Prosecutors ask FBI agents for info on Uranium One deal


Approx 80 FBI Agents have reached out to the Department of Justice to give testimony on the Uranium One timeline & investigation.



Obama obstructed an investigation into the Iran-backed Terrorist group Hezbollah running cocaine into the US so that he could give Iran $2 Billion. And he allowed export of nuclear material to Russia who has directly aided Iran’s nuclear program.


And it allowed exports of nuclear material to Russia who has directly aided Iran’s nuclear program. They exported at least 79,400,000 kilograms of UF6. I have the export licenses to prove it. This separate license that was approved on April 9, 2015 allowed the export of 32 million kilograms of fissile Uranium Hexafluoride (UF6) to Moscow, Russia.


Here is ANOTHER ONE. Export license for 15 million kilograms of fissile Uranium Hexafluoride (UF6) DIRECTLY TO RUSSIA.


When the yellowcake from UraniumOne arrived at the conversion facility in Canada, it was mixed with yellowcake from other suppliers. This is why NONE of the original suppliers are listed on the final export licenses. The original export licenses for UraniumOne had similar stipulations. The uranium that was never supposed to be exported to BEGIN WITH was supposed to be returned to the United States for future processing. [5] Probably not too good then that we supplied them with MORE UF6, gave Iran $2 Billion, lifted nuclear sanctions against Iran, allowed Iran-backed Hezbollah drug running under Obama AND allowed the criminal organization TENEX to export it.

That didn’t happen. Sometime later in 2012, the DOE approved re-transfers from the Cameco conversion facility to “European Enrichment Plants” under the condition that it would not be used for nuclear weapons. (honor system) This material was never supposed to be exported. Senator John Barrasso writes a letter of concern to President Barack Obama concerning the sale of UraniumOne to ARMZ. [6]

Yes, they export to places like Iran, North Korea and Venezuela. RUSSIA HAS DIRECTLY AIDED IRAN’S NUCLEAR PROGRAM

Fun fact: TENEX was involved in criminal activity including extortion, racketeering, bribery and money laundering at the time that these exports were approved. [7]

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