent days, the need to write these words has emerged within me.
I am about my mission as a spiritual philosopher, a “White Wizard” of the Internet, and in many ways, have been part of the great movement leading the charge to expose great spiritual evil, that has been covertly taking control of society for the last few decades with real vigour and purpose: working to defeat and replace it: with a way of life SO much better…
But while the circumstances of my life have shaped me and made the mission of my vocation, what about the multitude and their confusion and the society around us that we have to heal and transform, making a reformation to heal Human society and give us all a chance to deliver a better future to those future grandchildren?
A profound purpose is all well and good, but how can others follow when they are beset by fear and confusion, asked to look at the world anew unskilled, ask to look at themselves, when that is what they fear most of all?
In building and guiding this awakening, for years those like myself have struggled to reach the true inner human locked inside the bubble of consensus trance reality, to “break the spell” cast by Cabal vision weavers, the “Magi” of the “Media”, casting the illusions of the Medes.
Small comfort, is it not, to come out of a false sense of security, into the nakedness of a cold world where one does not know the rules. How to guide and how to assist?
But more than that: we know we face a Spiritual foe, the dimensional consciousness that has entered through portals created by the Cabal rituals, and has sought to implant itself in the minds of men, to dominate and control them…
In a world where God is dead on the one hand, and insane on the other, this world of chaos the Cabal has wrought, what chance the poor human stuck in the midst?
In our understanding of the world, we have Religion, the mind of God, imperfectly translated through the mind of man, written into books, made into laws, and used to impose imperfect understanding more often than not, that has led to the slaughter of millions…
And we have science, the guessings of the blind constantly tearing down its own prior assumptions, that true, has led to progress, but progress that has caused just as much harm as good, perhaps more, with Industrialised War slaughtering 100’s of millions and constantly threatening to destroy us ALL
The first, speaks of a God of rigid rules, the second, of a pointless universe where rules should favour those with knowledge and power…
Both are provably Cabal manipulations as this consciousness, with its true responsibility for “original sin” has sought to limit and control man by cirscribing his perceptions and throttling his potential, and allowing him to progress only in ways that favour increased Cabal control, especially since the birth of “Darwins Theory” (20th century technology repression, IE Tesla and so many more…)
And this consciousness…
It has been with us SUCH a long time….
The oldest truths that have survived from the distant past of humanity, when Watchers DID walk the Earth, are found not in documents and documentaries, but in myths, the stories strong enough to survive across the centuries from Oral Tradition, and these stories, which should always be considered as metaphor with something to tell us about the heritage of our own LIVING natures, these myths, contain the closest answers we are ever likely to get to the deepest questions, excepting the invention of Time Travel…
Of these, all in the West know the story of the Garden of Eden, of the creation of the Garden by God at the completion of the creation of the Earth, of the creation of Adam, the first man, of Adam’s loneliness, of God’s creation of Eve the first woman “from his rib” (DNA), of how they enjoyed the Garden together, until the snake tempted Eve to eat the forbidden apple of knowledge from the tree, and she in turn, tempted Adam, and how God was then angered and expelled them both…
There is a lot more that could be said of this tale, and the Serpent that slithers through it, a tale that is found in multiple forms, not just the Hebrew and later, Christian and Islamic… but for the purpose of this article, there is one thing I would like to highlight….
When Eve ate the apple she gained knowledge of Good AND Evil…
Has anyone ever stopped to wonder….
What her perception was BEFORE?….
What changed that forced humanities expulsion from the Garden?
What made us fall? Was it a simple rebellion against God that arbitrarily angered “him?”
Or was it really something else….
What was LOST?
And if it was found: could we return?
Could we re-make Eden, by our own hands, here on Earth?
Good AND Evil
Light AND Dark
Left AND Right
Teacher after teacher through the ages have been doing their best to find some way to get the understanding to grow and spread and be preserved, that it is man’s divided consciousness that is man’s biggest problem.
The ENTIRE spiritual system of Buddhism arose to tackle man’s schizoid division. We just cant help ourselves! Dividing the world into like, and like not, this or that, dit or dot, blue or red, left and right…. and look where this has taken us! The habit to let others do our thinking for us, and then make harsh judgements based on a seeking of emotional security, is the curse of man’s history
What else does the Buddhist system have to say?
It says that man is NOT his thoughts, or his emotions, and that asleep, he is enslaved by them, but that man’s true awareness is an eternal omnipresent NOW that exists in the silence between thoughts and feelings, not within them: that we are the inner “I”, the watcher of our own self, but in our confusion, mistake stimulus for purpose, and never awaken to, and take responsibility, of our own power and potential. It seeks to rectify this by meditation, emptying the mind and allowing awareness to increase of our consciousness within…
In more modern times, David Icke has described human life as the astronaut, mistakenly thinking he is his spacesuit…
And now, as we enter these Days of Decision, where massive change is now inevitable and it is up to all of us to be part of defining the shape of that change, these simple and powerful shifts in perception are more important than ever: and also: this knowledge is massively more available!
