What many now know about Amanat is he is an American born Muslim of Indian Muslim immigrants and the first cousin of Huma Abedin recently convicted of defrauding investors a recent venture. One of his many ventures.


Omar Sharif Amanat is an American entrepreneur, film producer, and investor in media, technology and hospitality companies including Aman Resorts (ARGL), which has 31 hotels in 20 countries, where Amanat was co-founder and chairman. He is the first cousin of Hillary Clinton’s long-serving aide Huma Abedin. He was convicted of defrauding KIT Digital investors in December 2017.

Amanat was educated at Montville High School, in suburban Morris County, New Jersey. He later enrolled at Franklin and Marshall College and transferred to the University of Pennsylvania. He began at startup Datek Online and afterwards he moved to Texas and partnered with Philip Berber on a prototype online trading system called Cyber-Block, which was acquired by Charles Schwab for $488 million in 2000, before moving to New York to start Tradescape, of which he was the founder, chief executive and majority shareholder. In 2002, E*Trade acquired Tradescape for $276 million.

Amanat is the co-founder of Peak Group Holdings which is the largest shareholder of The Twilight Saga studio Summit Entertainment, in which he holds a 20% ownership stake via Peak Group Holdings. Brent Lang of The Wrap called him “the most powerful person in Hollywood you’ve never heard of”. Summit was acquired by Hunger Games studio Lions Gate (owner by another Clinton friend, Frank Giustra) for $412.5 million and Peak became one of its largest shareholders, with a 48% stake.

He was the executive producer of the 2007 drama The Visitor and the 2008 comedy drama Smart People not including approximately 75 other films he financed via Summit Entertainment from 2007-2012. [1]


In 2001, Omar Amanat had an office in the World Trade Center, where it’s noted he employed 60 people. On the morning of 9/11 he claims he was running late and was not at the WTC when it was hit. Apparently, his employees all exited the building before it came down. In an interview by Gayle King, on Oprah Network Radio, Omar makes an assessment as to why Muslims would attack the WTC. The statement today is oddly chilling as it brings to mind Benghazi. He assesses that Muslims then seeing how they are negatively portrayed on TV before 9/11 caused them to participate in terrorist acts. Interview here [2]:

Amanat then when on to co-found the UN-affiliated Alliance Of Civilizations Media Fund, using Summit Entertainment, of which he had a 20% ownership stake through Peak Holdings Group, which he co-founded.

Omar was also a term member on the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). He sat on the board of Human Rights Watch (HRW), the group Soros has since pledged $100M to over a period of ten years and which overtook Amnesty International. HRW assesses human rights violations by not just looking at inhumane acts, but the politics and leadership of a country unlike Amnesty International Which addressed only human rights violations. Amanat, as you will note, also joined the world of philanthropy and arts.

Omar socialized with the likes of the Freston’s and Lynne de Rothschild and gala events at museums.

Amanat and his wife at an Armani store opening and with Versace.

Amanat had his share of legal woes. I’ll post those in my next thread. But as I began researching his ventures, it’s the Aman Resorts Venture that caught my eye. What does Omar know? And, did he become a liability? A description of Aman which is based in Singapore.

Aman Resorts also offers exclusive private cruises in Indonesia, Indochina, China and India.

In Part 2, I’ll offer links to Omar’s history of legal woes including a law suit over his AirBNB rental of his Hampton’s house. The asset became a liability. To whom?

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