During the Obama administration – #Russia obtained 20% of our uranium interests with #UraniumOne.


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While #Clinton was secretary of state – They (everyone involved in the UraniumOne deal) “donated” millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

They weren’t supposed to be able to export it. – They got approved to export it anyway to Canada for conversion. – It was supposed to all return to the US. Then they got approved to export the converted product to Europe – Exported some of it to Europe. Then separately, they obtained a license to export 15,000 tons from #ConverDyn which is guaranteed to be fissile UF6. – They imported that uranium directly into Moscow, Russia. This and other cooperation was part of the Obama’s “Russia Reset”.

> Fast forward to the 2016 election >>> – Seth Rich gets murdered. – Podesta’s emails get published on Wikileaks 12 days later. They blame the alleged hack on Russia. – They tell us Putin wanted Trump. – They tell us Trump “colluded” with Russia. This is a total lie and cover up. Think about it. Why would Putin go and support Trump after being buddy buddy with the Obama admin for 8 years straight? Russian bots? Ads? Someone told them to run them. Now we are all being called Russian agents and “bots” for disagreeing with this bullshit narrative being shoved down our throats by the leftist MSM. Russians donated $145 million to the Clinton Foundation. – Putin supposedly changed his mind on Clinton and decided he liked Trump better.

They look pretty chummy, don’t they? They don’t look like enemies. Clinton paid for a fake dossier of Russian dirt on Trump. – Americans became inundated 24 hours a day with Trump-Russia #FakeNews from the likes of @CNN, @MSNBC, @NYTimes and the @WashingtonPost, @Snopes, @Politifact. – They were lying to us about U1 exports the whole time. I discovered the #UraniumOne export licenses in about ten minutes. I used Google. Two days later it became national news. Evidently, it was a pretty big deal. It was hiding in plain sight on the internet the whole time. MSM were deliberately lying to us. They continue to deliberately lie to us.

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