Written by AmiTiel on Dec. 10, 2017

As we near the end of another year, I am looking around to see where our world, our country, our society has shifted to since President Trump was elected.  Last year, the constitution and founding documents were mere scraps of discarded pages of no value to the majority of our congressional representatives.  Statements like “We have to pass it to read it” and “It doesn’t matter if it’s not good for all, It’s good for some” left many rallying to take back our governments’ leadership.

Last November the majority elected a new style of leader.  One that wasn’t swirling in the sewage we call DC.  One that wasn’t using the taxpayer dollars to get rich quick.  One that wasn’t in the “good ole boys clubs”.  One that is beholden to neither lobbyist nor special interest.  One that was brash, arrogant, self-made and one that we decided to give a chance.  Enter in real estate businessman and billionaire mogul Donald J Trump.  Mr Trump has a feel for the American public and spoke directly to us.  He left the gold gilded halls and stomped into the crowds gathering to hear from a NON-Politician on the campaign trail.  He spoke of family and country.  Our security and our prosperity.

From election to inauguration, the other side scurried, burrowed and bludgeoned our coffers, pillaging every penny they could.  The $50 million in humanitarian aid and 20 fighter jets to be sold to Egypt, a declared enemy of America; the release of top 5 war terrorist criminals from Gitmo in exchange for 1 traitorous soldier; former President Obama sending enough uranium for 10 nuclear weapons aka the Iran nuclear deal not to mention the executive fiat that was being taken outside of the rule of law of our congress all spoke of the battle Americans were to face to take our country back.   Our borders had been weakened and illegal immigration was overtaking lawfulness in our communities.  Our military had been cannibalized of leadership, our police had been characterized as the publics enemy and our colleges had become training grounds for activism rather than education.

Hírünk a nagyvilágban #1300: Már az AFP is foglalkozik Orbán álhírgyárával - comment:comAt the inauguration, we found the media in collusion with those deposed of power and the lying and fake news sprouted in earnest.  The bias shown since that historic day would fill volumes.  The bias shown since that historic day would have our founding fathers rolling in their graves.  But still Mr. Trump became President Trump.  The People’s President.  A president we could rally behind.  One that was fighting unparalleled odds.  One that stood no chance alone but with His Peoples support, he would do great things.

The Patriots, The Constitutionalists, The Freedom Fighters, The Oathkeepers, The Military, The Three Percenters, The Small Business Owners, The Legal Immigrant, The Disenchanted and The American Citizens stand with our president, Donald J Trump.  President Trump is championing the fight in our congressional halls,  on Wall Street and on Main Street.  He is forging alliances with our Allies, and building respect among our enemies.  He is strong, steadfast and without waiver in his beliefs of Making America Great Again.

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But at every turn, he is facing incredible odds. The corruption that has been uncovered boggles the mind.  Never in the history of America has the disrespect been so blatant.  Never so vicious.  Never so all-consuming.  The left has victimized themselves to the point of no hope and are lashing out uncontrollably.   They have assumed a position of violence, of hatred and of anarchy.  They have removed historical monuments, defaced public building and destroyed private property in their perceived wrongs.

Thousands of women march on London against Donald Trump | Daily Mail OnlineThe family unit has been decimated financially with fines for healthcare requirements when they were unable to afford government mandated Obamacare.  The transgender movement to recognize and cowtoe to the less than 0.01% of population has been magnified to astronomical proportions.  Many children are confused about “they” rather than him or her  and unsure of their own gender while there are laws implemented for arresting us for using the “WRONG PRONOUN”.  The depravity has reached epic proportions with masses marching in pink hats portraying private parts, pseudo-abortions of our Holy Mother Mary enacted in the streets and masked marauders from their parents basements are rioting in most large metropolises.

Media icons have fallen from their pedestals with undercover investigative journalism recording their bias.  Their agenda.  The term “FAKE NEWS” is now a given rather than an exception.  Journalist integrity is limited to alternative sources and “conspiracy theorists”.  The elite ownership of mass marketing media outlets leaves little opportunity to see anything but the same spun story on 10 different outlets simultaneously.  Their attack on our leader has been relentless.  Yet still we prevail.  Yet still we rally behind our President. The People’s President.  President Donald J Trump.

Miley Cyrus Wears Pink, Heart-Shaped Breast Pasties on ...Our entertainment icons are facing allegations, accusations and trials for sexual harassment, rape, deviant behavior and molestation charges.  From stars on the big screen to star on the football fields, America finds itself idolizing corrupt immorality.  Most-disliked Kaepernick lands on TIME cover - NY Daily NewsTake Mylie and Colin as prime examples.   The role models of yesteryear are the satanic ritual leaders of tomorrow.  The Hollywood cesspool influences our youth, our future, our legacy with behaviors that would have sailors blushing.  The song lyrics blasting murder, rape and destruction heard over the din of gunfire riddle neighborhoods and communities that are in disrepair.  America’s favorite pastime, football, has been relegated to lower rating than Jerry Springer as million dollar athletes use our fields and arenas for their personal agendas.

The “Shadow Government” and Deep State holdovers from previous presidency’s have sabotaged the swamp draining and sludge removal process.  They had undermined the People’s President at every turn.  From special investigations to the unending spin on every action our president and his cabinet takes.  The onslaught has continued from day one until today with the likes of George Soros, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats and the Rhinos leading the unrest.  Paying slush fund monies to create false documents and buying witness for false testimonies.  The pillage of our natural resources in the Uranium One scandal to falsely imprisoning our citizens in the Bundy trials and the murder of LaVoy Finicum.

The infiltration of several of our intelligence agencies have compiled more data on the America people than ever before in history.  Computer software correlate our daily activities looking for reasons to take our freedoms away.  What you bought at the hardware store, the library book you checked out, when you booked a plane trip, the photos you uploaded to enlarge, your private chats on social media are all gathered and just waiting to rear their ugly heads if you tip a toe out of line.

In Conclusion

The treason, sedition and out right evil doings of our representatives has left many fighting mad.  We are seeing the rational and sedate populous standing up and shouting to the evil-doers about their wrongs.  Our country is facing the tipping point and without the support and faith in Our Lord, we are doomed.  President Trump has returned our rights to say Merry Christmas again.  To hold our hands over our hearts and to pledge our allegiance to the Stars and Stripes.  To bow our heads in prayer over the good book.  He is restoring pride to our great country.

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We are a country of “deplorable” and “irredeemable” as Ms Clinton pointed out in the primaries.  But we will not bow down any longer to the corruption.  We will not turn a blind eye to our brothers and sisters suffering.  We are red-blooded, red-pilled awoke citizens of this great country.  At the end of the day, I have faith that when we need to, we can come together and accomplish great things.

The time is now to stand with the People’s President, Donald  J Trump.