Research Thread and Timeline


1950 – Iran launches it’s nuclear program with the help of the United States.

1979 – Iranian Revolution, the Shah of Iran is toppled and most international nuclear cooperation with Iran comes to a halt.

Shah of Iran is the US puppet. Down with the Shah. Iranian Revolution 1979.

1981 – Iran begins nuclear negotiations with France and Argentina.

1990 – Russia forms a joint nuclear research program with Iran, providing them with Russian nuclear experts and technical information.

2000 – The International Atomic Energy Agency becomes aware of a clandestine nuclear program in Iran for developing atomic weapons.

2003 – IAEA finds Iran in noncompliance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and demands Iran suspend it’s nuclear program.

2005 – Former president Bill Clinton begins a friendship with mining financier Frank Guistra. Guistra is the owner of the uranium mining company UrAsia. Clinton and Guistra fly to Haiti together on Guistra’s luxurious private jet.

2005 – Clinton and Guistra travel to Kazakhistan and dine with Kazakhstan’s president, Nursultan A. Nazarbayev, whose 19-year stranglehold on the country has all but quashed political dissent. They assist the authoritarian president with a PROPAGANDA COUP.

2005 – Guistra’s uranium mining company UrAsia wins a major uranium deal in Kazakhstan.

2006 – Frank Guistra donates $31.3 Million to the Clinton Foundation.

October 2006 – North Korea conducts its first nuclear test. The blast from the warhead has an estimated energy of 1 kiloton.

2007 – Guistra’s company UrAsia merges with South African mining company and assumes the name UraniumOne and begins expansion into the United States. Uranium spot price climbs to a record high of $136/lb.

June 2008 – The Russian State nuclear agency Rosatom begins negotiations for investment into Uranium One.

November 2008 – Barack Obama is elected the 44th President of the United States. Shortly afterwards, he nominates fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton to be his Secretary of State.

2008 – 2009 – Shareholders of Uranium One and UrAsia begin donating money to the Clinton Foundation.

2009 – NRC alleges that the uranium enrichment company Cameco sells Uranium products to non-US buyers such as China, India, Pakistan, North Korea and possibly Iran.

January 2009 – Hillary Clinton is confirmed as secretary of state. She begins encouraging increased use of nuclear energy to address climate change.

May 2009 – North Korea conducts their second nuclear test with an estimated blast energy of 2.35 kilotons. Thread here.

June 2009 – Rosatom subsidiary ARMZ acquires 17% of Uranium One and seeks a:

  • CFIUS review for majority acquisition.
  • Chairman of U1 Ian Telfer donates $1 million to CF.
  • Obama announces his intentions to improve relations with Iran.
  • Thread here.

July 2009 – Obama enters a partnership with Russia in an attempt to improve relations “Russia Reset” and commits to increased cooperation for nuclear energy as well as plans to reduce nuclear arms.

September 2009 – Iran begins construction of a clandestine underground uranium enrichment facility and is criticized for attempting to conceal it from the IAEA.

2010 – Uranium One and former UrAsia investors make $8.65 Million in donations to the Clinton Foundation. – Russian uranium enrichment and logistics company Techsnabexport TENEX is involved in organized criminal activity within the United States.

June 2010 – Rosatom via ARMZ seeks majority ownership in Uranium One.

– Telfer donates another $250k to CF.

– Bill Clinton is paid $500k for a speech in Russia funded by an investment bank with ties to Uranium One and the Kremlin. US-Russia nuclear cooperation continues.

October & November 2010 – CFIUS approves ARMZ plan to acquire a 51% majority stake in Uranium One. The NRC also approves the transaction and indicates that no Uranium may be exported. Thread here.

December 21, 2010 – Senator John Barrasso warns President Barack Obama about the Uranium One sale citing serious national security concerns. Thread here.

December 27, 2010 – Rosatom via ARMZ completes a transaction acquiring 51.4% of Uranium One. Thread here.

2011 – Iran’s first nuclear power plant, the Bushehr I reactor, was completed with major assistance from the Russian government agency Rosatom.

– Uranium spot price rises to $72.63/lb.

November 2011 – The IAEA reports credible evidence that Iran has been conducting experiments aimed at designing nuclear weapons and that research likely continued after their demands to halt the program in 2003.

December 2011 – US Attorneys file a civil forfeiture suit seeking $400 million from entities that facilitated a Iran-backed Hezbollah money laundering scheme.

– The money was laundered through a Lebanese Canadian Bank and involved approximately 30 U.S. car buyers.

March 16, 2012 – A uranium export license for RSB Logistic Service is quietly amended to allow Uranium One to export Yellowcake (U3O8) to Canada. – It is to be shipped to Cameco for conversion from U3O8 to fissile Uranium Hexafluoride (“Hex” or UF6). Thread here.

As I discussed earlier in the thread, NRC was suspicious of Cameco for shipping uranium to nations that are hostile to the United States.

– Those nations include IRAN and NORTH KOREA.

 Thread here.

– The material is intended to be shipped to Cameco, converted, and returned to the US for further processing.

– Cameco combines Uranium One U3O8 with material from other suppliers. This makes it more difficult to track the shipments.

Thread here.

The Podesta group continues their lobbying efforts for Uranium One that they began in 2010.

2012 & 2013 – The Uranium One Willow Creek, Wyoming mine drastically increases production. Thread here.

Late 2012 – DOE approves re-transfers from the Cameco conversion facility to “European Enrichment Plants”.

– The NRC has confirmed that this led to some re-transfers of Uranium One nuclear material overseas.

Thread here.

North Korea conducts their third nuclear test. The blast triggers a 5.2 magnitude earthquake and is estimated to have released 7 kilotons of energy. Thread here.

Around this time the Obama administration intensifies their negotiations with Russia and Iran for cooperation on nuclear energy. Source

– Originally started with Obama’s Russia Reset.

– Obama stated in 2009 that NK should restart nuclear negotiations:

Around this time the Obama administration also begins obstructing a DEA investigation into a multi-national drug smuggling ring by the Iran-backed terrorist group Hezbollah.

– This investigation was known as project Cassandra. Source

2014 – Uranium One continues extraction at the Willow Creek, WY mine and additional facilities are constructed. The mines are cited numerous times by the NRC and the state of Wyoming for environmental violations, but operations continue. Thread here.

April 2014 – The NRC approves the export of 1,800,000 kilograms of UF6 to China. Thread here.

2015 – The NRC begins approving export licenses for millions of kilograms of fissile UF6 directly to Moscow, Russia. Thread here.

January 2016 – The Obama administration announces the Iran deal, lifting nuclear sanctions on Iran and supplying them with $2 Billion. Source.

April 2016 – Obama announces the start of international cooperation to develop peaceful nuclear energy and curb climate change. Source.

September 2016 – North Korea conducts their 5th nuclear test. This test was much larger than their previous experiments and released an estimated 25 kilotons of energy.

October 2016 – Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of approving the Uranium One Deal in exchange for money.

– US mainstream media continues to falsely claim that Uranium One has no export license. Source.

September 2017 – North Korea conducts their 6th nuclear.

– This was the largest nuclear test ever conducted by North Korea.

– The blast releases an estimated 50 to 60 kilotons of energy.

– To put this into perspective, the atomic bomb Fat Man that was detonated over the Japanese city of Nagasaki released about 21 kilotons of energy.

– This means that the detonation released the energy blast equivalent of 21,000 tons of TNT.