On 4/25/16, there were two back-to-back meetings at the White House between FISA lawyers and FBI Counsel James Baker. It was hosted by Suhas Subramanyam.



The people invited are located on the WH visitor log website, found by searching “James Baker”: James Baker(FBI), Trisha B Anderson (FBI), Tashina Guahar( DOJ), John T Lynch (DOJ), John (Brad) Wiegmann (DOJ), Alan Rozenshtein (DOJ), Norman (Christopher) Hardee (DOJ), and Iris Lan (DOJ).

James Baker has made prior visits to the WH, according to the log. There was a frequency spike in spring 2016, with his first group meeting in the spring with these DOJ attorneys.

The DOJ attorneys also make frequent visits to the WH. The last time James Baker met with any of the attorneys on the WH logs appears to be in 2015 (Tashina Guahar). The DOJ attorneys Tashina Guahar, Christopher Hardee, Brad Wiegmann are FISA attorneys. There are some FISA docs available online with their info on them.

Trisha B. Anderson is in the meeting. She was a rising star in 2009 and also in the email chain of infamy in the FBI Clinton email investigation.

aclj.org/government-corruption/aclj-forces-fbi-to-release-comeys-draft-memo-made-months-before-public-exoneration-of-clinton …

James Baker makes trips to the WH and the DOJ lawyers do as well. What is interesting about this meeting is its place on the 2016 timeline of events. April 2016 was a big month.

In March 2016, Fusion GPS approached Perkins Coie about hiring them. CNN provided a link to the letter and this important part of the time line. https://cdn.cnn.com/cnn/2017/images/10/25/fusion.perkins.coie.pdf …

Fusion GPS was paid for through Perkins Coie law firm.
DOJ employee Bruce Ohr’s wife Nellie Ohr, worked for Fusion on the Trump dossier. CNBC reported on this link.

 A member of President Donald Trump’s legal team called Tuesday for the appointment of a special counsel to investigate what he says are conflicts of interest within the Department of Justice and the FBI.
Citing reports that a Justice Department official’s wife reportedly worked for a firm that paid for opposition research on Trump, Jay Sekulow told CNBC in a Tuesday interview that “I think these revelations require a special counsel to investigate.”
“That raises a very serious conflict,” he said. – CNBC

Bruce Ohr worked for DOJ as a section Chief at the same time as DOJ attorney John T Lynch was a section chief. This link shows the DOJ section chiefs as of Oct 2016 https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2016/10/03/2016-23780/membership-of-the-senior-executive-service-standing-performance-review-boards …

John T Lynch was in the meeting with James Baker at the WH. Aside from holding section chief titles at DOJ I do not see other links between the Ohrs and Lynch.

John T. Lynch works in same section as Andrew Weissmann. https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2016-10-03/pdf/2016-23780.pdf …

CNN covered the controversy surrounding the bias of Weissmann towards Sally Yates.

  A lawyer on the special counsel team investigating Russian interference in the 2016 US election lavished praise on Sally Yates after her decision in January to defy President Donald Trump and not enforce his travel ban executive order, according to government emails published Tuesday by the conservative activist group Judicial Watch. – CNN

Todd Hinnen is the former head of the NSD. He is now a lawyer at Perkins Coie. In a DOJ email chain, Hinnen is meeting with Tashina Guahar and John Carlin, who both were invited to the WH meeting and both do FISA warrants. https://www.justice.gov/sites/default/files/oip/legacy/2014/07/23/july2011calendars.pdf …

Todd Hinnen works at Perkins Coie with Michael Sussmann. They also worked together at DOJ under the section now run by John T. Lynch. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20111003005900/en/Department-Justice …’s-Acting-Head-National-Security-Joins

Michael Sussmann, if you recall, was instrumental in calling in Crowdstrike after DNC IT contractor Tamene informed DNC of a big data breach on 4/29/16.

 Russian government hackers broke into DNC servers, stole Trump oppo
The hackers had access to the information for approximately one year.

Russian government hackers broke into the computer systems of the Democratic National Committee and accessed information about Democratic candidates as well as a database on opposition research against Donald Trump, POLITICO has confirmed. – Politico


Michael Sussmann is Perkins Coie FISA expert.

In early April Sussmann and James Baker were speaking at a privacy summit.


A few weeks later, Baker is meeting with FISA attorneys at the WHITE HOUSE.

A few days after that, Sussmann is in secret meetings at the DNC about their “data breach”. Sussman brought in Crowdstrike.
https://www.politico.com/story/2016/06/russian-government-hackers-broke-into-dnc-servers-stole-trump-oppo-224315 …

In April 2016, Perkins Coie hired Fusion GPS. The wife of a DOJ section chief worked for Fusion GPS on the Russian Trump dossier.

In April 2016, FBI Counsel James Baker met with FISA lawyers at the White House. A FISA warrant was initially attempted in July 2016 and successfully obtained in Oct 2016. It is strongly suspected parts of the dossier was used to obtain the FISA warrant.

James Baker, reassigned.

WaPo: FBI general counsel being reassigned  –  The FBI’s general counsel James Baker is being reassigned, according to a report by the Washington Post.
Sources told the Post that Baker informed his colleagues on Wednesday that his duties at the agency would be changing. Baker expected to be reassigned following FBI Director Christopher Wray’s confirmation in August, according to the report. CNN has not independently verified the Post’s reporting.   – CNN:WaPo


John Carlin, FISA section, left DOJ in October 2016

Head of Justice Department’s National Security Division to step down – John P. Carlin, the head of the Justice Department’s National Security Division, is stepping down next month.  He was the youngest and longest-serving head of NSD.
Carlin, 43, oversaw the prosecution arising out of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and lawyers in his division brought first-ever charges against Chinese military hackers for cyber commercial espionage. On his watch, the department also initiated the first case combining charges of hacking and terrorism.  – WashingtonPost


Bruce Ohr, demoted.

Bruce Ohr had previously served in the deputy attorney general’s office, but according to a source familiar with the situation, was demoted amid the discovery of certain meetings with Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson and Christopher Steele, the former British intelligence officer who assembled the dossier.  Senate Intel to interview Justice Dept. official with Fusion GPS ties – A Justice Department official with ties to Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm behind the controversial Trump dossier, is expected to be interviewed Monday by the Senate Intelligence Committee, according to a source with knowledge of the interview.  – CNN

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