The question is: who will take on this challenge to do the inner work? And what will stand in their way?
Which brings us to the question: of the Demon…
When man is alseep, he is divided, against himself. The ego lives in a bubble within the mind, but walls itself off from much of the mind to do so. This becomes the “shadow self”, the repressed subconscious, all the things about ourselves we don’t like and don’t want to face, because the ego always wants to feel ok about itself and thus represses and fears the unpleasantness of naked awareness of Truth. This leaves big areas of human potential untapped… and the hard truth is… that means able to be taken over by an outside force, same as hacking a computer…
There are those, especially who have allied themselves too closely to the Cabal and its service to self agenda with Reptillian tendencies, who end up opening themselves more and more to outside influence and they may indeed become “possessed”: the worst of them, who are totally sociopathic, even welcome them.
But these elite Cabalists then create a society that reflects and magnifies their energy
“Schizophrenia is a sane reaction to an insane world” wrote the crusading psychiatrist RD Laing, who recognised the toxicity of mans society was driving minds insane: and keeping them that way!
Social injustice, inequality, suffering, pain, death, all these vibrations please the demonic the pain and the powerlessness allowed them to hoover up energy they are adapted to use, and there are those I know who are very concerned, how does mankind escape this trap?
The good news here, is that although we have a demonic infestation problem on planet earth, awakening and returning to our original UNITY consciousness closes the portals and throws the demonic OUT, back into its own dimension where it best belongs. It has no business here. It should never have been here. Something, a long time ago, went WRONG with the divine plan for this planet, and THESE days are the correction
Always remember, man was created with free will, the ability to make his own decisions and be responsible for them. That includes responsibility for imagining and manifesting both the good: and the bad.
No matter how evil someone has become, no matter how corrupt, there is always the choice: TO STOP
But the ego lies to us in all sorts of ways to protect its cocoon of illusion, every time we tell ourselves we have no choice: we simply have choices we will not choose, often for fear of being in to deep to do things another way, or unable to accept the simple choice to stop what we are doing when Ego drives us along…. But however lost in Maya we are: Free Will is always the fundamental nature of humanity: It only needs the realisation of awakening and anyone can Free themselves by rededication to the energy and balance of the divine SOURCE.
And very few humans are truly possessed: the vast majority are oppressed, vamporised by demonic vibrations entering their sleeping energy forms and helping themselves to a good slurp, and this is how, trapped in the ego’s mental and emotional construction, unknowing and without the will to break free, humans become depressed and mentally agitated and why we now have a world filled with people who are mentally ill, unable to support a balanced psyche without assistance, usually drugs, prescribed and self medicated…
But again… it is awakening that changes this, an awakening being fostered by more and more individuals in our current times, setting living examples of standing in consciousness and for awakening… and we will see this more and more faster and faster in the times ahead…
To truly awaken, is to face oneself, to face oneself, is to defeat the demon and become Free to live in God consciousness in the eternal divine NOW
It all seems so simple really, doesn’t it>? What we have to do to make it right? Sounding simple is not the same as being simple, or easy, because its a struggle and we wont fully succeed with our internal (R)evolution to a true human consciousness on our first try, we work at it as we go through life, we accept, we are up against a Cabal that has spun its illusions deep, and there is a lot of work to do, but if we are kind to ourselves, accept ourselves, start to believe in ourselves, we can start to stand on our own feet…
No, this is not an EASY answer… no real answer ever was… spiritual wisdom cannot be given like sweeties simply because people have need of it, people must first, always, decide to turn their lives around, and THAT is when everyone needs as much support as they can get, and in these days, that support is there, so many are successfully raising their energy that the cabal is now in serious trouble like never before and Humanity is headed towards Freedom, and energies do much good so directed….
Whoever you are. No matter the choices you have made. The pain you have suffered. The anguish that you feel. The temptation of whispers to the ego through the demonic infiltrating the ID. You are NOT lost: you are not forgotten. Still your thoughts, ignore your emotions, learn to see them from the stillness, and you will discover the path to healing transformation and change.
The true loving oneness of the creator REALLY doesn’t judge:
And those who embrace that healing balance, learn to express love and understanding and make those living energies the centre of their lives, again:
While that is harder for some than others, it IS always possible for all:
Free Will: it is about the CHOICE:
But we MUST judge ourselves and truly face ourselves, own all of ourselves, even the bits we cannot stand or care to like, and then, through the Truth of self knowledge, we will set ourselves free…
The Renaissance of Free Humanity…
And those few still caught in the trap of the demonic, after the majority have made the great shift, will be helped, whether they can succeed or not, for the rest of their days… while prevented from enacting the direction of demonic consciousness from harming others…
A hard topic. I have tried to face it bluntly, to give some insight, as I said, because intuitively, this feels like perceptions I need to pass along
Let me know if it helps, and share your own perceptions in discussion in comments below
With Love for All