Why would Omar and Irfan Amanat defraud investors? Why not go to brother Osman ”Ozi” Shariff Amanat?


Ozi played a big role in the family busines and went on to work with Peter Theil and others. On the board of Abraham’s Vision & Seeds of Peace, which received $100k commitment from Clinton Global Initiative, he obviously benefits from cousin, Huma, affiliations.

Even Ozi’s wife reaped rewards from Ozi’s and Omar’s cousin, Huma. Asema Ahmed provided her line of exclusive linens for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

As for Ozi, he’s done quite well. American born, Harvard educated, hob mobs with NYC, DC and California Elite, he also bases his ventures in Singapore. Yes, I do keep emphasizing Singapore. Ozi is Chief Investment Officer for K2 VC, K2 Global And Spice Global. A few of his notable investments: Palantir, Twitter, Facebook, Uber, Spotify, AirBNB, Twilio as well as a stake in Alibaba.

From Wikipedia, which almost always omits facts, but is a good start for all the indies.

So, Omar, maybe one of the biggest witnesses to Pedogate, was sent immediately to jail. No stopping home first. No little send off party. No release while appealing. The charges occurred in 2015. Arrest in 2016. Very little media coverage? Ozi, whatcha hiding?