The Carpetbaggers

Written by Michial Trayler    November 14, 2017  (shared with written permission)
I bring to the front to look at right now a view from the American past that bears relearning. In the roughly 40 year season after the end of the Civil War, there was the longest running peacetime and massive expansion of prosperity of a great nation of individuals ever known to man.
This story can be studied in Mark Twain’s story telling if you remember from school year reading. Remember the Duke and the Prince?

These were the con artists; the Carpetbaggers and Scaliwags.

They did not get caught often as they were cunning and crafty and had an exit plan. When they did they would get a  tarring and feathering and get run out of town on rail. Well, sometimes it was little worse, like a hanging.

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