The testimony of Prince that supports Executive Order of 12/20/17, ensures high level indictments, and just kept giving.



Erik Prince’s dark plan for Afghanistan: Military ...

Mr. Prince’s testimony not only had some highly tense moments (get to those later), but shed light on Kleptocrats operatives and their shady businesses dealings with despots. It highlighted the inner workings of psychopath elite. Money is worshiped above humanity by Kleptocrats. I read the Executive Order. I suggest you do as well. No, Podesta and Bill Clinton are not walking away unchecked.

Source: White House

That means neither of the Podesta brothers. John has not gone uninvestigated for his many transgressions. Take note of a few specific answers by Prince.

Now, I wish not to give play call highlights on the very interesting back and forth between Prince and, specifically, Schiff on Prince’s direct inferential allegations about leaky Schiff, nor his accurate assessment directly to the Committee on the sieves Committees have become….

…To do so, would take away from the import of the entire exchange. Pages 75 forward. Highly interesting, pages 98 to the end. I understand some profanity was redacted.